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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – A Light Supper


Published 11 months ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - A Light Supper

Back in 1961, Allison ran into some trouble the night she arrived in Dallas. She landed in the white community of Dallas and because she was mute at the time she couldn’t cry out for help. Three men tried to harass Allison after she left the white diner. They followed her down the street so Allison punched one of the men and ran for her life. They chased her all the way to the black community where she seeked refuge inside Odessa’s salon. The girls defended Allison with their scissors and hairbrush and forced the white men to go back to their side of town. After that, things just clicked for Allison as she started working for Odessa.

While working at the salon, Allison met Ray. Ray was already fighting for the cause long before he met Allison and she wanted to join his fight in order to protect the black community. Ray didn’t pay any attention to Allison at first but he couldn’t resist her beauty and he decided to invite her for dinner one night. Allison slowly got her voice back and she also made new friends in the black community of Dallas.

Back to the present, The Handler has a new proposal for Five, another team-up of good and evil for the good of everyone else. She asks Five if he likes Jazz. Five didn’t want to beat around the bush so The Handler got to her offer. She wants Five to assassinate the board of directors so that The Handler could take over The Commission. Under her rule, she’s willing to take Five and his whole family out of the 60’s and back to 2019. Additionally, she’s going to remove both apocalypses from the equation and they could live out the rest of their lives worry free. There’s only one problem, Five knew that no one knows who the board of directors are but The Handler already has the solution to that problem.

The Handler may not know who the board of directors are but she knows where and when they were going to meet for their quarterly meeting. Five can now see the beauty of the plan but he asks The Handler to give him some time to think. She knew that Five didn’t have any other choice however Five still has an ace up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Luther and Diego return to Elliott’s place with the invitation in hand. Klaus, Allison, and Five haven’t arrived but Diego and Vanya agree that they should go and see Reginald. Luther thinks it’s a bad idea and tells Vanya what Reginald did to him in their timeline. Vanya couldn’t believe that Reginald did all those atrocities to her but she still wanted to meet him.

Luther fears that Reginald would play his mind games on them and have them turn against one another. Diego assures Luther that they could handle Reginald and that they are already grown-ups. Diego adds that they won’t have problems this time because they were a united front against Reginald. Meanwhile, Ben argues with Klaus about telling his followers the truth about doomsday. Klaus wants everyone to return to their families and enjoy their final moments before the world ends but Ben informs him that majority of his followers don’t have families to return to because they gave up their whole lives just to follow him. Ben cites a girl named Jill as an example. Jill turned down a scholarship to Berkeley just to follow Klaus around the world. Klaus only cared about himself as he couldn’t even remember who Jill is among his followers.

In the end, Ben is able to convince Klaus to look for a better solution for his followers. Klaus went out to his followers and told them that he’s a fraud. He told everyone that he’s been lying to them from the start and that they should just return to their families. One of his followers named Keechie didn’t understand what Klaus was telling them. He thought everything was still about scripture and he totally believes Klaus to the point that it became stupid. Keechie’s misunderstanding about Klaus’s speech turned his plan against him. All of his followers thought that they were just being guided in admitting their own flaws. Everyone stood up and told Klaus that they were frauds in their own way. Klaus gave up on telling them the truth as they were all so deep in his bullshit that they refuse to believe he’s fake.

Even Ben couldn’t believe that after hearing the truth everyone chose to think otherwise and stay. Meanwhile, Ray couldn’t handle the truth. Allison told her everything about 2019, including having a black president. Ray was so happy that he wanted proof that Allison really has powers. Allison told Ray that she’s telling him the truth because he deserves to know the truth but he still wants a demonstration. Allison obliged and they went to a white only store to prove her powers. The owner refuses to serve them but Allison used her powers on him in order to get served. After proving her point, Ray asks Allison why she doesn’t abuse her power in order to help the movement. Allison saw the white diner before she could answer the question and all she had on her mind was revenge.

Ray tries to stop Allison from entering the diner but she’s hell bent on getting revenge. Allison used her powers on the owner so that they would be served in the white diner. The owner couldn’t do anything against Allison and her powers so he served Allison what she ordered. The owner poured the coffee until it overflowed from the cup. Allison kept on telling the owner to continue pouring so that he would burn his hand on purpose. Ray tries to stop Allison but she couldn’t hear him. He needed to get her attention so that Allison could stop her powers. Allison realized that she went too far and immediately left the diner.

Lila and The Handler went to a bingo game to win a furniture set. Lila is jealous that Five gets the offer to assassinate the board of directors. She wants to do the job badly but The Handler explains that they need a scapegoat in case things go south. Lila asks if Diego is part of her plans too and The Handler knew she was falling for Diego. Lila denies her accusations but she asks Lila if she would kill Diego when asked to. She hesitated to answer which proves The Handler’s point that she is indeed falling for Diego. Lila even kept Diego’s bracelet which further proves her affection for him.

Ben tries to convince Klaus to try again but he didn’t want to. Klaus and Ben end up having an argument after he tells Ben that he’s slowly becoming like Reginald. Ben didn’t take the argument lightly and ends up entering Klaus’s body. Klaus rejected Ben and spat out his soul within a matter of seconds. Klaus was shivering at the thought that Ben entered his body but his moment was cut short as Jill brought Dave into his room. He was shocked to find Dave standing in front of him. Meanwhile, Allison and Ray got home from their little show in town. Allison knew there was something bugging Ray so she tells him to spit it out. Ray asks Allison if she ever used her powers on him.

Allison immediately told him that she would never use her powers on him however Ray wouldn’t know whether or not she was telling the truth. Nobody would remember anything once Allison used their powers on them hence she couldn’t prove that she never used her powers on Ray. Ray saw an envelope at their doorstep so Allison picked it up and opened it. It was an invitation from Reginald for dinner. Ray asks Allison what the letter was but she couldn’t tell him. Meanwhile, Klaus tells Dave the truth, even the ugly truth about his death. Dave didn’t believe Klaus but he had an ace up his sleeve. Klaus has Dave’s dog tag with him. He showed the tags to Dave but he still didn’t believe him. Dave told Klaus that he signed up to die an honorable death for his country.

Klaus told Dave that he didn’t have to die for his country but he was too late. After his little fight with Dave and Uncle Brian at the diner, Brian took Dave to sign up for the military as soon as possible. Dave was going to ship out next week and Klaus won’t be able to stop him. Instead of saving Dave, Klaus sped up his death. While Klaus soaked up his grief, Keechie approached him with Reginald’s invitation. Klaus was trembling at the thought that he couldn’t save Dave despite being his only goal and reason for coming to Dallas. Meanwhile, The Swedes were resting up in order to find Diego. The Handler entered the sauna they were using to bring up her offer. She knew that one of their brothers got killed because she was the one who killed him.

The Handler is setting Diego up so that they could kill him for having sex with Lila and making her fall in love with him. She offers Diego’s location in exchange for Five’s safety. The Swedes weren’t going to let the opportunity for revenge pass so they accept the offer.

It was finally the 20th of November. Five enters the lift to make his way to the meeting place for dinner. As the doors were closing, the rest of the academy showed up and it seems everyone wanted to meet Reginald in the 60’s. Luther ends up farting in the elevator because he’s nervous about meeting Reginald. They arrive at the Tiki Lounge and argue who amongst them would speak with Reginald. Five offers to take lead but Diego also has questions for Reginald. Allison volunteers to take lead instead but Diego didn’t allow her. Vanya suggests that they take turns in speaking with Reginald but no one agreed to that either. They were still trying to figure out a plan of attack when Reginald walks into the lounge and took a seat at the table.

Reginald didn’t waste any time in asking the academy who they were. He already did his research on them and determined that they weren’t from the 60’s. Five responds that they were his children and that they came from the future. Reginald isn’t convinced on them being his children. Five responds that he adopted them because they have special powers and he wanted to use them to save the world. Reginald was a man for proof so he asked to see their powers. Everyone demonstrated their powers and Reginald was somehow convinced. Diego couldn’t help himself and he asked Reginald about his plot to assassinate JFK. Sadly, his plan backfired on him as Reginald used his mind games which resulted in a complete insult of Diego and his whole existence. Diego wasn’t able to take the insult and went back to his old stutter.

Five cuts the conversation to ask Reginald for help about doomsday. Reginald didn’t have any idea about it so he told them to work together to stop it. Ben wanted to be part of the conversation so he enters Klaus’s body but he couldn’t get anything out as Klaus did his best to reject him. All that Ben could tell Reginald was that he was Ben before Klaus spat out his soul. Reginald knew he has seen enough so he collected his things and left. Luther didn’t want Reginald to leave so he ripped off his shirt to show him how his serum affected his entire body. Everyone was caught off guard with Luther’s strip tease that Reginald asked to speak with Five in private.

Everyone decided to just leave and wait for Five downstairs. Klaus felt violated that Ben possessed his body for a few seconds. Allison congratulates Luther for standing up to Reginald for the first time in his life. Vanya asks how Diego was doing but Reginald really hurt his feelings with what he told everyone earlier. Luther promised Diego that he would have his back but in the end no one backed him up. As they went outside, Diego saw Grace sitting in Reginald’s car. Sissy went to the meeting place because she received Vanya’s invitation at the farm. She asks Vanya to talk somewhere private.

Diego didn’t give up on his idea that Reginald would kill JFK. He showed Reginald’s photo to Grace and told him that Reginald wasn’t a nice guy. Grace didn’t believe Diego but he had no other choice. He told Grace that they need to stop Reginald from killing JFK. Grace still didn’t believe Diego so he told her to ask Reginald herself. Meanwhile, Reginald had a little talk with Five. He was hoping for some kind of help from Reginald but all he could tell him was to take baby steps using his powers. Reginald told Five to go back in time using seconds and not decades. Reginald quoted that one could overthrow an empire in a matter of seconds. Five understood Reginald, he was just hoping for more help.

The Swedes were already looking for Diego and their first victim would be Elliott. They went to his apartment while they were having dinner with Reginald. They tortured Elliott for information on Diego’s location. Meanwhile, Sissy told Vanya the hard truth, that they cannot be together in this timeline. She explains to Vanya that she couldn’t have the life that she wants although she really wants to spend her life with Vanya. Vanya still tries to convince Sissy to come with her and this time she said yes. Vanya promised Sissy that she would be able to protect her and Harlan from Carl and anything that he might throw at them. Sissy felt excited about leaving Carl and joining Vanya. She asks Vanya to give her a little time to get ready and kissed her goodbye.

Time wasn’t on their side as Carl followed Sissy that night. He saw Sissy and Vanya kissing each other in her car. Meanwhile, Diego and Luther got back to Elliott’s apartment and saw what happened to him. The Swedes mutilated his body before killing him. They even wrote “Oga for Oga” using Elliott’s blood.  Diego and Luther knew they needed to avenge Elliott’s death because he helped them out in their time of crisis.

Five decides to visit The Handler to talk about their deal. Five clears out the deal with The Handler and she agrees to everything that they discussed about earlier. He agrees to kill the board of directors so The Handler gave Five the location of the meeting. The board of directors were meeting in 1982.


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