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TV REVIEW: Emily Tries to Save the Day in Revenge’s Clarity

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: Emily Tries to Save the Day in Revenge’s Clarity

Revenge has been traveling at the speed of light this season, answering questions, offering huge reveals, and wrapping up all those Emily revenge goals. A quick recap of events to date sees David Clarke, at the core of Ems’ whole revengenda, showing up alive, Daniel getting himself dead, Victoria on her heels reeling from her son’s death, and Emily struggling with who she is as she tries to live a semi-normal life as Emily Thorne. What could possibly happen in “Clarity” that would again shake up the Sunday night soap? Those last five minutes! Before we get to that, let’s take a look at all the action.

Margaux Turns in her Black Hat

Margaux is grieving the loss of her baby with Victoria by her side, ready to take the revenge reins. Vicky says that Emily must pay for what she’s done. Remember, Margaux inexplicably insisted that Ems pushed her into oncoming traffic causing the miscarriage. The French woman tries to let the whole revenge on Emily thing go, but no one else seems to be in a forgiving mood. Even her hired gun doesn’t want to listen to his boss, still working for an Emily take down, and hiring a gun of his own … Courtney Love (fresh from her stint on Empire)!

It’s as if Margaux realized what we all knew from day one of her vendetta – that she is not equipped to face off with Emily. So what has she done? Put Victoria on the case. And inadvertently Courtney Love. But she called oopsie, let’s forget the whole thing, so all is good, right?


First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage

Adorable couple Lolan is on the rocks throughout “Clarity” with Louise slipping further into the land of crazy (yeah, I know she’s already in pretty deep). In the aftermath of kinda pushing brother Lyman to his death, Louise decides a baby will fix everything. Well, duh! Surprisingly, Nolan has not been bitten by the baby bug.

Red’s just returned from brother’s spectacle of a funeral (oh those Southerners) and declares, “I ate my weight in grits in three days!”

When Nolan offers some Southern comfort and asks “what can I do?” Louise has a checklist.

“I need more of our Wonder Twin nights. It’s so much better than three Xanax and a glass of rosé. I want a baby.” She decides they’ll make up for the mistakes their parents made with them. Louise logic. Gotta love it.

You’ve also gotta love Nolan’s face as it comes to match the puke green color of his jacket. She asks him to think about it and I’m guessing we don’t need to organize a shower just yet.


(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Lolan’s days are numbered when cute social worker Tony just won’t go away, chatting it up with Nolan. They go to a frat boy looking bonfire soiree with Nolan lying to Louise, using the “got a lotta work at da club” excuse. Tony doesn’t want any part of the deception being the “other man” in another man’s marriage and advises blondie to get himself free. Nolan looks like he’s ready to cut that ring off. Now.

The next day Louise asks Nolan to stay home, wanting to watch trashy TV and get day drunk. She asks about all that pesky club work but Nolan doesn’t come clean. Louise knows about the lie, seeing Nolan pics at the party all over the Internet.

Later, Lolan’s fate is sealed when it’s confession time with Jack. Nolan tells Jack about the Louise letting Lyman fall tidbit, also adding he wants a real marriage someday with someone he doesn’t pity. Revenge pulls the old listening behind the corner trick. Who’s there? Louise, of course. Oh boy, We’ve got four words for you, Nolan … stay away from cliffs. Or stairs. Or sharp objects. Okay, maybe more than four.

He goes home to find Louise creepily floating/swimming in the pool and decides it’s break up time. She calmly agrees, saying she’ll call the lawyers and be out asap.

“You’re my knight in Versace armor. And thank you for being completely honest with me,” Louise says as she swims off leaving a distinct chill running down our spines.

Red better keep her pushy hands off our Nolan! He’s got people to see, social workers to date, and a ton of outfits to wear.


Jack Says No to Emily *gasp*

The hospital board is the most wishy washy group of flip floppers ever. They change their minds again and decide that the new research wing will be called Research Wing (inventive) and drop the whole Daniel Grayson part. Victoria is livid blaming Emily, of course.

Ems wants to right the wrong of her “Daniel tried to kill me” story of his death by retracting said story and asking Jack to back her up. What? This is not a case of the truth will set you free, Jack. Young mama Stevie offers, “You come from two alcoholic parents. Make sure Emily’s not your glass of scotch.”

Jack decides he can’t go along this time. The look on Emily’s face rivaled Nolan’s when he heard the Louise baby plan. She truly can’t believe her guy said no.

And who does not love Stevie? She tells David later, “Emily’s his kryptonite, just like Victoria was yours.” Truth.

By episode’s end, Jack comes to his senses realizing he is not in the business of telling Emily no. He says he’s all in and we finally get to those last five minutes.


(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Emily’s Drop the Mic Moment

Emily is all dressed up, going to the not called Daniel Grayson Research Wing. Jack shows up, telling her “I’m not letting you go through this alone.” Go through what?

The ground breaking is a strange affair, taking place at night with media on the scene reporting on the event live because who wants to watch regular old shows when you could witness dirt being shovelled?

The surreal look continues as Emily decides she’s giving a speech, taking the podium and immediately admitting that Daniel Grayson took a bullet that “was meant for me. That night, Daniel saved my life.”

Oh, but those reaction shots are priceless! Margaux and Victoria are watching from home. Their jaws drop. Louise is drinking and watching. Her jaw would drop if it wasn’t already full of wine. Ben is watching from a bar and seems to finally realize what we all know (even his brother discovered it in half a second) – that Jack is Emily’s person. He calls himself a detective?

“Why was I attacked that night?” Emily continues with a long pause. She finally says, “I am David Clarke’s daughter. I am Amanda Clarke.” The music is swelling and we are all say, “No way!”

So new Emily is good for something other than clearing her dad’s name and getting revenge against those who did David wrong. She risked it all to untarnish Daniel’s name, proving to herself and the world that there is more to her than a red Sharpie and black hoodie. What did you think about the big reveal? And more importantly, what repercussions will occur? You know the aftermath is going to be epic. I for one can’t wait to see what’s next for Amanda and how this game changing announcement alters the landscape of Revenge, messing with the familiar dynamics of the show. Who will Victoria hate now? Will Emily finally pair up with Jack in a happily ever after kind of way? We’ll have to wait a bit as egg hunts and candy filled baskets are pre-empting our guilty Sunday pleasure.

Revenge airs Sundays on ABC at 10 p.m.

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