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TV REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy Leaves Us Shaken in “I Feel the Earth Move”

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy Leaves Us Shaken in “I Feel the Earth Move”

“I Feel the Earth Move” puts Meredith front and center as an earthquake hits Seattle, but the natural disaster isn’t the true earth shattering event that occurs in this episode. Derek’s been gone for so long, so, so long we’ve forgotten how McDreamy he really is. Grey’s sets the stage for a dramatic Derek return, one that Meredith may not be looking forward to. More on that later.

Tonight’s outing wasn’t classic Grey’s, didn’t offer any Kleenex inducing scenes, and didn’t set up for any epic story arcs, save for the big ending reveal. What did “I Feel the Earth Move” do? It gave us two not so interesting medical cases, one extremely interesting, if far-fetched case, cemented Amelia and Owen as a couple, and gave Maggie a romantic interest. Let’s take a look at the various not quite stellar moments leading up to a jaw dropping scandal (maybe) at the end.

Disaster Strikes

We begin in our comfortable place with Meredith narrating, “Your kids, your keys, your family photo album, the short list of things you grab in case of disaster. The list makes you feel in control.” All this disaster talk foreshadows one will be happening soon.

Sure enough, while Meredith’s in surgery, an earthquake strikes. If that were the end of the story, we’d have a kind of boring episode of Grey’s. But no, we’re in for an earth moving event, one of those disasters that strikes without warning, blindsiding us.

Meredith is on a streak, and hasn’t lost a single patient since November. Jo’s a little obsessed with her streak, hero worshipping Mer while Alex tells her to not mention the thing or she’ll jinx the thing and the thing will end.

Two of the cases of the night come in as fallout from the earthquake. A blended family of four has a skiing trip cut short when dad and soon to be stepson are injured. The arguing between the engaged couple is sad with no big, happy resolution. The injured boy does serve to show Meredith’s streak is intact; she brings him back when his heart stops and later successfully performs surgery on him. It was a bit of a yawn.

The second case served as some comic relief. An injured elderly lady is brought in talking about her sexual escapades. Apparently, she was trying position number 28 when the earthquake hit, and she sustained a femur fracture.

“How do we get me back in the saddle,” the woman asks. Callie proposes a major surgery that would allow for “full flexibility.” She is all in, all the way in. Maggie’s not convinced the five hour surgery is reasonable for a 70-something year old with a history of heart disease. This case serves as some needed funny in a pretty dry episode, but it also allows for a Callie/Maggie heart to heart.



(ABC/Adam Taylor)


Saving Lives through a Phone Call

Amelia spreads her superhero powers to Hunt in “I Feel the Earth Move.” Owen takes an emergency call from a kid whose mom fell from a chair during the earthquake. No big deal, call 911 and get an ambo over there. No can do. The little girl, Ruby, and her unconscious mom are camping in a remote cabin, and it’s going to take a while to trace the cell phone location. The pair try to give treatment instructions to young girl, starting slow but escalating to long distance surgery. Hunt has her listen to both sides of mom’s chest. From the sound alone, the docs surmise that air needs to be released.

They get Ruby to use a Smore skewer and a straw to create an airway for mom, cutting into flesh then inserting the straw. She does it!

Mom is still struggling so Hunt has the girl do CPR to the tune of The Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive with Webber, Amelia, and Hunt singing the chorus over and over. Finally, the paramedics track the cell phone and are on the way.

The mom and little girl are helivaced to the hospital where Owen has a teary, hug-filled moment with Ruby. They hang out with Hunt reassuring the little one that “you did everything right.”

Amelia finishes mom’s surgery with good news. Mom is going to be alright.

How can they top this long distance save? Well, of course they have hot sex. We can’t help but feel happy for the pair. Amelia’s had enough tragedy in her life while Owen will probably never get over the loss of Yang. We know we won’t.


(ABC/Adam Taylor)


Love in an Elevator

Maggie’s in an elevator with a cute radiologist named Ethan. He flirts, she squirms. Later, he asks her out for coffee or a drink.

“You seem really tall,” she tells him as she turns him down.

Callie calls her on the rejection accusing Maggie of not wanting to date the man because he’s “beneath” her.

Maggie denies the snobbery, confessing, “There is a gap between me and most people.” She says she’s just different because of the gap, so she doesn’t date. “I’m fine on my side of the gap. I’m a little lonely… but fine.”

Callie calls her on the BS, saying, “That’s a load of crap… you’re a grown up… choose not to be scared. Screw the gap.”

Later, Maggie finds Ethan in the elevator again and says, “I will have that drink with you!” He’s ready right then and there, but she’s gotta ease out of that gap. They make plans for the end of the week. So Maggie is saying to hell with the gap and got herself a cute radiologist to date. Go girl!


Better without Him

Meredith, Alex, Jo, and Stephanie are in surgery when Jo talks about the Meredith streak of no deaths that started November 14. Mer realizes that’s the day Derek left.

“I’ve been perfect since he left…am I better off without him?” Grey asks.

“Derek going to DC did exactly what it was supposed to do which is remind me of who I am outside of my marriage which by the way, I’m kind of amazing. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share it with him.”

Meredith heads off to share her streak, calling hubby but an unfamiliar voice answers. A female voice. The person hangs up leaving all of us shell shocked.

We’re back in that familiar place with Meredith’s narration ending this one. Those things you grab in a disaster, the kids, the keys, the photo album, the list goes out the door when the disaster starts and you’re wondering, “if this must be the woman who is screwing your husband.” Wow, what?

We knew we were getting a little complacent in our Grey’s comfort zone. We’ve had our share of tragedy, the Jackson/Avery baby died and Cristina’s still gone. But this? Derek Shepherd cheating on the love of his life? We say no way! Well wait, we think, no way. Then we flash back to what seems like another time with a married Derek cheating on his wife with intern Meredith Grey. Further contemplation has us swinging back to this side of no way. That WAS another time and Meredith hasn’t cheated, so there’s no crazy need to have a get even affair.

All in all, “I Feel the Earth Move” was a non-event up until the ending struck, creating a huge event. We didn’t have many emotional heartstring pulls with this episode being more of a means to an end. Grey’s needed to set up some major marital drama for the remainder of the season. Mission accomplished, writers. Now let’s deal with an April/Jackson baby loss, get Karev married (he promised), and let us know if Derek did find love, or at least sex, in DC.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did Derek really cheat or is it all some hilarious misunderstanding? Hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon and more importantly have a return date for McDreamy.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursdays at 8:00 pm on ABC.

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