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TV REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD “S.O.S.”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago


By Felicia Kudronowicz


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. really delivered with this week’s two-hour season finale. Entitled S.O.S. Parts 1 & 2, the double header was action packed, fast paced and full of so many oh-my-god moments that it might take the whole summer to fully recover.

The finale opens pretty much exactly where we left off last week. Jiaying has just killed Gonzales and has convinced everyone that he shot her. Its takes everyone a while, but they realize that Jiaying has set the whole thing up. Coulson is the first to realize that something to amiss, but Skye follows suit (only after knocking out May) when she sees Jiaying kill Raina to make sure the future, aka the truth, doesn’t come out. Eventually Skye is reunited with SHIELD, but the war still rages on between SHIELD and the Inhumans who are still taking orders from Jiaying.

Hunter also realizes that Bobbi is missing. He watches the security footages and puts it together that Cara (Agent 33) was the one who took Bobbi. Hunter and the real May go to where her plane was last located. In the meantime, Cara and Ward are putting together some major torture treatments for Bobbi. They place needles under all her fingernails on her right hand. Definitely cringe worthy. Then when she escapes, they set up a trap so if someone comes in the room, they will get shot. They then turn on her phone so Hunter and May will be able to track her.

This storyline definitely had the most impact on me. This was the final straw for Ward. I kept thinking he was playing some game and that he would redeem himself, but instead I have lost hope in him.

Of course Hunter finds Bobbi but she manages to rock her chair sideways so she takes the bullet instead of Hunter. I actually gasped out loud. Bobbi is one of my favorites and I know Joss is unforgiving when it comes to killing characters so I became immediately nervous. In the very next second, we see Ward shooting May in the stomach multiple times, when he quickly realizes its Cara. Thank goodness. Ward deserved that one.

Back at base, Coulson is trying to talk to Cal who has injected himself with some mysterious concoction that makes him look like Frankenstein’s monster. He finally reveals that Jiaying has been behind everything from the very beginning. She was always the real monster, making Cal go along with her plans. He just wanted his family to be together and she just wanted power, which she killed people to get. Suddenly Cal is on SHIELD’s side and they are off to take down Jiaying.

Mack and Skye are on their own at the SHIELD headquarters trying to fight off all the Inhumans that keep coming in, but they are pretty much outnumbered. Eventually Coulson and Fitz arrive on the scene and find a way to trap Gordon so he can stop blindly attacking them. They manage to impale him, but as he falls to his death, he drops one of the vials of Obelisk goo. Coulson catches it, but it starts to turn his hand black. Mack acts fast and cuts Coulson’s hand off with an axe so it can’t spread. Another Oh-My-God moment right there.

While this battle is going on, Skye goes to battle her mother, but she can’t bring herself to hurt her. Jiaying doesn’t seem to have that problem and starts sucking the life out of Skye when Cal comes and kills her by (maybe?) snapping her spine. Yikes. Talk about a family affair.

After that, things start to wrap up. Bobbi is alive and recovering, Cal has had his memory wiped and now owns a veterinarian clinic, May is taking some time off and Coulson is looking to put Skye in charge of a new project. Just when we think the coast is clear, we see Fitz and Simmons in the lab together. Fitz is adorable and finally acts Simmons out on a date. She is smiling as Fitz leaves the room and my heart melts thinking that we could end this all on a happy note, but of course that doesn’t happen. Simmons is inspecting the alien liquid/solid from earlier in the season and the case appears to be open. All of a sudden it bursts out and consumes Simmons and it fades to black. Um what?!

I am still in shock from that final moment. The good part in all of this, however, is that SHIELD was renewed for season 3! So we will at least continue this story in Fall. Overall I think season two was really strong and much better than season one. I am a little annoyed at myself for wasting so much time hoping Ward would redeem himself, but it was definitely an emotional season. This is exactly what finales should be like. Even though SHIELD won’t be back until Fall, ScreenSpy will be here all summer to help you find a new show to get you through.

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