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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Kaer Morhen


Published 1 week ago

[00:01:00] Yennefer woke up in the back of a wagon. She took a peek outside and saw a red-haired man riding alongside the wagon. She had just had a dream about Geralt and their baby. Geralt told Yennefer that he couldn’t wait to grow old together and watch their baby grow up. Yennefer’s baby was taken from her by a robed figure. She confronted the figure and demanded it to return her baby. Yennefer woke Fringilla up as she, too, was having a dream. She took a peek outside the wagon and realized that they were moving away from Cintra. After a few moments, the wagon stopped, and the doors opened. The elves had taken both Fringilla and Yennefer as hostages.

[00:03:00] The elves made Fringilla and Yennefer walk the rest of the way. Fringilla demanded to be set free as a citizen of Nilfgaard; however, no one responded to her plea. They saw a fortress that looked like Aretuza. Yennefer realized that these were the monuments that Istredd had been talking about back in Aretuza. She asked an elf if they had burned the other monuments in the early wars, and the elf responded that it was better lost to history than taken over by humans. Fringilla and Yennefer were taken by their captors to another elf. The male elf was revealed as Filavandrel. The female elf put Fringilla to sleep as she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Filavandrel spoke in elvish tongue, but Yennefer understood them. She told the female elf that she was also an elf, but she didn’t believe Yennefer.

[00:05:00] The female elf was the current leader of the elvish tribe. She told Filavandrel that he was no longer the leader, so he couldn’t make hasty decisions. She wanted Filavandrel to string Fringilla and Yennefer up. Filavandrel argued that the two of them could prove useful in locating the things they were looking for inside the forests. The female elf told Filavandrel that they would ship Fringilla and Yennefer’s heads to Aretuza the moment they were done with them. Filavandrel didn’t argue with her and just left the tent. Meanwhile, Geralt and Ciri were making their way to Kaer Morhen. Kaer was a citadel on top of an icy mountain. Upon their arrival, Ciri took a good look at the place, which already looked deserted. She asked Geralt to remind her how many witchers were left.

[00:06:30] Geralt told Ciri that the last time he had checked, there were 20 of them remaining. He told Ciri that there could be less than 20 at the moment. They entered the citadel and saw a bunch of men talking and drinking. Geralt approached them, and it looked like a fight would break out between them. The men told Geralt that they thought he was dead. Geralt smiled and told them that his death hadn’t come yet. They greeted Geralt and hugged him as a man named Vesemir appeared. He welcomed Geralt home and curiously looked at Ciri. As everyone celebrated, a guy named Lambchop started telling them a story of his previous job. Vesemir allowed Lambchop to finish his story before offering a toast to their safe return to Kaer Morhen.

[00:09:00] A man named Eskel arrives boasting of a six-hour fight against a Leshy. He brought the hands of the monster as proof. Eskel told everyone that he could’ve ended the fight earlier, but he had lost all of his elixirs. Vesemir told Eskel that fire through a Leshy’s heart would kill it. He questioned Eskel’s story, asking if he didn’t think about Leshy’s weakness. The other witchers started to doubt his story as well. Eskel didn’t respond; instead, he turned his attention to Ciri and asked her who she was. Ciri placed her goblet down on the table and introduced herself as Princess Cirilla of Cintra.

[00:12:00] Geralt had started training outside the citadel when Vesemir interrupted him. He told him that taking up the Law of surprise was a big mistake. Previously, Geralt had told Vesemir that he wouldn’t take the child; however, Geralt told him that he had to save Ciri. Vesemir understood. He told Geralt that he would call him out for bringing Ciri to Kaer Morhen; however, he still brought her. Geralt grinned and told Vesemir that he didn’t have any choice. Geralt and Vesemir talked about Ciri as she roamed through Kaer Morhen, looking for a good room. Ciri bumped into Eskel, who told her that Kaer Morhen wasn’t a castle and that all the rooms were worthless.

[00:14:00] Geralt told Vesemir that Ciri survived the massacre of Cintra. Vesemir couldn’t believe Ciri had escaped, let alone survived. Geralt had already tried asking Ciri, but she lied about her escape. Geralt brought Ciri to Kaer Morhen to keep her safe. He knew that he could keep her safe within the walls of Kaer Morhen long enough to uncover her secrets. Vesemir reminded Geralt about what had happened the last time witchers meddled with the problems of courts and kingdoms. He also told Geralt to take caution as Ciri could be more than he had bargained for. Ciri managed to find a room and settled for it. She sat on the bed and took out Queen Calanthe’s scarf. It was the last surviving heirloom from her past.

[00:15:00] Filavandrel sat beside a fireplace along with all the other elves. Fringilla and Yennefer looked at them from the far side of the camp. Fringilla asked Yennefer about what Tissaia had told them regarding elven mages. Yennefer wasn’t surprised that Tissaia had lied about elven mages, or maybe she didn’t know there were some left. Yennefer asked Fringilla about her nightmares earlier on their way to the camp. Fringilla didn’t want to tell Yennefer, but Yennefer knew that she was dreaming about a robed figure. Fringilla was surprised that Yennefer knew about her nightmares. She told Yennefer that she had dreamed of a figure in a black robe. Yennefer confirmed that she had had the same dream; however, it was a figure in a red robe. Yennefer had overheard Filavandrel’s conversation earlier with the female elf, Francesca. She told Fringilla that Francesca was having dreams of a white-robed figure.

[00:16:00] Yennefer knew that they could use the dreams to their advantage; however, they needed to gain Francesca’s trust first. The elves were talking around the campfire. Filavandrel questioned their continuous search for Dol Blathanna. He doubted they would find it; however, Francesca told them not to lose faith. One of the elves complained about the lack of food that they were currently experiencing. Francesca conjured up what seemed to be milk and passed it around the campfire. She told her brethren that it wasn’t much, but it would quench their hunger. Francesca told them about the white-robed figure that she kept dreaming about. She assured them that it was their prophet, Ithlinne. Francesca believed that Ithlinne was guiding them to safer havens where they could rebuild and gain back the elven strength they were once known for.

[00:18:00] Filavandrel didn’t agree with Francesca’s beliefs. He left the camp without partaking in the milk that she passed around. He decided to leave camp, but before he could, Yennefer and Fringilla spoke to him. They told Filavandrel that they, too, were having dreams about robed figures. Yennefer and Fringilla offered to help Filavandrel with what they were looking for. Yennefer and Fringilla almost succeeded in getting Filavandrel to set them free; however, one of the elven guards shouted that they had found something in the site they were digging. Filavandrel told them that they were so close to getting free; however, since the guards had found something, it seemed that they weren’t the key to what they were looking for. Filavandrel left them to see what the guards had dug up.

[00:20:00] Meanwhile, Ciri was bored inside Kaer Morhen. She asked Geralt if they would be spending the winter studying monsters and collecting supplies for his elixirs. Geralt confirmed this as he examined the Leshy arm that Eskel had brought with him. Ciri asked if Geralt would train her in combat. Geralt told Ciri that training was dangerous, but she responded that the man with the black-winged helmet was also dangerous. Ciri was talking about Cahir. Geralt realized that this was one of Ciri’s secrets. He asked Ciri if she wanted to kill Cahir. Ciri confirmed that she wanted to kill Cahir because she hated him. Geralt sighed as it was the wrong answer. He told Ciri that witchers don’t kill out of fear or hatred; they kill to save lives. Ciri understood, so she changed the topic of their conversation. Ciri asked Geralt how he became a witcher.

[00:22:00] Geralt told Ciri that he was beaten and starved the first time he arrived at Kaer Morhen. They continued talking as Geralt continued analyzing the Leshy hand. They heard shouting from the hall, so Geralt left Ciri to see what was going on. Ciri didn’t want Geralt to leave, but he had to. Geralt reached the hall where all the other witchers were indulging themselves with whores. One of the whores approached Geralt and reminded him where they once met. Geralt remembered, but he told her that they shouldn’t be in Kaer Morhen. The whore told Geralt that news had spread about him having a daughter. Geralt responded that Ciri wasn’t his daughter. The whore offered to take Ciri and show her the ways of the world; however, this infuriated Geralt. The whore decided to leave Geralt before she suffered his wrath.

[00:24:00] Geralt confronted Vesemir about all the whores inside Kaer Morhen. He told Vesemir that they shouldn’t be there and that his fellow witchers should know better. Vesemir told Geralt that Eskel had found the whores in the village below the mountain. He told Geralt that the whores wouldn’t remember how they got to Kaer Morhen, nor would they remember the way back. Geralt decided to confront Eskel as Ciri looked down at the festivities. She seemed happy that the witchers were happy; however, Geralt wanted to set an example. He told Eskel not to indulge inside Kaer Morhen. Eskel wasn’t really in a mood for a scolding. He thought life was unfair. Geralt got a princess while the rest of them nearly died from their missions. Eskel told Geralt that if he ever found a princess, he wouldn’t play a knight.

[00:25:30] Eskel tried to punch Geralt when he wasn’t looking, but he anticipated the punch and managed to subdue Eskel. Vesemir saw Ciri watching what was happening. She saw Vesemir looking at her, so she decided to leave. Geralt told Eskel to go to bed. Eskel left the hall along with his whore. Meanwhile, one of the elven soldiers took Fringilla and Yennefer into the elven ruins. Both Yennefer and Fringilla recognized the drawings inside the ruins. Francesca welcomed them into the ruins. She asked the two of them to tell her about their dreams. Yennefer responded that they wanted to hear her dreams first. Francesca agreed and told them about her dream. She entered a maze full of dead elven bodies. Francesca claimed that the robed figure in her dreams was Ithlinne. She guided her out of a maze into a new elven kingdom.

[00:26:30] Fringilla told Francesca that her guide wasn’t Ithlinne. She told them that her guide was Emhyr. Emhyr saved Fringilla by going to Nilfgaard and killing the Usurper. Filavandrel asked Yennefer about her dreams, but she didn’t respond. Yennefer approached the pedestal and read the ancient elven texts etched on the stone. Yennefer could only read the first part and thought the second part was gibberish. Francesca checked the texts and told Yennefer that it was an incantation. After reading the incantation, their group felt a small rumble within the ruin. The pedestal moved backward, revealing a new tunnel. Francesca heard someone speaking elven from the tunnel. She told Filavandrel to stand guard as she went with Fringilla and Yennefer. The soldier named Gage refused to let Francesca go alone. She told them to allow her to leave so that she could take care of their people.

[00:29:00] Yennefer didn’t want to enter the tunnel, but she didn’t have any choice. She grabbed a torch and followed Francesca into the tunnel. Meanwhile, Ciri continued roaming Kaer Morhen and found the armory. She checked the collection of armor and weapons. Vesemir saw Ciri and talked to her. Vesemir told Ciri about the history of the armor and the previous witchers that wore them. He told Ciri about Klef, who was killed by a demon that they had banished in the woods. Vesemir’s story seemed to pertain to the same demon that was luring Francesca and the rest of the elves into the woods. Vesemir’s next story was about a man named Deglan. Deglan had taught Vesemir everything he knew. Ciri realized that Deglan was a father figure for Vesemir as he was a father figure for Geralt. Vesemir failed to frighten Ciri with his stories.

[00:31:00] Vesemir acknowledged Ciri’s bravery and asked her if the same bravery helped her escape Cintra. Ciri didn’t want to answer the question; she asked Vesemir if she would be protected inside Kaer Morhen. Vesemir responded that it was hard to protect someone he knew nothing about from something he knew nothing about. Eskel took his whore into one of the rooms of Kaer Morhen. As the two of them started stripping their clothes, it was revealed that Eskel had been wounded by the Leshy, and roots were coming out of his wounds. Meanwhile, Francesca, Fringilla, and Yennefer emerged from the ruins into the forests. It was already nightfall by the time they made it out of the ruins. Francesca told them to keep up as they were falling behind. Yennefer knew something hadn’t sounded right with Fringilla’s dream. She was so frightened despite having dreamed about Emhyr.

[00:33:00] Fringilla told Yennefer that she had dreamed of people surrounding her. She couldn’t see or stop them, so she just let them tap her gently. After the Usurper killed Fergus, all the mages were moved into prison, some sort of playhouse. Fringilla told Yennefer that she spent years inside the prison until Emhyr found her. Before Fringilla could finish her story, Francesca stopped walking as they had reached their destination. A hut with no doors, the same hut described by the inscriptions inside the elven ruins. Francesca knew that the incantation would give them access to the hut. Yennefer tried to stop Francesca, but it was too late. She recited the incantation, causing the hut to reveal its front side. The hut turned to them, its windows acting as its eyes, showing them a blinding light.

[00:34:00] Geralt asked Vesemir if he had seen Ciri. Vesemir jokingly told Geralt that Ciri was pounding a guy named White Gull while she danced on the table. Geralt laughed sarcastically and asked Vesemir for the truth. He told Geralt that he had seen Ciri spying. Vesemir sent Ciri to bed after talking to her. Vesemir asked Geralt if he was ready for the obligations of taking care and keeping Ciri safe. Geralt revealed that he was in a cell at Cintra the day the city fell. He had heard everything, the fires, screams, and death. Geralt told Vesemir that it was the same sounds that he had heard the day Kaer Morhen fell when he was young. Vesemir was the last surviving witcher as Kaer Morhen fell. Geralt asked if he was ready to back then when he took in all the mutated orphans and helped them become witchers themselves.

[00:35:00] Vesemir responded that he wasn’t ready back then, but he didn’t protect them. He taught them how to fend for themselves. Geralt acknowledged that he would do the same for Ciri. After their conversation, they felt Kaer Morhen reverberate. All of their pendants also felt the vibrations that alerted all of them. Everyone stopped what they were doing and left the whores on the table. They drew their swords and prepared for the worst. They secured their guests as Vesemir told Geralt to stay and fight instead of looking for Ciri. The whores entered the room where Ciri was sleeping. Lambchop stood guard outside as they cowered in fear. Geralt and all the other witchers scattered to find their enemy.

[00:37:00] Meanwhile, Yennefer woke up inside the doorless hut. Francesca and Fringilla also woke up; however, they came face to face with the robed figure in their dreams. Each one of them confronted the robed figure of their dreams. The witch took the form of what each thought she was. Fringilla saw an armored knight beneath the robed figure, while Yennefer saw a woman dressed in red. Francesca saw the prophet Ithlinne, who told Francesca that she would help her get the elves to their former glory. One by one, they all realized that the robed figure wasn’t someone who would help them. It was someone who would destroy them. The witch showed her true self to Yennefer. She fed on Yennefer’s fears and hardships. Yennefer’s wrist started to bleed as the witch slowly tried to kill her. The witch told her that she would beg to end her life.

[00:43:00] Meanwhile, Geralt finally found the Leshy. He saw the whore who was with Eskel earlier, dead. She was wrapped in vines with branches sticking out of her eye sockets. The Leshy attacked Geralt, but he managed to counter them. After a few more attacks, the Leshy managed to grab hold of Geralt. It decided to show itself thinking it would be able to kill Geralt. He reached for a torch and burned the Leshy’s vines. The Leshy released Geralt, and the two of them continued fighting. Geralt saw a witcher’s pendant on the Leshy’s chest. He looked at the Leshy’s face and saw Eskel. He threw the torch away and decided to fight Eskel without the use of fire. Eskel managed to grab Geralt again. He pinned him to a stone table and told him his story.

[00:46:00] Eskel knew something was wrong with him the day he returned to Kaer Morhen. He had thought he could defeat a Leshy on his own, but he couldn’t. Eskel thought Geralt could help him. He was about to kill Geralt when Vesemir arrived. Vesemir threw an ax and hit Eskel’s body. Eskel climbed up the walls at the sight of Vesemir. Vesemir set Geralt free. Geralt told him that the Leshy had infected Eskel, but he thought that was impossible. The two of them teamed up to defeat Eskel. He tried to escape, but Geralt used his powers to block the exit. Vesemir used a chain and hook to pull Eskel to the center of the room. With a few hooks, they were able to hold Eskel in place.

[00:48:00] Vesemir told Eskel that they needed time to save him. Eskel attacked Vesemir and slowly strangled him to death. Vesemir pleaded with Eskel while Geralt thought twice about killing Eskel. Geralt knew he needed to save Vesemir, so he imbued his sword with fire and struck Eskel’s heart. Eskel died on the spot, leaving a sour taste in Geralt’s mouth. He didn’t want to kill Eskel, but Vesemir told him that he had done what he had to do. Vesemir collected Eskel’s pendant in his memory. Meanwhile, Yennefer woke up in the middle of the forest. She saw Fringilla going with the elves. The witch had told Francesca to seek an alliance with Nilfgaard. Fringilla agreed on behalf of Nilfgaard, and the alliance was made.

[00:50:00] Fringilla told Yennefer that she was free. Yennefer didn’t know what had happened or why the witch set her free. She told Fringilla that the witch’s promise wasn’t what she thought it to be. Fringilla didn’t care; she had faith. She pointed out that faith had brought her this far. Fringilla asked Yennefer why the witch let her go if the witch was pure evil. Yennefer couldn’t respond. Fringilla returned to the elven troops who marched back towards Cintra. Back at Kaer Morhen, Ciri waited patiently for Geralt’s return. She was losing hope when the doors to her room opened. She hugged Geralt and asked him if they were safe now. Geralt asked Ciri if she was okay and told her to follow him. Geralt took Ciri outside the citadel. He told Ciri about what Vesemir had told him the first time he arrived in Kaer Morhen.

[00:52:00] Vesemir told Geralt that the world outside Kaer Morhen was a dangerous place. He told Ciri that the world was changing and no place was ever safe. Geralt offered Ciri a chance to train and find power so that she could survive the horrors of the real world. Meanwhile, Yennefer struggled to use her powers. The witch told her earlier that she had lost her power over chaos because she used fire magic in the battle of Sodden. Yennefer knew she no longer had power over chaos, but she chose to turn a blind eye. Now she faced the truth, that she could no longer use her powers. She stumbled and fell a couple of times in her attempts to open a portal.

[00:54:00] Back at Kaer Morhen, Geralt told Ciri to keep her sword close and keep moving. They started her training immediately as Geralt handed a wooden sword to Ciri. She was now on the road to becoming a witcher.

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