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TV REVIEW: The Originals “Fire with Fire”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

TV REVIEW: The Originals

By Erin Resnick

This weekend I attended a wedding with my entire family. It was sweet, beautiful, and ended with six of my cousins daggered in a box and one of my uncles pledging his undying love for a mystical unicorn. Just kidding, it ended in four pieces of cake and seven shots of whiskey all ingested by yours truly. But everyone’s family is different and everyone handles their crazy aunt with a thousand years of magic power in their own ways. This week’s episode of The Originals, entitled “Fire With Fire,” was full of manipulation, witch games, and yet another devastating death.

Vincent was helping Rebekah to unlink herself from Davina and all the other teenage witches as Dahlia’s storm crept upon New Orleans. At the same time, Klaus was munching down on drunken partiers and it didn’t take long for Elijah and Rebekah to realize Klaus had been undaggered.

Out in the bayou, the wolves were getting adequately drenched from the storm and Hayley denounced herself as the packs leader, but Jackson and the rest made it clear she would always be their queen.

Rebekah pleaded with Cami to help persuade Klaus from his revenge plans and revealed to her that Klaus had feelings for the human. Gia arrived at the compound to help Eljiah and the others and Elijah tried to force her to leave, as he didn’t want her to get hurt, sealing his feelings with a kiss.

Klaus had tied Marcel up and knocked Gia out to compel them to do his bidding. With her newly formed witch skills, Rebekah had been tasked with luring Dahlia to the compound. Freya, albeit still angry that she had been made the bait, was ready to perform the necessary spell to takedown Dahlia. Dahlia arrived, believing the doll Freya held to be Hope, and Freya tried to make a deal to secure her safety in exchange for the infant.

Davina was ready to accept the position as Regent, but needed acceptance from the rest of the Louisiana witches. Vincent was sure she was the girl for the job, but the rest were wary; just because she was young didn’t mean she wasn’t ready. “The question is, what the hell would you do without me?” she spat at the leaders of the covens. Davina’s trials and tribulations meant she was strong enough and ready to take on the position.

The spell was playing out just as planned but Marcel showed up, now compelled by Klaus, to stop Rebekah. The end of the spell meant the golem crumbled, showing Dahlia the deception. She quickly sent Freya back to sleep while Klaus forced Elijah to watch a compelled Gia kill herself by taking off her daylight ring. Furious, Elijah tried to stop Klaus, but he plunged Papa Tunde’s knife into him. Cami arrived to stop Klaus, but the trust she had built for the hybrid didn’t match up to his fury as he bit Cami, rendering her unconscious.

Klaus compelled Marcel to keep an eye on Rebekah. If she ran he would be forced to kill her. Rebekah was sure that if she ran and Marcel killed her then she would wake up in her original body. Marcel was adamant she stay put and not try anything, but she did the deed herself, stabbing herself in the neck. Jackson and Hayley were still trying to get out of the bayou when Klaus appeared for Hayley and Hope. Klaus and Jackson tussled and Hayley rushed in to try to help when Dahlia arrived by Klaus’ side, cursing all the wolves back into their wolf form as per the original spell placed upon them.

While Davina officially became Regent of the witches, Klaus finally found Hope. Cami awoke and pulled the knife out of Elijah, revealing that Klaus had spoken to her in her head. The whole ordeal had been a ruse for Dahlia to trust Klaus, to finally take her down and keep Hope safe. The only thing Klaus now needed was Dahlia to undo her sleeping spell (he didn’t need Hope linked to such spells) and the blood of the witch Dahlia loved most, which mysteriously was not Freya.


Things we need to discuss:

– How did Rebekah killing herself equal her waking up in her original body? Either way, I’m sad to see Maisie Richardson-Sellers go but excited to see Claire Holt once again.

– Poor Gia. Her death was only a matter of time; she and Elijah’s chemistry was undeniable and too short-lived.

– Does anyone still remember that Finn is locked in Freya’s magical necklace?

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