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TV REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead “Cobalt”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead

By Lewis Richards

Now we are really in thick of it.

Fear the Walking Dead’s safe zone has become a prison and nobody is actually safe at all, as the survivors find out the details behind operation “Cobalt.”

This week, we find the safe zone survivors still contemplating their options following the abduction of their respective family members. Madison and Travis debate on how they should approach the National Guard about the abductions, while Salazar decides to take the medieval route with torture. A lot of answers to a lot of questions now leaves us with a ‘race against time’ style rush to the finale.

Meanwhile, while the real world comes crashing down around the majority of the gang, off in an alternative reality, Alicia and Chris (*sigh*) the like minded juveniles that they are, find friendship (and maybe more?) in sulking and being edgy and moody. They dress up in strangers clothes from an abandoned house and then proceed to trash the place. Surely there is no hope for these guys?

Travis takes a fun filled ride along with the NG and eavesdrops on a dangerous mission to save their comrades from a hoard of Walkers. Despite the horrendous screams and gunfire heard through the radio, Travis manages to return home just in time to find Salazar mid-interrogation with his prisoner Private. Adams. Travis’ conscience certainly takes a beating today after all he has witnessed.


Unleash Your Inner Rick Grimes

Salazar takes matters into his own hands, displaying his inner Rick Grimes as he takes Private Adams hostage. Madison walks in on Adams tied up in a chair guarded by Ofelia and Salazar. Madison protests that their plan is grossly flawed, but Salazar is extremely confident and cool, breaking down his plan to Madison. She seems to warm to his way of thinking.

After Ofelia and Madison leave, Salazar wastes no time in stating his intention to completely contradict everything he promised Ofelia. Adams’ pleads with Sweeney Salazar the Demon Barber of L.A, who is now happily prepping his tools of the trade, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Salazar deftly carves into Adams’ arm, searching for the answers he craves. The talking is over for Salazar, all his cheeky little comments about the other survivors being weak and inexperienced are being reinforced with action. It’s clear who is willing to go the furthest for survival.

We join Liza in the facility and despite my initial doubts it proves to be an actual medical facility, a truth completely undermined by the fact everyone is getting exterminated anyway. Liza, still undercover as a nurse under the direction of Exner, tries to reach out to her co-survivors and family but her inquiries are brushed aside by Exner as she insists the two have a lot of work to do. We see that Liza had good intentions when she decides to go with Exner and the other patients, potentially seeing it as the only opportunity for them all to escape. However, things take a turn for the worse as Liza finally finds Griselda on her soon to be death bed. From what we know about Salazar and his merciless crusade to save Griselda, he is not going to take the news well.

If Liza finds herself in his cross-hairs she had better hope he decides makes it quick.


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