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TV REVIEW: Revenge Goes Full Throttle in “Abduction”

BY Lisa Casas

Published 8 years ago

TV REVIEW: Revenge Goes Full Throttle in “Abduction”

“Abduction” was a roller coaster ride of torture, deception, karate kicking fun tonight creating the most exciting episode of Revenge this season. (I don’t think I took a breath until after the promo for next week rolled.) It had the look of a Michael Bay action flick, instead of a Sunday night soap about a bunch of richies in the Hamptons. It was a different look and feel for the show and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that.


Vicky and Emily Sittin’ in a Cage

“Abduction” opens with Emily and Victoria locked up by the evil Malcolm Black, both looking as beautiful as ever, not a hair out of place. Black strolls in speaking with a heavy accent to show he’s a heavy. He says he doesn’t want their money, he needs a message sent to David Clarke.

They don’t exactly team up to escape. Emily wants to get the heck out, but Victoria decides to wax philosophical, “Who would’ve thought that after all was said and done that you and I would die together.”

Victoria’s next slimy move is to put Malcolm on the trail of Jack, saying if anyone has any information, it’s him.

Emily tries to karate kick her way out, but the bad guys bring her down. Revenge does not shy away from the women taking a beating tonight. It is hard to watch but brings a bit of, shall I say it, realism to the action.

David gives the big old “told you so” to Jack. Malcolm’s out of jail and the flash drive is gone. Oh Jack, your by-the-book ways are just not going to take down this villain. David says he has to warn Amanda. He gets to her place calling out for Emily. Make a decision dude. Are you calling baby girl Amanda or Emily?


Hardy Boys 2.0

Ben plays a much bigger role in this one. Is he the new Revenge beefcake? Sorry, bud, but you’ll never fill Aiden’s towel. On a positive note, we don’t hate you quite as much by episode’s end. On an even more positive note, it looks like Emily doesn’t hate you at all, hinting at a date in the future.

Jack and Ben team up throughout “Abduction,” working together to find Emily and track down Black. When they start hypothesizing about possible scenarios, David joins the fun, and the three fight like an old married couple.

Jack returns home and it seems Malcolm is following Victoria’s suggestion. A goon is waiting to attack, but Jack is ready. A huge fight ensues with furniture being smashed, kicks flying and fists punching a la Jason Bourne. Jack must have had private lessons from Emily because he wins!

Ben notices something on the Jack attacker’s shoes and goes in for a quick sniff. No joke. He says it’s coal. They figure out the exact location of our lovely ladies. Seems Victoria’s sell out was a fake out with the ladies teaming up against Black in a bid for freedom.



(ABC/Danny Feld)


Margaux Is the New Victoria

Margaux is hell bent on revenge against Emily, plotting throughout “Abduction” to see the woman she blames for tarnishing Daniel’s reputation pay for her crimes. She seems to have lost any shred of humanity she once had. Margaux even turns to a mystery man who worked with her father on “delicate” matters. She needs evidence against Emily. He’s ready to help saying, “I get quick results.”

Margaux is a woman on a mission, but we can’t help but think that Emily has defeated far worse than her. Is anyone really fearful of the wrath of Frenchie? Nah, but it will be fun to see her try to exact revenge on the woman who practically invented the word.


Louise’s Mama Lives (in more than crazy redhead’s imagination)

In the “what the heck” moment of the episode, Louise’s Mama shows up to threaten baby girl. I thought she was dead! Nope. When Nolan talks to her we realize she does exist in the flesh.

Mama Ellis has come to tell Louise those pills were helping her, plus she really needs Louise’s money. She’s the conservator for daughter’s inheritance and threatens to cut her off if she doesn’t play nice

“Don’t fight me on this Louise. You’ll come out on the losing end on this. Like always.”

No warm and fuzzies from Mama Ellis.

Nolan is by Louise’s side vowing to help his Red fight her mom, When Mama wants to meet up with Lolan later, he says they have plans. “A deep tissue massage and seaweed facial awaits.”

We even get a Lolan cooking scene tonight! Nolan dons an apron, looking as cute as ever. Louise is serving as sous chef and tells sweet stories about her great dad and evil Mommy Dearest. “Without my bank account, I don’t know how to live.” We feel you, Louise. Nolan is going to get her out of her conundrum, you can just see the wheels turning.

Mama Ellis is summoned to meet Lolan in the bar. Guess who just got married? Lolan made it official making Nolan Louise’s conservator. So now he’s controlling her money. Nolan, we knew you could do it!

“Do you really think you’ve won? It was a clever attempt dear… but the real truth will come out,” Mama Ellis threatens. She says Louise KILLED her father. Oh, Red, say it ain’t so!



(ABC/Peter “Hopper” Stone)


Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting

The claws come out in the form of words back at the cage. Emily reveals to Victoria that David has been plotting her death from the very beginning. Queen V looks upset and betrayed, sort of. I think I saw an eyebrow lift.

Later, Black and Clarke meet face to face for the exchange of women. Malcolm is not fooled and shoots Clarke in the leg saying, “I’m gonna need to see you suffer first” before killing him. Black realizes his daughter is dead.

David is taken to the lair where Malcolm’s been holding Emily and Victoria, Now, the real torture begins… Malcolm stabs David in his bullet wound, really digging around. There were so many gross out moments in this one, helping to create one of the most graphic episodes of Revenge this season.

Of course there happens to be an incinerator where Black says he’s sending the ladies into in pieces. He cuts Emily’s arm, deciding she’ll be the first one to die for the death of his daughter.

“I shot that bitch in cold blood.” Victoria calls out.. “I loved it.”

So is she falling on the sword in a last bid for redemption? Despire appearances, it’s hard to believe. But despite appearances it seems to be true.

The big karate chop off begins with everybody kicking and punching, giving us an action packed sequence that must have taken days to film. Malcolm eventually knocks Emily out, dragging her to the incinerator. David shoots him in the back several times before he falls into the flames, leaving Emily safe and in one piece.



ABC/Peter “Hopper” Stone)


Heart to Heart Time

“Guess her guilt is finally catching up to her,” Emily says to Jack. You really think that Ems? Jack, ever the Boy Scout, decides he’ll tell the truth to clear up this whole mess. He also tells Emily that Ben’s not such a bad guy. He really came through tonight.

David and Victoria have a heart to heart, with Clarke Snr. impressed with Victoria taking the dead Kate blame. “I thought I’d sacrifice myself to buy you and Emily more time,” she says.

She adds, “You and Emily deserve a life together and I need to mourn my son… we need to go our separate ways David. Goodbye.” What? Victoria doesn’t want her happily ever after with David? Hard to believe she’s given up on him especially considering how much it would drive Emily crazy.

Ben and Emily also have a little talk. She thanks him for all of his help, but also wonders why he’s helping them. He says that learning her Amanda secret has been a relief, “I thought the reason you were acting so weird around me was because of me.” So it’s not me, it’s YOU. Good logic Ben.

He also confesses about his stint in deep cover when he had to lie to those he cared about. So see, they’re really the same. He wants to begin anew tomorrow and Emily’s good with that. Is this a new couple on the Revenge horizon? Strangely enough, I didn’t despise Ben as much as usual tonight. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

In the final scene of the night, Victoria has a heart to heart with Margaux who talks full on Emily destruction.

“Revenge is a dangerous game,” Victoria warns. Oh, the irony, Revenge writers. She adds, “The only thing important to me now is my grandchild.”

Margaux isn’t listening to any advice. She says cryptically, “It will be me who destroys her.”

“Abduction” set the scene for the rest of the season, killing off one villain while building up another. Malcolm Black is dead, but Margaux is rising up from tragedy with venom running through her veins. A Margaux/Emily showdown should be fun with Victoria watching from the sidelines. Who believes she’ll stay out of it? The budding Ben romance will be interesting to see, but it’s hard to know if it will take root. We all know Jack is end game, but Ems needs a little love in the meantime. Will David and Emily finally have some quality father/daughter time now? You know, bonding over things like how to kill a guy with one throat punch. And Lolan got married! I cannot wait to see Nolan as a married man. Let’s just hope he doesn’t meet the same fate as Louise’s daddy.

So what did you think of “Abduction?” Did Revenge go too far with the torture scenes? Did you enjoy the thrill a minute format of this one? We’ll see you back here next week for more.

Revenge airs Sundays on ABC at 10 p.m.



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