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TV RECAP: Agents of SHIELD “One Door Closes”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago


By Felicia Kudronowicz


This week on Agents of SHIELD, we learned more about the “real” SHIELD and its members in “One Door Closes.”

The episode opens with a flashback of the day SHIELD fell. Mack and Bobbi are fighting HYDRA and fulfilling Fury’s final wishes. We get flashbacks like this throughout the episode to show what really happened that day.

Back in the present day, Bobbi has returned to the team and says she takes blame for Hunter disappearing, but Coulson knows something is up. He corners Mack and questions him about it. Mack simply says he fully supports SHIELD. Then May catches Bobbi stealing Fury’s toolbox from Coulson’s office. Quick and utterly ruthless, they go head-to-head in yet another amazing fight scene. (I would argue that these two are the most fun to watch fight.) However, during their head to head, Bobbi triggers a device that makes everything go black, facilitating a lucky escape.

Bobbi runs into Simmons, who pretends she doesn’t know what is going on. She manages to sedate Bobbi and call for back up. I loved this scene, because it proved that Simmons isn’t just brains, but can hold her own too. So often in shows, characters can’t be smart and tough, they can only be one or the other – which is ultimately what makes this moment so refreshing.

While this is happening, Mack runs into Fitz and tries to get him to trust him, but a bomb is set off which signals the arrival of the rest of the “real” SHIELD team. Mack risks his life to shield Fitz from the blast, so I guess he isn’t all bad.

Via flashbacks we learn that Bobbi was ordered to sink the SHIELD ship to protect its secrets and cargo from HYDRA, but instead made the decision to fight to protect it and the rest of the agents onboard.

We also get to catch up with Skye in this episode. She decides to try on the gloves that will supposedly control her powers, but discovers they make her feel woozy. She tries to call Simmons, but the base is on lockdown because of the “real” SHIELD invasion. Then she has a mini Cabin in the Woods moment where she thinks she hears someone outside and starts to panic. She also finds out that the place she is staying was Bruce Banner’s cabin, where he learned to try and control his powers. Then someone really does knock at the door. She opens it to find Gordon aka no-eyed guy. He explains that he only wants to help and mentor her in her newfound abilities. He says that the mist affects everyone differently, but they can help teach her how to deal with their altered states. He invites her to come with him, but she doesn’t. He doesn’t seem pushy at all; he just says he’ll come when she’s ready. I’ve having a real hard time figuring out if I can trust anyone on this show.

Later, May calls Skye to warn her that the “real” SHIELD team is headed her way. Skye tries to run away, but when one of the agents shoots at her, she panics and uses her power, exploding a bunch of trees and knocking back her pursuers. She can’t believe what she has just done, and calls Gordon, who comes and teleports her away.

In the end, Coulson escapes and meets up with Hunter on a tropical island. May, Fitz and Simmons are left to pick up the pieces at base, Skye is with Gordon and Bobbi’s team is empty handed. While I was disappointed Ward wasn’t back again this week next week we’ll learn more about Gordon and his mist minions and I can’t wait for that!

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