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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Valhalla


Published 11 months ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Valhalla

In 1962, a crate arrived in Cape Canaveral. The content of the crate is a primate from Congo. Grace led the team in opening the crate and told the primate that no one would hurt him. The primate is none other than Pogo. Grace trained Pogo to be an astronaut, but Reginald had other things in mind. He was present when Pogo demonstrated his skill in front of a panel. Reginald told Grace that it was time, and they placed Pogo on a rocket to space. Things went out of control, and Pogo died.

Grace and her team recovered Pogo’s body, and Reginald used his serum to revive Pogo into a super ape. Reginald and Grace treated Pogo like a son. Back in the 60s, Five tells Lila to leave before he kills her. Five never trusted Lila, but seeing her fight earlier made him suspect her more. Even Diego started to suspect Lila because she chose to help Five instead of him. Lila responds that Five is just a kid; hence he needs help more. Diego knew Lila was lying, but he was disappointed because he didn’t know why Lila was lying to them.

Klaus woke up on Allison’s kitchen floor. She saw Klaus talking to a ghost, but he didn’t tell her it was Ben. Klaus invites Allison to drink with him because they are both going through something. Allison knew Klaus was going through something personal, so she sat beside him and asked him what had happened. Klaus told Allison what occurred between his cult and how things turned out with Dave and his uncle. Allison finally gave in and suggested drinking better liquor. Ben thought Allison would stop Klaus from drinking, but she gave him better options instead.

Back at the farm, Vanya and Sissy had a good night’s sleep. Sissy woke Vanya with a cup of coffee. They wanted to stay in bed, but Carl had already come home. Sissy and Vanya were still naked in bed, and they didn’t want Carl to find them like that. Meanwhile, Diego and Five go back to Elliott’s place, so Luther cooks breakfast for them. Diego and Luther complained that no one was out to kill them until Five arrived in the 60s. Five tells them it’s not his fault, but they need to talk with Reginald as soon as possible. Luther recalled the time he had seen Reginald before Five and Diego. He went back to the academy when he first got to the 60s. Luther confronted Reginald and told him he was his son, but Reginald didn’t believe him.

Reginald tells Luther that he doesn’t have children because he doesn’t want to have children. Diego tells Luther that it must’ve hurt to hear such words from Reginald, and Luther responds that it’s less painful than being stabbed by your father. Five knew they needed to speak with Reginald because he knew something about time travel. They need to talk to him to save the world, but they couldn’t do it without the whole family. Five sets out to find Allison while Luther and Diego find Vanya.

Carl returns home to brag about his business dealings. Sissy and Vanya weren’t interested in Car’s story. Carl, on the other hand, wanted to get some action with his wife. Sissy tells Carl to stop and not do lewd things in front of Harlan. Carl keeps forcing himself to Sissy, so Vanya steps in. She couldn’t control her emotion and nearly broke one of the windows in the kitchen. Somehow Sissy knows that the window isn’t an accident and that Vanya has caused the cracks. She takes Harlan away from Vanya before something terrible happens to him.

Meanwhile, Lila returns to The Handler to confront her. She finds out that The Handler has lied to her about her mission. The Commission doesn’t know about them being in the 60s. She tells Lila that they need to correct something in the timeline.

Vanya went with Luther and returned to Elliott’s place. They were about to have Jell-O when Five arrived with Klaus and Allison. Vanya couldn’t believe she had a sister, but no one told her what she had done to Allison in the previous timeline. Allison, on the other hand, knew that Vanya didn’t mean what happened to her. Allison missed Vanya, and she was glad that someone did.

Meanwhile, The Handler and Lila went to The Swedes to give them a fake transmission. Lila dropped the canister from the chimney and gave them a new target. They opened the canister and found a picture of Diego.

Five apologies for getting them stuck in the 60s. They argued about whether they needed to kill Reginald or talk to him. Vanya suggested that maybe they had done something to change the timeline, which resulted in a nuclear apocalypse. Everyone except Vanya did something to change the timeline. Luther had worked for Jack Ruby, Diego had tried to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in advance, Allison had gotten involved in local government disruption, and Klaus had started a cult. Five explained that they needed to talk to Reginald and figure things out to save the world. Luther disagreed with the plan, and Diego tried to stop him. Five tried to stop Luther, but he threw him in the air like a kid.

Five teleported himself outside and saw Lila on the rooftop. She ran away and managed to get down from the rooftop in seconds. Five knew she was up to no good, so he followed Lila instead of returning to the team. Klaus decided to go with the girls and grab a snack. He told Allison and Vanya that they should get some tacos. Diego continued to chase Luther, and they ended up talking about their egos and how they were still pursuing to make Reginald proud even though they were already in a different timeline. While they were arguing, a black limousine pulled up beside them, and the driver got out to give them a letter. The letter is an invitation from Reginald for light supper on the 20th of November.

Reginald gave them an address, and Luther could not believe that he was inviting them over. Meanwhile, the girls were at the parlor, passing the time and talking about their love interests. With six days left until the end of the world, they decided not to keep secrets from anyone. Vanya decides to confess her love for Sissy, while Allison wants to tell Ray the truth. Klaus didn’t want to face his cult and tell them the truth, but he didn’t have any choice. The three decided to continue their party before facing their problems head-on.

The Swedes went to the forest to track Diego down. He wasn’t near the forest, meaning it was a trap. They saw one of Diego’s daggers stuck to a tree. One of them decided to approach it and fell for the trap. A mine obliterated the man, and all that was left of him was his right foot. Only two remaining Swedes left would even things up if they ever find Diego with Luther.

Meanwhile, Lila lures Five into a factory where Five engages Lila thinking he is the better fighter. It seems that Lila could teleport like Five, but he wouldn’t give up that easily. Lila thought she had the upper hand, but Five proved himself to be the better fighter. He stepped on Lila’s throat and called The Handler to come out.

The Handler comes out of hiding and asks Five if he missed her. Vanya returned to the farm that night to confess her love for Sissy. She found Sissy fixing things in the kitchen and didn’t waste time confessing. Sissy told Vanya that her timing was off as Carl got out of their bedroom looking for his beer. It seems Sissy slept with Carl, which angered Vanya. Sissy didn’t want to rush into things. She needs Carl to keep Harlan and herself alive, so she couldn’t just elope with Vanya and not think things through. Vanya thought Sissy wanted to be happy with her, but it was a lie. Sissy told Vanya that what they had talked about was morning talk and that they didn’t get to live their fantasies.

Vanya did her best to tell Sissy everything, but she didn’t want to sound crazy. She couldn’t tell Sissy that the world would end in 6 days. She tried to convince Sissy to come with her, but she refused. Vanya didn’t have anything to say, so she just walked away. Meanwhile, The Swedes give their fallen comrade a proper send-off while Diego and Luther figure things out about Reginald’s invitation. Klaus returned to his mansion, where all his followers were waiting for him to return. They rejoiced as he entered the door, but they wouldn’t like the news he brought with him.

Allison went home to tell Ray the truth, and she found Ray in their living room and wasted no time telling him everything about her. Meanwhile, The Swedes set out to find Diego as they left the burning boat in the middle of the lake. They were now out for revenge which would spice things up for everyone.

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