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TV REVIEW: The Originals Season Finale “Ashes to Ashes” Closes the Book on an Epic Chapter

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

TV REVIEW: The Originals Season Finale

By Erin Resnick

Finales are underway in the TV world. It’s time to say goodbye to our favorite characters and shows for a few months, get outdoors, and be productive. Or turn on Netflix and binge watch every episode from the beginning (who needs nature and fresh air?). This week’s season finale of The Originals, entitled “Ashes to Ashes,” closed the book on an epic chapter in the life of the Mikaelson siblings as they battled their dear aunt Dahlia.

Klaus was chilling with Hope and Dahlia still, ready to link himself to his new favorite aunt. Over at the compound, Cami was spilling the details to Elijah, including the information that they had acquired the wrong ingredients to kill Dahlia. With Klaus linked to Dahlia he could dagger himself, rendering Dahlia desiccated right alongside him, and the others could search for the right items needed.

The Claire Holt version of Rebekah finally awoke and rushed to tell Elijah about Hayley and Hope’s whereabouts. Freya had been taking care of Hope, and Elijah filled her in on their plans, including the fact that Esther’s original body had to be revived in order to secure the blood of the witch Dahlia loved most. Their plans had to be expedited as the dagger in Klaus’ heart was melting.

Davina was ready to revive Kol with some Earth magic, but Vincent wasn’t so sure her plan was safe. Elijah decided they should take a page out of Klaus’ playbook and deceive Davina in her attempts to revive a life. Rebekah’s devastation spanned not only to her sadness over breaking her promise to Kol but her reintroduction into life as a vampire. While Rebekah diverted Davina, the ashes were switched, and the witch was convinced she was bringing Kol back as she completed the spell. Except instead of Kol, it was Esther who arose.

Freya had found the White Oak stake and was ready to kill Klaus to end Dahlia. Her conflicted state over Marcel and the rest of Klaus’ sire line only lasted a second. Luckily, the dagger melted and Klaus regained consciousness in time to grab hold of Freya and stop her from making any fatal moves. Dahlia quickly unlinked herself from Klaus and took off.

Another unhappy customer in the Mikaelson department, Davina, was getting ready to wage war on the family. With the power of nine covens on her side now there was nothing stopping her from defeating them.

While Elijah taunted his mother’s next death, Rebekah and Klaus showed up to have an epic family face-off. Elijah was bitter over Gia’s demise and the curse on Hayley and the other wolves, but Klaus attributed it all to collateral damage; Gia’s death not even phasing him in the grand scheme of things.

Vincent and Cami continued to explore their explosive chemistry while talking about how crappy life was among all the supernaturals. Cami revealed that the reason she stuck around so long was because of her feelings for Klaus.

“I believe my brother is calling you a hypocritical bitch.” Rebekah spat as they ascended upon Dahlia, Esther in tow. For once, the elder witch was speechless at the sight of her sister. Dahlia stayed one step ahead of them, though, as she destroyed the White Oak stake, sending it snowing through the air, its deadly ashes waiting to be inhaled by the vampire contingent of the family.

In a surprising move, Esther stood up for her children as Dahlia prepared to end all their lives for good and embraced her sister. Klaus took the necessary blade and impaled both Esther and Dahlia, bonding them together forever. The two witches returned to their younger selves in death while their bodies turned to ash in front of Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Freya.


With their family finally orphaned, Klaus was sure all he needed was Rebekah and Freya to help raise Hope, but Rebekah had other ideas. In a moving act of sisterly love, Freya healed Rebekah’s witch body so she could finally lead the life she always wanted. She decided to re-inhabit her witch vessel in hopes that it would help her find another way to bring back Kol. She stashed away her OG version in an SUV and shared a goodbye kiss with Marcel as she began her journey for answers.


Cami and Klaus shared a moment that screamed for a make out session, but was just short of the lips touching. Out in the bayou, Elijah met Hayley in the woods during the full moon. She made Elijah promise to be there for Hope while she couldn’t be and as Klaus told Hope a bedtime story about being a lone wolf, Elijah returned home to share a drink with his little brother.


Things we need to discuss:


– All that build up to Kol’s resurrection and we get Esther instead? I suppose it was a way for them to be permanently rid of their murderous parents, but I much would have preferred a resurrected Kol.

– Now that Freya is sticking around, who will be her love interest?

– Vincent’s chemistry with everyone is undeniable. I really hope they find a compelling way to utilize his character next season (preferably with Cami).

– How will we cope until October without Elijah on our screen?

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