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TV REVIEW: Chicago PD Spotlights Ruzek in “Say Her Real Name”

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: Chicago PD Spotlights Ruzek in “Say Her Real Name”

Chicago PD was back last night with an exciting episode that didn’t waste any time in jumping into its case of the night. The gritty cop drama is at its best when we get to delve into the lives of the detectives we’ve grown to love, when we see their hearts on full display, and when we get to witness a few classic Voightisms (maybe with a slap) that can send mere mortals away in shame. “Say Her Real Name” was a strong offering with a Ruzek focus, one that showed us that the sometimes goofball is a pretty (literally and figuratively) good cop who can be a badass one minute and a softie the next.

Ruzek’s Rage

Ruzek’s undercover with a group of environmental extremists who decide to join other groups in protesting a World Center conference taking place. They seem harmless enough; their only threat is depleting Chicago’s marijuana supply. That is until one member ends up dead. She’s a pretty young thing who enjoyed a little flirty time with Adam and now she’s been thrown out of a 20-story window.

“Say Her Real Name” shows Ruzek’s rage as he takes it upon himself to find his new friend’s killer. He’s got a simmering kind of rage, not that Herrmann (what’s the deal with the sudden extra R?) full blown explosion we saw on ChiFi. Patrick Flueger gives a strong performance and shows he’s got the acting skills to have that spotlight shining on him throughout the episode. He goes beyond his usual cute, cuddly, and slightly inept routine to show us a cop who cared perhaps a little too much and will stop at nothing to serve some justice in the killing. Damned be probably cause and actual evidence!

That’s our journey this week, the case of a straight A college student, Felicia, who ends up dead and IU’s trek to find the killer.

1, 2, 3 Suspects

It turns out an Argentine ambassador, Fabian Sosa, is in town for the conference, but found time to get himself involved in the whole dead Felicia mess. It was his window the girl flew out of. Diplomatic immunity is the safe word of the night, with Ruzek getting shut down at every turn. The team hauls the Argentinian in with Voight laying his trademark slap on the gun of one of the diplomat’s bodyguards.

Sosa is not amused, saying he’s putting in a formal complaint. Voight is not amused.

“Oh we ain’t goin’ to no station, honey. C’mon,” Voight hilariously retorts.

The interrogation shows a nervous older man with something to hide, asking about his phone. Hmm, think there’s some evidence on that phone? Of course! New techie Mouse discovers a video of Felicia half naked, the same Felicia that Sosa said he didn’t know. We all know this can’t possibly be the murderer. Too soon, much too soon. And soon enough it’s revealed that Sosa’s being blackmailed (thanks again, Mouse) by the leader of the environmentalist group who goes by the moniker Mad Max.

Ruzek smells some Mel Gibson blood (Google that) and tracks down the ponytailed leader who claims he too is innocent. He said he never put Felicia up to the sexy time with Sosa and it’s discovered (thanks yet again, Mouse) that another protester who likes to be called the Pope is responsible.

Intelligence drags in the bad guy and pretty quickly establishes this is their man. Ruzek’s rage reaches near Herrmann level as he discovers Pope is just a greedy guy who did it all for money with no higher tree hugging purpose.

Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)


Burzek in Full Swing but Linstead still on Ice (It’s melting though)

Burgess is a little jealous of her guy’s relationship with the dead girl in the beginning of this one. Roman is the voice of reason, offering up some sage advice while chomping down on a sandwich. “Someone he knew died. He’s pissed off. Let him run with it.”

Burzek was on by episode’s end with Kim and Adam kissing passionately. Burgess is over her jealousy and pushes Adam to go to Felicia’s memorial service. He ends up attending (alone), looking sexy sad. Where are ya Kim? Ruzek needs a hug or something.

Don’t kill me, but it’s truth telling time. Soffer is better with more action, less words. He was a little stiff (but still beautiful) tonight, every line seeming more memorized and recited than real. The one Linstead moment fans have been pushing for came when Erin met Jay’s appearing-out-of-the-blue brother and said they “should all hang out” before he leaves town. Lindsay muses that she actually met someone from his family with Jay admitting he didn’t think she’d care. Erin says she still cares even if they’re not dating. Oh, those eyes say she more than cares. So, what does your Magic 8 ball say as to how long it will take to get these two back together? My guess is they’ll go the predictable route, one of the pair will get hurt (a la Rookie Blue or scores of other shows that have come before), and the other will admit his/her true feelings.

“Say Her Real Name” was another strong Chicago PD installment giving us some insight into Adam Ruzek. We’ve got to say, we like this kid. His heart, his passion, his simmering rage… it all makes for an interesting character who can carry an episode.

Next week looks like the focus will be on Hank Voight, more specifically Voight accused. Who knows what he’s done now or if the pile of skeletons in his closet are demanding to come out. It also looks like Erin’s on Team Voight while Halstead may be more into truth seeking. The dynamics of that should be interesting to watch. Will Erin choose love or loyalty? So who’s all in for some serious Voight trouble and perhaps a big Halstead/Hank showdown? Now that’s going to be a can’t miss episode.

Random Notes

Jay’s hotshot doctor brother shows up with a secret. I’m not spending too much time on that plot point because I feel like we’ve had Chicago Med shoved down our throats enough in Chicago Fire. He unexpectedly comes to town from New York; he’s the bad sheep of the family; he ends up with a bloodied face by episode’s end. Got it.

Platt is always a highlight and tonight was no exception. She calls Halstead Chuckles with Jay saying he prefers “Officer Chuckles.” Later she gets some free medical treatment from Jay’s brother. She’s concerned about a dark spot on her neck. Will says it won’t kill her; it’s just a hickey! What? Mouch, you little devil. Well, I think it’s Mouch. If not, Trudy, you little devil!

Did anyone else think the scene with the protesters picketing, holding signs, and chanting looked like it was straight out of The Following? Where was Joe? Now that’s a crossover I’d love to see.

Antonio didn’t have much to do in this one except look mighty fine in a suit. We’ll take it.

Olivia Benson (think SVU) sent Voight a bottle of the good stuff and a card (that we don’t get to read!). Hmmm, should be interesting to see their dynamics with the big three way crossover event coming soon.

Olinsky is accused of smelling like marijuana and doing a “tokey toke.” Can Alvin just get a spin-off?

Chicago PD airs Wednesdays on NBC at 10 p.m.

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