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Virgin River Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Lost

BY Angela

Published 7 months ago

Virgin River Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Lost

Jack and Mel bring the baby inside the clinic, and Mel assesses her medical condition. She checks and sees that the baby is a girl just as a piece of paper falls. It’s a letter from the mother in which she expresses her belief that the baby would be better off with someone else. According to Jack, they can’t phone Doc since he’s on a house visit in an area with no service. Mel asks Jack to call Connie, the general store owner, to bring them some diapers and formula milk while Mel searches Doc’s office for the number of Child Protective Services.

Doc comes and tells Mel that the baby is his patient and that he decides the course of action. He advises her against contacting the agency. Hope comes in to visit Doc, and Connie brings baby supplies. Connie informs them that she will activate the phone tree, which is the town’s system for telling everyone about an emergency.

Meanwhile, Doc calls Brad at Grace Valley hospital in hopes of finding out who the mother of the abandoned baby is. Hope informs him that Mel has given her notice and that Doc is to blame. Hope feels it’s the right thing to do when Doc tells her Mel will contact Social Services. Doc heads to the camps to see whether anybody has given birth recently. For the sake of their town, Hope and Jack vow to make it their mission to make sure Mel stays.

Joey calls Mel, who is delighted to discover that she has given her notice. Mel reminds her that she will not return to LA if she leaves Virgin River since she has too many memories there. Joey is enraged by this and informs her that she pushes everyone away, and Mel tells her that she will never be able to fix her life. A flashback shows Mel learning that she and Joey had another sister named Chloe, who she never got to meet since she died before Mel was born. Mel decides to name the baby Chloe as a result of this memory.

While preparing the McCrea cabin for renovation, Ricky asks Jack for assistance in informing his grandma that he wants to enroll and join the Marine Corps like Jack. After having Ricky promise that he’ll apply to specific colleges for backup, Jack agrees. Ricky shatters some glass, and Jack is sent back to his time in the military, where he is in the midst of a warzone.

Back at the clinic, Lilly, a Virgin River resident, arrives with additional baby supplies and explains to Mel that she has four adult children, explaining why she has so many baby items. Mel is confronted by Connie about her choice to call Social Services, and she informs her that in Virgin River, people look after their own and that it’s not for outsiders to tell them otherwise.

Preacher isn’t thrilled that Jack got Brady a job at the bar, claiming that he’s smashed several dishes and glasses since he started. Jack advises that he should allow him some time to adjust to his new job.

Charlie arrives at the clinic and refuses to let Mel examine him since he doesn’t like that she is a lady. He promises to return when Doc is available, but not before telling Mel that he is adopted and supports her intention to contact Social Services because he had lovely parents owing to the agency’s help.

Before heading to the clinic, Jack goes by Paige’s bakery truck to buy Mel some coffee, and she informs him that, like Connie, she isn’t a fan of Social Services. Mel expresses her frustration with Doc’s reluctance to do the right thing to Jack. She informs him that it appears that Doc is clueless on what to do because he has only worked in Virgin River. Jack tells her that Doc has worked as the Head of Internal Medicine at Northwest Hospital in Seattle. He informs her that he’s on her side for calling Social Services.

Another flashback is shown of Mel and Mark, her husband, as they meet at a cafe and share a sweet conversation. Jack interrupts Mel’s thoughts as he tells her he needs to be back at the bar.

Doc arrives at the camp and tries to get information about a pregnant girl, Maxine. He bribes his way to know that she now works in a gas station in Clear River and proceeds to treat sick people in the camp.

Mel comes into the bar, where she’s met with many unapproving stares. Preacher offers her a salad to go, but Mel insists on dining in. Hope convinces her to take a break with Jack while taking care of Chloe. They head to a batting cage where Jack and Mel get physically close. On their way back, they talk about their parents. Jack shares that he’s close with his mother, but he does not see eye-to-eye with his father, who was not so happy to become a Marine. Mel tells him that her mother died when she was 11, and her father passed ten years ago. Her mother had cancer, and the reason she became a nurse is that it was a nurse who helped her get through one of the hardest days of her life, the day her mother died.

Mel checks on Hope and Chloe. She sees that Hope is a natural with a baby, but she tells her off, saying that children are too much work. She goes on to share that she has had three husbands. As Hope prepares to leave, she tells Mel that if she thinks calling Social Services is best, she’s got to do it. Lilly arrives with some onesies and apologizes to Mel for not stepping up against Connie when she confronted her earlier. She offers to take care of Chloe so that Mel can have a shower. On her way out, Mel finally phones Social Services.

Brady tells Jack that the job is not for him at the bar, but Jack tells him to sleep on it. Preacher tells Jack it’s not going to work, but Jack tells him he should forgive Brady and give him another chance. Jack receives a call and tells whoever he’s talking to that he’ll be there soon.

Upon arriving at the Fitches’, Mel sees Doc, who tells her that he went to Clear River to see Maxine, but he failed and that he’s got other leads about who the mother of the baby is and that he’ll start looking again in the morning. Mel tells him that Chloe did not get enough milk today because she rejected the bottle. Finally, Mel tells him that she made the call and that Social Services will come to get Chloe in the morning. This enrages Doc and prompts him to fire Mel even though she already sent her notice in.

Meanwhile, Jack comes home to a woman who made love to him passionately.

Mel comes back to the clinic and catches Lilly breastfeeding Chloe. Having mentioned that she has four grown children, it meant Lilly is Chloe’s mother as she wouldn’t have had milk if she was not.

Our Thoughts

Our emotions were on a ride on this one. We were not prepared to see Jack get intimate with another woman because he appeared to be actively pursuing Mel from the start. Also, we’re longing to find out more about Doc and why he’s so stubborn. We’re also curious about the history between Jack, Preacher, and Brady because we don’t get why Preacher’s so mad at him while Jack wants to take care of him. And well, last but not least, we want to figure out what made Lilly wish to give away Chloe when we know that she cares about her deeply. We hope we’ll find answers to our questions soon!

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