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Virgin River Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – If Truth Be Told

BY Angela

Published 1 year ago

Virgin River Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - If Truth Be Told

Joey prepares to leave after the night of the Mingle. She said that things were not going great between her and Bill. Mel tells her she can come to LA to help with the kids so Joey and Bill can figure things out. Joey tells her it’s unnecessary and that Virgin River is good for Mel.

Doc is preparing for a fishing trip when Hope comes into his house. Doc is still upset about Hope missing the meeting with the divorce attorney and tells her he fails to understand her with the divorce thing.

Jack is trying to reach Charmaine, but his calls go straight to voicemail. Preacher heads out of the bar while Brady comes in. Jack tells him he’s late, and Brady says he was because he didn’t know if he still had a job at the bar after Jack punched him. Jack assures him that he always has his back, no matter what happens. Jack asks him to apologize to Mel and Joey. Mel walks in, and he apologizes.

Ricky tells Mel and Jack he needs to go home because his grandma, Lydie, is not feeling well. He looks too upset to drive, so Jack offers to take Mel instead.

Hope heads to Paige’s bakery truck for her usual breakfast. Jo Ellen comes by for a box of doughnuts and tells Hope that Muriel has her sights set on becoming the next Mrs. Mullins. She hurriedly leaves after Hope questions her about buying a dozen doughnuts, given that Mel is the only guest at their inn. Hope leaves as Preacher comes. He asks Paige if he did something to make her want to leave early at the Mingle. Before Paige can answer, Preacher changes his mind and decides to leave. Paige asks him to save her some of the bar’s specials for the day, meaning she’ll come by soon.

While on the way to Lydie’s, Mel asks Jack why he’s awfully quiet. Jack tells her Charmaine wants a commitment and that she won’t return his calls. They see Lydie lying on the floor, almost passed out when they arrive. Mel immediately makes sugar water and gives it to Lydie. Mel prepares to take her blood sugar level while Jack goes out to fix her gate. Lydie tells Mel about her husband and daughter while Mel checks her blood sugar. Mel discovers that her sugar levels are really low and that they need to go to the hospital. She refuses to go until Mel tells her that it was what Herb, her late husband, and Ricky would have wanted.

Hope goes to Connie’s general store and sees Connie, Muriel, Lilly, and Joe Ellen playing Canasta. It was what the doughnuts are for. The ladies didn’t want to play with Hope because she’s very competitive and is also a sore loser.

Back at the bar, Preacher is pissed that Brady’s leaving an hour before his shift ends. He tells him that he should leave town and never come back again because he’s not doing Jack any help by being there. Brady walks away as Paige and Christopher come in. They ask for his help to give them a jump because their car has died.

At the hospital, Mel tells Jack that Lydie has to stay overnight. As they were preparing to leave, Mel saw a couple kissing at the hospital. Memories of her trying to get to his husband’s side after an accident come back to her.

Meanwhile, Preacher gets into Paige’s car and sees that there is luggage. He also spots a driver’s license with Paige’s face on it but with Michelle Loagan as the name.

On the ride home, Mel cries as Jack drives. Jack tells her they’re going for a little detour in an attempt to cheer her up.

Preacher fixes Paige’s car and asks if they’re going on a trip because of the luggage. Paige tells him they’re donating some clothes to goodwill. Preacher doesn’t look convinced but decides not to ask further.

Jo Ellen wins the round for the third time back at Connie’s, and Hope gets upset. She accuses her of cheating. The ladies tell her this was why they didn’t want her to join them. Hope walks out on them, feeling angry.

Mel and Jack play pinball and grab some snacks before heading home.

Hope goes to Doc’s and goes to his office to get some papers. On her way out, she glanced at a photo of a young man, which brought tears to her eyes. She calls Doc and leaves a voice message to check on him.

In Clear River, Charmaine is still at work when Jack comes by. Jack tells her that he doesn’t feel the same way about her and hopes she finds what she’s looking for. Charmaine tells him she’ll not wait for him to fall in love with her and sends him away. Jack goes back to his truck and sees that Mel left her gloves there.

At the Fitches’, Mel receives a call from Joey saying that her flight got delayed. She also tells her that Bill’s moving out, and Joe Ellen interrupts and brings Mel tea.

After the call, Mel holds on to her wedding ring as she remembers how a doctor approaches her at the hospital with seemingly bad news. She removes the ring from her finger and puts it on the nightstand. Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock. It was Jack, bringing her gloves back. As he puts them on the nightstand, he sees the ring. Mel tells him that she thought it was time to remove the ring. Jack tries to cheer her up by saying that she and her husband can work things out, and Mel tells him they cannot because her husband is dead and that it was her fault.

Our Thoughts

Paige’s secret has bugged us now, more than ever. Why is she on the run? Is she not a good person, like we have known her so far? Also, we can’t help but feel sad for Hope because of how the ladies treated her. Why won’t they put up with her if they’re her friends? It’s not like she hurts them physically, and besides, that’s just a game. Why are they so serious about it? Well, at least in this episode, we finally see Mel opening up to Jack slowly, and it seems like Jack is making himself available for Mel. Ugh, we cannot wait to find out what can become of them! Sorry, Charmaine. We love Mel more!

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