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ONCE UPON A TIME: Zelena’s Green Heart Grows in “Our Decay”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

ONCE UPON A TIME: Zelena’s Green Heart Grows in “Our Decay”

By Meredith Loftus

“Our Decay” explores the beginnings of a relationship between the Wicked Witch of the West and the Lord of the Underworld as well as their characters’ personal development since that initial meeting.

Zelena fights to reunite with her daughter and learns the weight of what it means to be a good mother. Belle meanwhile joins the fun in the Underworld and gets the good news that she is pregnant.

Henry begins to get in the groove of being the Author and how his powers work in the Underworld. Also, realms are jumped as characters enter the Underworld and messages are sent out.

With more insight into Hades and new plans in motion, will our Storybrooke heroes successfully find their way back home by the end of season?

 Maybe Not So Wicked

Zelena Mills was just an innocent girl abandoned by her selfish mother, who didn’t even know her birthday. She only believed that she was unloved and incapable of loving another. Vengeance fueled Zelena’s fire and it seemed no one could break through that wicked heart. This show was founded on the bond between a mother and her child; it seems only fitting therefore that the same type of relationship would transform the Wicked Witch of the West.

When Baby Hood was born in the first part of the season, she was the only thing Zelena could claim to be hers. It was also the one thing Regina couldn’t have — a child of her own, and Zelena made sure to rub that fact in her half-sister’s face.

However in this episode, Zelena’s interests shift from self-centered to those of the needs of her daughter. Once she realizes that she is in the Underworld with her child, her number one priority is to keep her daughter safe and away from Hades. In vain, she tries to accomplish this alone. Later when Zelena accidentally hurts Baby Hood with her magic, she begins to recognize that she alone might not be enough to protect the thing she loves most. It’s a difficult pill to swallow. Thinking of her daughter and acting contrary to her own mother, Zelena does the hard thing and gives up Baby Hood to Robin and Regina to give her the best chance. This is the hard thing, but being selfless is never easy. A good mother thinks about what is best for their child. Zelena Mills joins the ranks of the selfless mothers of the series, and we could not be more proud.

Though it started as an advantageous relationship between Zelena and Hades, some romantic sparks arose from Hades’ end. In the past, Zelena rejected his pursuit claiming he would just deny her chance at revenge. Presently, Hades makes the claims that everything he has done has been for her and their true love. This is the Lord of the Underworld who has an eon-long grudge against his brother Zeus. Whether or not his profession of true love to Zelena is in fact authentic remains to be seen.

Worth Mentioning

  • I have too many questions, particularly about Zelena and Dorothy. What happened in Kansas to make Dorothy so feisty? How did Zelena get back to Storybrooke after getting exiled to Oz by Regina? Did Zelena’s return connect with Dorothy?
  • It was only a matter a time before a reference to the Broadway phenomenon “Wicked” would be made. In Munchkinland, Zelena destroyed a munchkin named Boq; in the musical, Boq was the munchkin who was in love with Glinda but ended up in a relationship with Nessarose, the Wicked Witch of the East.
  • So if sending a message in a phone booth in the Underworld is considered Level 1 haunting, then what do the other levels of haunting entail?
  • Speaking of which, it was a lovely little moment discovering that Baby Neal did hear Snow and Charming’s lullaby to him. Though they are separated by realms and he probably will not remember this, baby Neal knows that he is loved by his parents. Emma did not have that growing up, but Snow makes it clear to her that she would have sent a message if she could have. Emma believes that and knows how loved she is by her parents. Hopefully one day this family will have a normal day in Storybrooke!
  • Did anyone else think of Emma in the pilot when Zelena had her cupcake?
  • Henry is definitely becoming a snarky, rebellious teenager. His response to his mothers’ critiques on his writing was priceless!
  • So I’m assuming there is going to be a big birthday celebration for Zelena on April 15th. Hopefully there are plenty of green cupcakes to go around!
  • Robin Hood was in full dad mode in this episode. Driven by parental instinct, he successfully tracks down his daughter multiple times. He hasn’t had a chance to bond with Baby Hood yet still seeks to lead by a heroic example. Now that he is taking her to woods with him, this should give them enough time to bond and hopefully come up with a name, right?
  • Another stand out moment in the episode was Regina’s talk with Zelena in the woods about how her enemies became her family. Regina went from feeling unloved to being empowered by family and friendship, to step up when one of her own was in need. If that doesn’t scream character development to you, then nothing will.
  • Hades told Zelena that true love’s kiss will restart his dead heart. The showrunners have said that we are due for a TLK this half of the season. Will it be between the two or another couple? We’ll just have to wait and see as the rest of the season unfolds!
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