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TV RECAP: The Originals “Save My Soul”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

TV RECAP: The Originals

By Erin Resnick

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. How can you expect to retain a personal tie to someone if they continuously eat all your French Fries? Or they go behind your back and tell Bobby you like him? Or they happen to be an all powerful witch who has been running around for centuries with your horribly crazy aunt? This week’s episode of The Originals, entitled “Save My Soul,” was an exercise in family trust. Unfortunately for the Mikaelson siblings, trust falls and icebreaker games weren’t going to solve their familial issues.

Freya’s life hadn’t been filled with unicorns and making teddy bears come to life for her enjoyment. Dahlia had taken control of her from childhood, rearing her to be just as skilled in the dark arts as she was, scolding young Freya and making her believe Esther did not want her.

Back in the present, Josephine and the witches of Louisiana had come for Eva since a child witch had been murdered while another one had disappeared over night. Elijah stepped in to keep them from taking Rebekah, but it was hard for Rebekah to keep calm when she knew Eva was slowly starting to regain control.

Klaus had sent the wolves out to the bayou and had invited Freya over for one of his famous family brunches (were there mimosas?) to discuss her allegiances and hassle her more on proving she really was a Mikaelson.

Vincent had finally come to as himself, free of Finn. He was angry Marcel had kept him cooped up, but didn’t realize just how long he had been indisposed or that his body had been inhabited by an Original family member. Marcel wasn’t interested in filling him in on nine months of life and cut straight to the point; he wanted to know any and all information on Eva, which shocked and silenced Vincent.

Rebekah decided to plead her case to Davina, but she wasn’t as helpful as Rebekah had hoped, as she was still grieving Kol’s death. She was ready to join the family brunch, but Eva once again began to take control of the body, knocking her unconscious. At the compound, Freya decided to open up to her brothers about her past and Dahlia’s intentions. Dahlia had connected their powers when Freya was a child, promising to take down and murder anyone in her way, including entire villages of men, women and children.

Klaus claimed that he and Elijah could take down any and all evil witches, but Freya insisted Dahlia was unlike any other witch they’d ever come across. Dahlia had hoped Freya would bear her own children to control and start her own evil coven, but because of this Freya had promised herself to never give into love. Instead Dahlia bound Freya into a sleeping curse in order to keep their youth and their power, making them immortal.

Out in the bayou, Jackson and Aiden were sparing with shirts on when Aiden began to taunt Jackson about his leadership skills. Hayley assured Jackson that the pack still loved and trusted him and that buying them a round of beers would help ease the pressure.

Marcel had called upon Cami to hang out with Vincent and hopefully spark a re-connection between the two. Cami revealed the atrocities Finn had caused while in Vincent’s body and the witch grew angrier, unsure of whether to feel guilt or hurt for his actions.

Rebekah had finally regained consciousness in an unknown warehouse location. Elijah suggested they appeal to Freya for help, but Klaus was still untrusting of their so-called sister. Freya promised to help, offering to put Rebekah in a sleep to suppress Eva. Klaus continued his tirade, finding Freya dubious and wanted third party confirmation on her spells, but Freya’s magic was more powerful than anyone could compete with. To continue to prove her loyalties and identity, she provided an anecdote of singing to an unborn Elijah as a child. Elijah eased up to Freya, willing to accept her, until Klaus snapped her neck out of frustration.

“You had a lovely audition, it just didn’t seem to be the right fit,” Klaus spat out as Freya finally awakened from her neck snapping. He was going to force Freya’s hand, make her tell the exact truth as to protect himself, Hope, and the rest of his family. Freya confessed her deepest shame to Klaus. She had broken her vow in the early 1400s and given into love, bearing a child with a man she loved. In anger, Dahila cursed her lover to death and Freya had tried to return the actions, trying to kill herself and her unborn child. But that same night Freya learned of her immortality, which also killed her child. Freya had hoped her story would soften Klaus, but it only irritated him further, claiming he was being manipulated and controlled.

Rebekah made her way back to Marcel’s to confront Vincent face-to-face about her real identity and it was then Vincent finally revealed the truth: Eva was Vincent’s wife and he had not seen her since before she had been locked away. At the compound, Hayley pleaded to Klaus to let Jackson have full control over the wolves and their living situation, but he was unrelenting.

While Vincent and Cami shared a friendly drink, Rebekah recruited Marcel to help watch over her and the control of her body; she was weak and finally felt scared. Marcel promised to protect her. As he went to grab them drinks, Rebekah had a flash of Eva’s memories. Bodies of witch children, including a newly marked Davina, were being kept at one of the warehouses.

Klaus voiced his distrust in Freya to Elijah, who promised to “bury her beneath a thousand wretched torments,” if she betrayed them. Dahlia was coming whether they liked it or not and as baby Hope slept her music box began to play the sound of Dahlia’s sinister hum.


Things we need to discuss:

– I love Freya’s characterization. Her confession to her brothers that she had sworn off love is very reminiscent of Elijah and his plight with Katherine when he exclaimed he did not believe in love. But Freya’s ultimate decision to finally give in and love was right on par with Rebekah’s personality.

– I understand Klaus’ mistrust, as his daughter’s life is at stake, but keeping a watchful eye would be a better plan than neck snapping and taunting Freya. It’s the easiest way to lose her trust and any help she can provide.

– Who is more of a terrible mother: Esther or Dahlia?

– Anyone else falling for Vincent and Cami?

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