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TV Review: Heroes Reborn Reveals Major Puzzle Pieces in “Under the Mask”

BY Abbey White

Published 7 years ago

TV Review: Heroes Reborn Reveals Major Puzzle Pieces in

Heroes was always aptly titled, and Heroes Reborn seems to be no different.

While the main characters have largely changed, “Under the Mask” proved that they share many of the same successes and challenges as their predecessors.

This week saw Tommy getting closer to his friends, but his happiness was short lived as a new threat presented itself. Miko has managed to fully embrace her sword skill and character, though she may have gotten a tad overconfident.

Meanwhile, Carlos attempted to avenge his brother and got even more mixed up with the EVOs his brother was trying to protect. His efforts also led him into some villainous hands that he may or may not be able to take down alone.

In addition, new threats emerged and the world as our heroes know it may be changing forever — in more ways than one.

Reborn and Revealed

“Under the Mask” picks up in the arctic, where EVO Malina is attempting to control some kind of impending storm. The result? A beautiful display of the northern lights, which is a funny if not clever connection to a literal phenomena. Malina is apparently struggling with her powers, unsure if she can stave off the storm. Her invisible guide, clearly a fellow and more knowledgeable EVO, is there to help keep up her moral and keep her moving. To where? We don’t yet know. But we do know she can’t stop now.

Noah, as per usual, is faced with having to stop an impending threat. But first, he attempts to find out what happened on June 13 — and how his daughter Claire died. He and Quentin end up getting their hands (or gun) on some footage of the day of the explosion. What they learn is that Claire didn’t die at the site, but at a hospital and Noah was fully aware of it. He also happened to snag Molly and get her safely out of the hospital. Problem is, Noah had his memory wiped and he doesn’t know why.

The footage does lead the pair to track down Molly and boy is she in the hot chair. Last week veteran hero, Molly — a girl who could track where other EVO’s were — was captured by an attractive woman in a leather jacket and her seemingly EVO boyfriend. “Under the Mask” reveals that she has actually been taken by a company geared to locating, tagging and “managing” the EVO race. They plan to use Molly as a way to help locate other like her and viewers are privy to a demonstration of the technology’s power.

Back in Mexico, Carlos is dealing with the death of his brother. His rage builds over getting justice as he sees the impact his brother’s death has on his own family and community. So Carlos takes it upon himself to punish the men responsible for killing his brother and famous masked crusader. However, what Carlos gets is a rude awakening. Many of the people in his life around him are EVOs. Not only that, but the men who killed his brother? EVO hunters. And now they are on his trail.

Meanwhile, Tommy is finally fitting in, getting invited to a party at the house of Emily’s boyfriend. Tommy’s mother, however, isn’t too keen on him hanging around with people. Well, more so with him feeling so comfortable with hanging around people. He does have powers after all. Tommy just wants to live his life though, you know? Be a “real” boy. So he ignores his mother’s wishes straight to her face through the use of his teleportation power and makes his way to the party. The night goes well for him (though not a jealous Emily) until his mom reappears. Tommy finds her with a gun to Mr. Penny for Your Thoughts throat, who has just explained he has big, important plans for Tommy. It gives her the creeps and she orders Tommy into the car. They appear to be leaving town, but something or someone wants them to stay.

Miko continues her own chase for her father, but lands herself in the hands of the EPIC creators. It is there she learns that her father was more important that she realized and that this group may have something to do with his capture. She offers them a few surprises as well, revealing that her father had a daughter — something none of them were expecting. What else weren’t they expecting? For Miko to be wielding Hiro Nakamura’s sword.

Elsewhere, Luke and Joanne deal with their marital issues as the former discovers he might not be so different from the people he hates.


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