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TV REVIEW: The Originals “Night Has a Thousand Eyes”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: The Originals

By Erin Resnick

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I’m telling you why! Aunt Dahlia is coming to town! That’s right, the big bad Viking witch of everyone’s nightmare officially made her grand appearance in New Orleans on Monday’s episode of The Originals, entitled “Night Has a Thousand Eyes.”

Although Freya had heavily foreshadowed Dahlia’s taste for destruction, nothing prepared the Mikaelson clan for the chaos their dear aunt would cause. Dahlia’s arrival, and subsequent desire to kidnap Hope, led Klaus to a place he never thought he would live to see – teaming up with the one man that shaped all of Klaus’ anger and desire for destruction, Mikael. Klaus had sworn to take down his father no matter what stood in his way, but the love and need to protect his infant daughter greatly outweighed his need for revenge, a fact pointed out by another person Klaus had tried to avoid, Davina.

Though Klaus and Mikael’s team up proved to be more epic than annoying, Dahlia’s power and ability to channel Freya’s gifts put the Mikaelson men on the loosing side of the battle. In his journey set by Freya, Mikael had been tasked with retrieving items that would weaken Dahlia. These items were harnessed into a knife by Davina, which would have taken down the all-powerful witch. Unfortunately, Dahlia anticipated every move and outsmarted the gang, taking the knife and destroying it, leaving her victorious.

Frustrated and ready to do whatever it took to protect his daughter, Klaus was confident he could once again retrieve the items Mikael had struggled to obtain, including the ashes of a Viking foe. Their shared desire for Dahlia’s blood didn’t stop Klaus as he once again committed patricide for the third time, ending Mikael’s life with the White Oak Stake (again).

As much as Klaus claims to not trust Freya and vice versa given recent events, the two siblings have proved even to be more similar than they would care to admit. Freya’s act of matricide and Klaus’ deed were both calculated and highly motivated; their behavior committed out of need, for the love their parents they never bestowed upon them as children. These are two broken adults that have constantly been underestimated, but are true leaders possessing abilities that can change the game. Freya and Klaus’ similarities will drive them further apart to an ultimate breaking point. With the death of both their parents, will they be able to find the resources to take down Dahlia? While Esther possessed the magical knowledge, even deeper than Freya’s, Mikael held a tenacity that would have proven useful to the cause.

Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

Not only did Dahlia leave the Mikaelson’s and their allies down and beaten, but her ultimate act, taking place during the very last moment of the episode, was a statement to the entire witch community of Louisiana. Dahlia proved her power by murdering Josephine, a treacherous act sure to send consequences not only through the witch community, but also through all the supernatural factions of New Orleans. Josephine’s death will ultimately put the witches as odds with Klaus and the wolves as they were adamant about not wanting any part in his war. Josephine’s absence will also give Dahlia the ammunition to channel the rest of the Louisiana witches and overtake their kind, scaring them into a form of submission.

Aside from the wars and Mikaelson family drama hour, is one of The Originals strongest story lines, Josh and Aiden. A gay, interspecies couple that have found themselves on opposite ends of the situation, still stand strong even in the midst of bloodshed. Claiming Aiden to be his pack, claiming he would die for him, Josh cemented just how strong their relationship has become. Not only do they represent a bond and alliance on the show, they are a true piece of the show’s heart. Although The Vampire Diaries has depicted countless acts of love and making the ultimate sacrifice, The Originals has been able to shy away from centering only on these moments. Most episodes of the show do not hinge on the romantic fate of a couple (unless, of course, you’re uniting your hybrid abilities with an entire pack of werewolves) and has continued to surprise us, standing as a more mature sister to TVD.

And what about baby Hope? Her powers showcased briefly when she saved Cami from an explosion will most likely be brought to the forefront shortly. Could her powers be the key to stopping Dahlia? A child unlike any other, with Klaus and Hayley as her parents, isn’t just cooing and playing with stuffed animals for nothing. If anything, she will be able to protect her family from danger, uniting them in their unconditional love.

Entering into their final four episodes, I predict The Originals will continue to grow even stronger as a show. With Klaus promising Davina Kol’s original ashes (of the Nathaniel Buzolic variety) paired with Rebekah’s promise not to body jump until she is successful in reuniting her brother with life, The Originals may end its season in a reunion of old and beloved faces. If these events come to fruition, this will leave the Mikaelson siblings to venture into a life without the evil deeds of their parents standing in their way (assuming Esther didn’t body jump before turning into a pile of dead birds). Before the moment, though, we’re going to find ourselves on a Mikaelson ride of emotion as Freya and Dahlia pit the siblings against each other. But even in the darkest times, the Mikaelson siblings have promised “always and forever,” which, since Season Two of The Vampire Diaries, has continually proven to be a promise of truth.

In other words, I love the sadistic, over-the-top show that is The Originals. And as long as Elijah’s hair stays perfectly coiffed and he continues to adorn himself in the best-tailored suits around, I will be tuning in.

Things we need to discuss:

– Mikael’s death was a tragic loss. Stating that he was a villain and only served to bring down Klaus, has been proven otherwise by several seasons of events. Klaus forced Mikael’s hand in the final moments before his death, insisting he tell him why he was such a terrible father. Mikael had no concrete answer; he never knew why he treated Klaus so poorly, even before the events that drove their family apart. It was always my belief that Mikael did love his other children (as showcased by his love for Freya) and that he did want a relationship with them, especially Elijah and Rebekah, but was never successful because of their love for Klaus. The potential to see these emotions have vanished with his death. We will never fully understand Mikael’s psyche, which is a shame for the show and Sebastian Roché’s excellent portrayal of Mikael.

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