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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – The Swedish Job


Published 3 weeks ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - The Swedish Job

In 1960, Klaus and Ben were the first to arrive in Dallas. They were broke and homeless. Klaus didn’t pay for his meals and got kicked out of a diner. Luckily, he met a rich woman who helped him get back on his feet. Klaus used his powers to trick people into believing that he was an all-powerful being. They worshipped Klaus as if he was the next messiah. Klaus liked the attention at first, especially since he was able to gain enormous wealth, but after a few years, things just ended up being a drag. Klaus decided to abandon his flock to search for an old friend.

Lila saves Diego for the second time. He almost died at the hands of Reginald, but Lila followed them to Reginald’s place and managed to save Diego before he died. Lila mended Diego’s wound and told him he owed her twice now. Five trends to his injuries and told Lila that he ran into an old family friend while at Reginald’s. Meanwhile, Vanya was on her way to see Luther when The Swedes stopped her car. They were about to kill her, but she felt something was off, so she drove away. They shoot at her car as Vanya drives herself into a ditch. Vanya ran towards the corn field in hopes of escaping The Swedes. She did her best to escape, but The Swedes still caught up with her.

One of them fires a bullet toward Vanya’s head. Her powers kicked in instantly at the sound of the bullet racing towards her head. Vanya deflects the shot and sends The Swedes flying, and she runs away as fast as she can before they can recover. Meanwhile, Five was using weather tracking devices to find Vanya. The device warned Elliott about the activity as soon as she used her powers. He told Five about the alarm, so he searched for Vanya.

Luther lived alone and was already accustomed to life in the 60s. He went out for a little jog and thought he saw Allison. The woman he saw only resembled Allison, so he went on his way and was embarrassed about what happened. Meanwhile, Five successfully finds Vanya, who hid in the middle of the corn field. He told Vanya she should come with him before The Swedes find her. The Swedes were gone, and all left in the corn field was the aftermath of Vanya’s power. She flattened a whole circle in the middle of the field and made it look like a crop circle. Five explains that he’s her brother and that she shouldn’t be in 1963.

Luther asks Jack for help in tracking Allison down. Jack seems like a good guy as he takes care of all his employee’s needs. Jack asks Luther who Allison is to him, and he responds that she’s his ex. Meanwhile, Allison went to work trying to locate Klaus. She arrived at his address and couldn’t believe that Klaus could afford to live in a mansion. Allison discovered that Klaus started a cult, but he called it a spiritual community. She tells Klaus that she’s married to Raymond Chestnut, and Klaus remembers Raymond from the precinct. Allison confirms that he’s the same guy and got arrested because of being black. Klaus asks Allison why she didn’t use her powers to set Raymond free. Allison responds that she hasn’t used her powers since she landed in the 60s.

Allison couldn’t speak for more than a year after getting stuck in the 60s. Klaus apologizes to Allison, but she doesn’t mind. She worked hard for everything she had in the 60s, and she felt good about being a whole different person. Meanwhile, The Handler arrives in the ’60s, and things aren’t looking pretty for everyone else. She wants revenge for what happened in the previous timeline.

The members of the civil rights group for the black community had another meeting for their sit-in. One of the members proposes that they postpone the sit-in because Ray is in jail. Allison tells them they shouldn’t postpone the sit-it and move forward and take advantage of Kennedy’s arrival in Dallas. Allison stood up to gain the support of her fellow group members. She told them that they need to fight for equality even in the face of oppression. They believed in her message, and she won most of the votes to continue the sit-in with or without Ray.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Ben worked things out to free Raymond. Ben threatened one of the police at the precinct to release Ray. The man thought he saw a ghost, but it was just Ben.

Klaus introduced himself to Raymond as his brother-in-law. Raymond was confused, but Klaus didn’t tell him anything else after. Meanwhile, Five brings Vanya up to speed about who she is and why they’re in Dallas 1960s. Five tells her about being part of the academy and the apocalypse that ended earth in 2019. The truth was too much to bear for Vanya, and she made a phone call. Five tries to calm her down, but that doesn’t work out. Vanya calls Sissy to warn her about the end of the world, but Five interrupts her phone call. He tells Vanya that they don’t have time to save their friends and must leave before The Swedes find them. Vanya drops the phone and leaves the diner with Five.

Diego finally wakes up and wants to find Reginald as soon as possible. Lila tells Diego that he should rest because he’s not in good shape to fight. She tells Diego that she followed them because she thought they would abandon her. Lila reveals that she lost her parents at a young age and found trouble trusting people again. Diego tells Lila that she could stay with him a little longer if she wanted to. They end up having sex while Elliott focuses on his Tuna Mold.

Meanwhile, The Handler continues her obsession with Five, and she constantly reviews his file even though she must’ve read it a lot by now. Meanwhile, Jack brings good news as he gives Allison’s address to Luther.

Luther went over as soon as possible but was in for a big surprise. He lingered in front of Allison’s house, thinking of what to say to her when Ray confronts Luther. Luther apologizes, thinking that he has the wrong house, so Ray asks Luther who he’s looking for. Luther tells Ray that he’s looking for Allison Hargreeves. Ray responds that Allison now goes by Allison Chestnut. He reveals to Luther that Allison is his wife. Ray invites Luther into their home and starts eating the chocolates he was supposed to give Allison. Ray tells Luther that Allison never mentioned him, and Luther responds that they were no longer close.

Ray tells Luther that he’s been married to Allison for nearly a year. Luther acknowledges their marriage, but he doesn’t seem too happy. Ray receives a phone call, and someone from the other line tells him about the sit-in. Ray asks Luther if he has any messages for Allison. Luther responds that he needs to talk to Allison.

Meanwhile, Allison starts the sit-in by entering an all-white diner. The folks at the diner were shocked to see Allison enter the building. They threatened Allison that they would call the police, but she demanded to be served in the diner. After a few minutes, the rest of the civil rights group walks into the diner to back Allison up.

Klaus decides to visit a local hardware store to see a younger Dave. It was love at first sight all over again. Ben figures out that they went to Dallas to visit Dave. Ben tells Klaus that seeing the younger Dave is the dumbest thing he’s done since landing in the 60s. Klaus ends up asking Dave for paint so he would have a valid reason to see him. He couldn’t think of any specific paint color, so Dave suggested some. While Dave mixes some paint for Klaus, he couldn’t help but remember the times they shared in a previous timeline. Klaus takes the paint and leaves the shop. Ben tells Klaus that what he’s doing is wrong and that he can’t rekindle his old relationship with the current Dave.

Klaus reveals that he’s not rekindling their old relationship. He wants to save Dave from enlisting in the war. Klaus wants to save Dave’s life because he died in the war. Ben makes Klaus promise that he can handle things and that it won’t end badly for him or Dave. Meanwhile, things have erupted at the diner. The white folks have turned into an angry mob, demanding that the black folks leave the diner at once. Ray went to the diner but wasn’t in the mood to talk with Allison. He didn’t feel happy that she kept many secrets from him.

Luther wasn’t feeling happy either. Discovering Allison’s marriage got to his head. Five and Vanya watched the fight, and they couldn’t figure out why Luther decided not to fight back. Meanwhile, the sit-in escalated into a riot. The police were outside the diner, waiting for things to escalate. There were several officers inside the diner, but they weren’t there to keep the peace; they were waiting for the blacks to do something so that they could arrest them. Ray and Allison were talking about Klaus and Luther when the diner’s owner decided to do something. He purposely spilled hot coffee on Allison so that she would stand up. Allison stood up in pain, and the police took the opportunity to arrest everyone.

The police dragged Ray out of the diner and beat him to a pulp. Allison gets free and tries to help Ray out, but she is helpless without her powers. Allison saves Ray from death by using her powers. Ray witnessed Allison using her powers for the first time, and she knew that her perfect little world was no more. Ray couldn’t see through the fact that Allison saved his life. He knew that the cop wouldn’t just walk away in a snap. He asks Allison what she told the cop, but Allison tries to convince Ray to leave. Ray didn’t want to go with Allison. Klaus found Allison and decided to pull her out of harm’s way. She didn’t want to leave Ray, but Allison didn’t have a choice.

Back at the fight, Luther desperately wanted to feel pain. He told his opponent to keep on hitting him until he was out cold. Jack continues to shout at Luther, begging him to finish his opponent, but he isn’t listening. The opponent manages to land a big uppercut that ultimately wins the fight. Luther stared at the moon as he fainted on the floor. Meanwhile, Lila waited for Diego to fall asleep before creeping out of the room. Lila went to the local pet store and found a key to room 217 hidden inside one of the fish tanks.

Lila arrived at the room, expecting someone to be waiting for her, but the room was empty. The Handler walks out of the bathroom as Lila looks through the menu. She calls The Handler “mom,” shocking as she’s Five’s number one enemy.


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