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ONCE UPON A TIME: “Ruby Slippers” Find Their Way Back to Oz

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

ONCE UPON A TIME: “Ruby Slippers” Find Their Way Back to Oz

By Meredith Loftus

“Ruby Slippers” introduced audiences to a brand new couple, Ruby and Dorothy, as well as temporarily separating the original true love couple, Snow and Charming.

Our resident bookworm took matters into her own hands and put herself under a sleeping curse in an attempt to protect her unborn child.

Meanwhile, Hades continued to snuff the hope out of the heroes, and the Underworld, by disconnecting haunting channels and liquidizing dearly departed souls.

Henry has grown more confident in his new powers while Zelena bonded with Regina and Belle, moving her towards good and away from her wicked ways.

With Snow back in Storybrooke and the weeks getting closer to the season finale, will the rest of the heroes return home safely?

Storybrooke Bound

In the newest episode, communication is cut off between the realm of the living and the Underworld. Because of this, new fear arises for the people of Storybrooke and, specifically, the children of the heroes that are on the rescue mission. Emma decides that her parents have done their part in being there for her when she needed them; now her little brother needs them. With Snow’s name on the headstone, the obvious choice to go back to Storybrooke is initially Charming. However, with Killian’s help, Charming trades places with Snow so that she can be with Baby Neal.

Since coming to the Underworld, Snow has been able to find herself and go back to her core roots as the bandit and badass Snow White. Snow is also a mother, and she has been giving her daughter a new level of support and encouragement in finding Killian and planning to defeat Hades. She is as fierce as she is caring, one of the many things Charming fell in love with. Charming knows how much this time has meant to his wife, bonding with her daughter and making up for some of that precious time lost due to the first curse. So when Snow tells Charming that he has to be the one to go back and care for their son, he seeks another way for Snow to be the one to return so that she won’t be denied that time with Baby Neal.

Charming understands Snow better than anyone else in the world; they’re true love that shares a heart. Their love has broken curses and brought magic to our realm through the product of that love, their daughter Emma. They believe the best in one another, fight for one another, and selflessly give for one another. Here Charming selflessly gives up the chance to go home for the sake of Snow to have that precious time with their son. Though they’ve been separated before, it’s beautiful to see that these two still hate the idea of being separated but have full confidence that they will always find each other.

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