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TV REVIEW: Once Upon a Time’s “Enter the Dragon”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: Once Upon a Time's

By Meredith Loftus

Last night’s Enter the Dragon gave the audience more of Maleficent’s backstory and revealed just how far a person will go to get their happy ending. Additionally, the deception and secrets from this installment will surely fuel the upcoming episodes as the search for the Author intensifies.


Maleficent’s Cheerleader

Regina has just begun her training with Rumple. She is eager to get her revenge on young Snow White after reading Maleficent’s spell book, but Rumple tells her it is all about timing. Not believing him, Rumple transports Regina to Maleficent’s territory so she can see for herself. Regina finds Maleficent defeated and doped up on her own concoction of a sleeping curse and sea water; she has been in this state since Briar Rose was awakened by Stefan with true love’s kiss. Regina tries to lift Maleficent’s spirits but she sends her away.

On the way home, Regina learns that Stefan and Briar Rose’s daughter, Aurora, is about to wed to Prince Phillip. Regina returns to Maleficent to try to encourage her again to take action but that gumption and fire is gone. After being captured by King Stefan, Regina fights back against his troops, which is enough encouragement to bring back Maleficent’s fire (literally) as she transforms into a dragon and sends Stefan’s men retreating. Regina and Maleficent later appear to Aurora as she’s preparing for her nuptials. Maleficent places Aurora under a sleeping curse and thanks Regina for inspiring her to be the villain she is. In turn, Regina gets the inspiration for her revenge on Snow; all that remains is the opportune moment.




The Bad Girls Club

Regina commits to going undercover as she tries to gain the trust of the Queens of Darkness. Although losing in a game of “Don’t Be a Hero,” Regina starts to win them over when she challenges the Queens of Darkness to a real night of mayhem aka cleaning Granny’s out of alcohol and setting a police car on fire. The Queens of Darkness aren’t really buying Regina’s story of being the bad girl she claims to still be, but that doesn’t stop them from using her in their own plans to find the Author. Maleficent informs Regina about their plan to find the Author and a mysterious advantage to help them find him. She recruits her for task that will procure a new clue.

When Regina updates the Charming family and Hook, Emma is worried for Regina and insists on being her back up, an offer that Regina reluctantly accepts. Maleficent and Regina drive the Panther to Marco’s shop where Maleficent tasks Regina with kidnapping Pinnochio. After turning over a new leaf with Marco in the previous episode, it was hard to see Regina knock out Marco and Pinocchio and take the boy. Emma tries to intervene and help Regina like a good friend. This is a great scene showcasing the friendship that has developed between the two over the course of the show as they try to look out for each other. Even though Regina assures Emma that she can handle it, she manages to lead Emma off her trail as she continues to try to gain the trust of the Queens of Darkness.



(ABC/Jack Rowand)



Will and Belle are about to enjoy an evening together when Hook crashes the date and asks for Belle’s help. Hook updates Belle on the the Queens of Darkness’ plans. Both of them fear that in order to find the Author they might try to use Rumple and his dagger. In order to prevent this from happening, Hook suggests that Belle let him hide the dagger in a new location since pirates are known for hiding valuable treasure. Belle takes Hook to the dagger’s hiding spot but is reluctant to give it to him. She fears that Rumple might already be in Storybrooke. Hook insists that she summon him; when she summons the Dark One to come to her, we see that Rumple has been disguised as Hook since initially interrupting her date earlier that evening. Belle unknowingly gives Rumple back the dagger! After “hiding” the dagger, Rumple, still disguised as Hook, returns to the pawn shop and makes Belle take a “pirate’s oath” where they will never speak of hiding the dagger to each other. If Rumple thinks more lies are going to win over Belle, he is in for a rude awakening.

Despite the continued lies, Rumple is still in love with Belle. While disguised, he asks about her new relationship with Will and it’s apparent how he is affected by it. Belle misses Rumple but she’s allowing herself a second chance to be happy in a new relationship that doesn’t involve deception. Belle asks “Hook” why he doesn’t like Will and he tells her that he stole something from him. Cue the tissues!



(ABC/Jack Rowand)


Guess Who’s Back

Having earned Maleficent’s trust, Regina is taken back to Rumple’s cabin. Rumple finally reveals himself to Regina. Regina is shocked to see her former teacher again, but she has her own mission as a hero undercover. With Pinocchio in their possession, they are one step closer to finding the Author. Using the power of the dagger, Rumple is able to transform the young boy Pinocchio back into the adult August. It’s good to see him again, but he is in for a torturous interrogation.


Worth Mentioning

  • There was speculation that Rumple turned Will into the rose that was seen in the pawn shop, paralleling to what he did to Gaston back in the Enchanted Forest. Breathe easy: Will is safe, for now!
  • Did anyone else feel like this episode was basically Mean Girls: Storybrooke Edition?
  • Henry got one scene in this episode. I’m sorry but he is the catalyst for the entire plot of the show. He needs more screen time, especially with all of his work on Operation Mongoose. Granted, it was great to see him with Belle, his step-grandmother. Their love of books and research could create a new bond between them.
  • In the scene between Emma and Regina in Marco’s shop, Emma confides in Regina that her lie detector superpower has been going crazy recently. If Emma is feeling this way now, she is going to be devastated to find out that everyone is in fact lying to her.
  • The acting caliber of Colin O’Donoghue as he portrayed Rumple was just fantastic! He is able to create a great distinction between Hook and Rumple as Hook. Seriously someone give him an Emmy already!
  • It was nice to see that Regina met Maleficent while she was still young and just beginning her turn to darkness. Her motives for helping Maleficent weren’t completely noble but her optimism was. Plus, it was great to see Regina fangirling over Maleficent!
  • In the promo for next week’s Poor Unfortunate Soul, we see Ursula throwing Hook off The Jolly Roger. They are in Storybrooke when this happens, so how does The Jolly Roger end up back in Storybrooke when the last time we saw it was in Arendelle with Blackbeard?

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