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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Run Boy Run


Published 1 month ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Run Boy Run

Everyone was called to breakfast, so all seven children went downstairs to join Reginald. They were eating and minding their own business when Five called Reginald’s attention. He tells his father that he wants to go time traveling. Reginald refuses because he doesn’t know what would happen to Five’s body and mind after all the stress it would endure jumping from timeline to timeline. Five didn’t listen to Reginald. Five makes a run on the sidewalk and uses his powers to jump through time. He jumped from spring to winter and ended up in an apocalyptic version of time.

Five went back home, but there was nothing left. Everything was in ruin; the majority of the houses were still burning. He tried to call out to anyone, but no one answered. Five tries to use his powers to go back to his timeline, but something is preventing him from jumping. Five knew he was stuck in that timeline, and he didn’t know what to do. Five tells Vanya that he did everything to survive. Vanya didn’t understand what Five was trying to say to her because it was a lot to take in at first. She told Five to get some rest, and they’ll continue their conversation in the morning.

Five refused to stay, and he took an eyeball out of his pocket and looked at the inscription behind it. Five knew that time was of the essence, so he left without telling Vanya. Meanwhile, a man and a woman arrive at a motel. They were Hazel and Cha-cha. They asked for their reservations and a package that was sent to them. Hazel took the package, and Cha-cha followed her to their room. Cha-cha is complaining about their lousy room and the cut on their wages, but Hazel doesn’t join in. She was focused on their job as she opened the package, which contained most of their equipment. After unloading their gear, Hazel checks their tracker to locate their target, Number Five.

Five left his tracker at the doughnut shop, which is swarming with cops now. Detective Patch interviews the waitress, Agnes, as she’s the prime witness in the case. Agnes tells Patch everything that she knows. She even mentions talking with another detective, and Patch knew what was going on. Diego had already spoken with Agnes, and he tried to make a clean getaway by exiting through the back door, but Patch was already waiting for him. She arrests Diego and takes away his radio. Diego and Patch knew each other; however, Patch tells him that he’s no longer part of the police force. He tells Patch that he could help her, but she responds that she doesn’t need help.

Hazel and Cha-cha were already on the scene, but they were scoping things out. Back at the academy, Allison is preparing to leave when Luther walks into her room. Allison tells Luther that she wants him to meet her daughter, Claire. Luther didn’t think Claire would know about him, but Allison reveals that she always told Claire stories about him. Luther felt proud that Claire looked up to him, but he couldn’t commit. He told Allison that he needed to find Reginald’s monocle. Allison is disappointed with Luther. He couldn’t leave his past behind. Luther never left the academy to make a name for himself; he chose to stay and do Reginald’s bidding.

Klaus wakes up with a hangover. Ben suggests that he starts his day with some orange juice and eggs, but Klaus refuses. He was rummaging around the house for things to pawn so that he would have some drug money. Pogo walks into the room, looking for stolen items from Reginald’s study. Klaus pawned off the ornate box that looked like a book. He took the money and used it to buy drugs, but he threw the box’s contents away. Pogo tells Klaus that the box’s contents are priceless and need to be returned.

Vanya wakes up and discovers that Five has already left. Five arrive at the address he was looking for. Five wants information on the owner of the eye, but the person refuses to give him patient records. Five has a short temper, and he went crazy on one of the personnel, threatening to kill him if he didn’t give him a name. They chose to call security, so Five didn’t have any choice but to leave.

Meanwhile, Detective Patch decides to release Diego. He tries to persuade Patch to come with him on his vigilante missions, but she refuses. She gives Diego the hard truth, that his superhero days were over and that The Umbrella Academy failed on their goal. Diego didn’t have any choice but to leave unless he wanted to get arrested.

Luther visits a gym in town to look for Diego. The gym owner tells Luther that Diego hasn’t reported for work for some time. Luther didn’t think that Diego worked at the gym. The owner responds that Diego is their mop boy; he mops the gym in exchange for free real estate. Luther goes to the back room and discovers Diego’s apartment. He turned the old boiler room into his apartment, and it seems he never moved on from his glory days as part of The Umbrella Academy. Meanwhile, Vanya returns to the academy to look for Five. He found Five, but he dismissed Vanya quickly. She offered her therapist, but Five refused and told Vanya that he was just going to get some sleep.

Five enlists the help of Klaus, and he wants him to pretend to be his father. Klaus didn’t mind helping Five if he paid him. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha went to the tow truck driver. They thought he was five, but the man tells them that he wasn’t the man they were looking for. The man tells them about Five and their conversation at the doughnut shop. Hazel tells Cha-cha about her theory of Five becoming a child when he time-traveled back to his timeline. Hazel and Cha-cha opted to get more information from the tow truck driver by continuing to torture him.

Allison argues with her ex-husband over the phone. Patrick refuses to meet with Allison despite what was agreed upon in court. She wanted to speak with Claire, but Patrick ended the call. Vanya hears the conversation and tells Allison that she’s better off staying at the academy than pursuing her husband. Allison is offended by Vanya’s advice. She wants to be with Claire more than anything in the world, and she doesn’t want advice from Vanya. Allison describes Vanya as a loner, but that’s because Reginald raised her to distance herself from everyone. Allison responds that Vanya is a grown-up, and she can’t blame anyone for her mistakes but herself.

Klaus and Five went back to the address on the eyeball. It was a prosthetic, and Five wanted to find the owner however the personnel refused to give them any information. Klaus punches Five and hits his head with a snow globe, the personnel named Lance tries to call for security, but Klaus already has his plan in motion. Klaus plans to blackmail Lance and blame him for their injuries. Lance doesn’t want to end up in prison, so he cooperates and provides them with information on the eye’s owner. Lance checks the records and sees that the watch hasn’t been manufactured yet. He wants to know where Five got the eye, but he didn’t tell him. Klaus and Five left the building as their mission was a bust.

Five tells Klaus why he’s hell-bent on finding the owner of the eye. Klaus didn’t care the apocalypse was coming; all he cared about was getting his money to buy more drugs. Five tricks Klaus into talking about his past relationships, and he quickly teleports away from him. Five was already gone when Klaus noticed he wasn’t beside him. Meanwhile, a guy named Leonard knocks into Vanya’s apartment. She made a living by teaching violin lessons. Leonard was eager to learn, but Vanya opted to start with the basics.

Diego finally arrives at the gym, and he quickly goes to his apartment. He notices that someone has entered his apartment, so he slowly opens the door and throws one of his daggers inside. The dagger flew from the door and made its way towards Luther. The dagger misses his head by a few inches, and Luther doesn’t know until the dagger hits an old dresser. Diego knew it was Luther, but he still threw the dagger. Luther went over to investigate Diego, but he had a clear alibi; he was fighting in the gym the night Reginald died. Luther didn’t understand why Diego didn’t just tell him. Diego responds that he doesn’t need to prove his innocence to him. Diego tells Luther to leave, so he stands up and leaves.

Leonard doesn’t seem to have any difficulty learning the violin. He praises Vanya for being a good teacher, but she doesn’t know how to take a compliment. After the lesson, Leonard invites Vanya to his woodwork shop in town. Vanya tells Leonard that she’s busy, so he drops the invite immediately and leaves. Vanya just proved to herself that Allison was telling the truth, she learned to shut people off immediately, and it wasn’t an excellent skill to acquire.

Allison was still at the academy; she was smoking on the top floor when Pogo arrived. Pogo tells Allison that Vanya sent him to see if she’s doing okay. Allison felt terrible about the things she had said to Vanya earlier. Pogo responds that Vanya is her sister and would understand that she didn’t mean the words she said. Allison still felt bad, so Pogo showed her the surveillance tapes to make her feel better. Pogo kept all of the surveillance tapes, even the ones when they were still kids. He tells Allison that he goes to watch the tapes whenever he feels lonely. Pogo left Allison and told her to lock up when she was done watching. Allison found a random tape on top of the surveillance monitor. She takes the tape and decides to watch it; however, she finds something not supposed to be found.

Five teleported to a department store. He walks down the aisles and finds a mannequin which he calls Delores. Earlier, Five told Klaus that he spent 30 years with a woman named Delores. Klaus thought Delores was a real woman; it turns out she’s a mannequin that Five found in the apocalyptic timeline. While Five was talking with Delores, Hazel and Cha-cha appeared. They started firing at Delores and shattered her to pieces. Five saves Delores and promises to come back for her. Hazel and Cha-cha knew they were fighting someone special, so they tried to outwit Five. He did his best to take down Hazel and Cha-cha, but he failed. Five tries to take Delores and escape, but his powers aren’t working. Hazel and Cha-cha cornered Five, but the cops arrived. Five uses the distraction to hide with Delores.

Hazel and Cha-cha didn’t have a choice but to leave. Detective Patch went over to the tow truck garage, but she was too late. She found the dead tow truck driver; it seems Hazel went overboard in torturing him for information. Diego manages to get another radio, and he hears Patch requesting backup. Diego didn’t hesitate to respond to her call.

Meanwhile, Luther returns to the academy, where Allison is waiting for him. He thought he was wrong about Reginald’s death because Diego didn’t have anything to do with it. It turns out that he’s right because Allison found something through the surveillance tapes. She told Luther to follow her so that she could show him.

Five arrive at the academy. Allison and Luther were going to the surveillance room. They ask Five if he needs help. Five responded that there was nothing any of them could do. All of them died the day Five went to the apocalyptic timeline. He found Luther’s hand holding the prosthetic eye. Five also found Diego, Allison, and Klaus within the rubble of the academy. At first, he thought they were just ordinary people until he saw the umbrella tattoo on their arms.

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