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Top Ten Moments From the Jane the Virgin Finale

BY Shannon Entin

Published 2 years ago

Jane, Xo, & Alba on the porch swing

Jane the Virgin ended its 5-season run last night with a huge, happily-ever-after finale that effectively buttoned up the series and warmed my heart.

Over the past five years, Jane and her family have been a light in the pool of my mostly-dark TV watching habits. This show is not only a breath of fresh air, but its unique, telenovela storytelling style never fails to provide an emotional roller coaster that is continually funny, moving, and uplifting.

I’ve watched Jane the Virgin with the same passion that drew me to soap operas in my younger years. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve rooted for Jane, Rafael (#TeamRaf all the way), and all the characters as they navigated crazy challenges and stayed strong as a family.

Spoilers ahead!

Jane the Virgin wedding

Best Moments from the Jane the Virgin Finale

10. Alba’s moment in the living room. When Alba goes to turn out the light in her living room, we get a sweet montage of flashbacks that communicate the years of emotions and memories experienced in that room.

9. Rafael rushes Jane’s book rewrite to the printer on their wedding day and gets thrown in jail. This romantic gesture is a bit uncharacteristic of Rafael, so it seemed so right that he’d get arrested after breaking through a parking lot gate that wouldn’t open when he tried to pay.

8. Xiomara’s decision to go to New York. We’ve seen Xo work through her fear a few times in this series, and as much as I don’t want Xo & Ro to go to NYC, it would have seemed wrong for them to stay in Miami. It was finally time for Rogelio to put his career first!

7. Jane uses her book money to rent a bus. After resisting Raf’s nudges to splurge on something with her novel windfall, Jane rents a public bus and pays everyone on it so she can get to her wedding on time.

6. Rafael calls Rogelio “Dad.” Rogelio passes on the Mexican tradition of the wedding lasso. At this moment, when Jane & Rafael are bonded together, Raf realizes how lucky he is to have this family. Especially on the heels of learning that his true parents had passed away.

5. Rogelio gets recognized by some random people running the marathon. Finally, he is Rogelio de la Vega, American Star.

4. JR comes back to Petra. All the tears and happiness. I was rooting for these two!

3. Jane and Rafael are unable to say their vows. With all they’ve been through, the emotions just take over and they can’t stop crying and kissing long enough to even speak their vows to one another. So they just pass their vows to each other to read. This was a clever scene because it saved time and also allowed the viewer to simply revel in memories and imagine what they would say to each other.

Jane, Xo, & Alba on the porch swing

2. Sunrise on the porch. Xiomara, Jane, and Alba sitting on the porch swing has become iconic. In the finale, we just had to see them sitting there one last time, laughing, crying, and drinking coffee as the sun rose on Jane’s wedding day.

And the #1 moment of the Jane the Virgin finale? The Narrator reveal! I cheered – literally pumped my fist in the air – when our beloved Narrator revealed himself to be future Mateo! It was revealed in classic Jane the Virgin style, with a fun, quick quip as Mateo recites his lines at the wedding.

The Jane the Virgin series finale gave fans everything we wanted, all tied up in a perfect package that we can tuck away in our hearts for years to come.

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