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TV REVIEW: It’s Couples Night on Grey’s Anatomy “Crazy Love”

BY Lisa Casas

Published 9 years ago

TV REVIEW: It’s Couples Night on Grey’s Anatomy “Crazy Love”

It was sexy time on Grey’s tonight with a crazy little thing called love – a major theme weaving in and out of the various storylines. We saw new couples, old couples, in love couples, fighting couples, getting back together couples and breaking up couples, all staking claim to their own brand of crazy. “Crazy Love” was an episode showcasing what makes the medical drama so amazing, even after all these years. It can focus on sweet, lovey dovey moments with some sour “you can keep your dang love” scenes thrown in, all the while infusing humor throughout.

This one opens with a montage of Mer/Der hookups and we know we’re in for a night of sweet, sweet lovin’. Our favorite couple is back to normal, actually better than normal, going at it like they used to when they were young and kid free. The only difference? Now their sexy time plays out to the background music of a crying baby.

As they’re getting ready for the day, Amelia stumbles in wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Owen comes tumbling in right after, giving her the phone baton pass after she left it at his place.

Meredith is all wait, what? Derek quickly admits that he knew about the new couple before rushing off to DC to put in his resignation. Meredith’s wheels are turning; we know she’s getting into the mix of this one.


Maggie’s Got WAY too Much Thunder

Maggie pesters Karev all night asking if she’s hideous, has bad breath, what’s her problem? It turns out her date with Ethan, the radiologist, did not go well. The date was kissless ending in some lame handshake or knuckle bump. He didn’t call after, didn’t ask her out again, and is now actively “not seeing me.”

Whining at Kepner levels, Maggie tells Alex maybe her vagina will dry up and wither away. All her orgasms will be “self made and hand crafted.” I guess that’s not good unless you’re talking beer. Karev’s not happy with all this girl talk and walks away looking disgusted.

Maggie confronts Ethan asking why the cold shoulder. He says, “You never shut up. You don’t know a single thing about me. It wasn’t even a date, it was a monologue. It was a date with yourself. And then you paid.”

Wow, such a gem, Maggie.

Because Alex may actually be the most McDreamy of any male to walk the halls of Grey’s Anatomy, he tries to make Maggie feel better. He insists that she doesn’t talk too much (liar) and she’s funny as hell. “You’ve got that lispy thing….It’s cute and sexy. That smile, that hair. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not your problem, it’s his problem… Something’s wrong with the dude. Tell him to piss off.” Karev you are all kinds of awesome.

Maggie confronts Ethan one more time, claiming, “I brought the thunder.” She admits to becoming a loud chatterbox when she’s nervous. “I’m sorry,” she says before turning to leave. Ethan stops her, saying “Next time I’ll bring the thunder.” She’s giving him another chance? Not sure how I feel about that one. Karev’s idea of telling him to piss off sounded so much more appealing.


Going for the Jugular, or the Penis in this Case

The strange, crazy, funny (really) case of the night involves a little penile retribution. A fancy pants chef is brought in bleeding profusely from the crotch area with said area missing a pretty important member of the family. Yes, his penis has been cut off by his jealous wife.

The girlfriend is by his side, also attacked by the crazy wife but not missing any appendages. She has his little friend in a Chinese takeout container.

“Well, that’s a big one,” Bailey muses, slowly opening the container as we get a cool, penis point of view shot.

Later we see the husband doesn’t want to press charges claiming, “Marsha isn’t crazy, she won’t hurt me again.” We aren’t the only ones to witness the scene. Girlfriend came in just in time to see the two snuggling up like a married couple. Oh wait, they are married.

Penis guy lucked out and after surgery it looks like he’ll have a fully functioning organ to use. You know wife is happy to hear that. Girlfriend, not so much. It’s a case of copycat penis cutting when scorned girl decides to remove the freshly attached organ. Luckily (or not), Stephanie talks the woman into handing it over. Man, that thing has been through a lot! So now they have to go through the whole thing again? Weiner struggles.


(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)


There’s a Curve in the Road

The other case of the night is a teen golf prodigy brought in for back pain caused by a curve in the spine. This case is really an excuse to cause some Amelia Owen problems. You read that correctly. Seemingly before they’ve even begun, Grey’s newest couple is on the rocks. Here’s how it went down.

Amelia and Callie argue about the best procedure for the girl golfer with Amelia winning out when Owen takes her side. He is not a stupid man, apparently enjoying all the sexy time with his new girl.

The surgery does not go well. At one point the doctors think the girl may end up paralyzed. Callie comes in for the save; the golfer will walk again but golfing is definitely out.

Amelia’s guilt-ridden saying they shouldn’t have gone her way. They should have followed Callie’s plan because it may have left the golfer able to play the sport she loves so much. Amelia abruptly breaks up with Owen claiming that if they kept their professional lives professional, that girl would be in better shape.

It seemed a little out in left field that she would react so suddenly and kick her new guy to the curb, especially after all the awkward cuteness they’ve displayed in recent weeks. But you do know Grey’s … you’re happy and in love one minute, broken up and sobbing on the bathroom floor the next. I suspect we haven’t seen the last of this couple. The proof comes near the end of the episode when Owen asks what the heck just happened. He’s not going down without a fight. Let’s hope he can get through that tough Amelia exterior that was sans her Superhero pose tonight.


Grey’s Giving with One Hand, Taking Away with the Other

So the writers took away Amelia and Owen (temporarily), so now they must give us something in return.

Katherine Avery shows up to re-attach the penis because it turns out she’s an expert on penile attachment. Is there really that great a demand for that kind of work?

Webber is not happy she’s even there at all. April called her behind his back because she knew about the whole penile expert title. He acts like a rejected teen throughout, thinking more about his hurt feelings than the patient missing a penis.

Near the end of this one, Richard finally tells Katherine the only thing he can guarantee is that they’ll probably end up hurting each other again. “But I love you,” he adds, kissing her passionately. Yesss! Who does not like old people love?



(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

Where in the World Is Derek Sandiego Shepherd?

Amelia, fresh from her break up, tells Meredith what’s up. “What I do and who I see are quite honestly none of your business… you don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve overcome… you’ve never lost the love of your life… I need you to cut me some slack and back the hell up.”

You have to love the way she tells Mer to quit being Mer, quit being so involved, and just leave her alone. Fat chance!

Final scene and we see Meredith answering the phone … it’s the White House looking for Derek; he never showed up for his meeting. Oh heck. There hasn’t been a plane crash, right? Okay, just checking.

So, where is Mer’s not really better half? Is there a chance he’s off with hot DC doc Renee? No way! You saw how happy he was with Meredith at the opening of this episode. Has there been some tragedy? More than likely. It will be interesting to see where the writers go with this one. Happy couples do not survive them. Fact.

We’ll see you back here next week for some more medical drama fun, hopefully for a little Jolex, and to help plaster Derek’s face on every milk carton in the DC area.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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