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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – The Morning After

BY Angela

Published 1 month ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - The Morning After

Mel wakes up with a naked Jack watching her sleep. It was the morning after they first slept together. Mel apologizes for letting things get that far when she is not ready to commit to a relationship, and Jack tells her he’ll wait for her.

Jack leaves and goes to Doc’s to install the deadbolt lock he promised to put after the incident with Mel and the addict. While Jack asks Doc about an update from the sheriff, Preacher comes to bring Doc’s breakfast. Jack hands him an envelope that contains the keys to the bakery truck. Preacher tells Jack that Paige asked him to watch over the truck while she’s gone. Their story about her disappearance is that Paige’s father is sick, so she needs to go home.

In an extra good mood, Mel goes to Hope’s to check on Charmaine. Just as Hope asked Mel why she’s extra perky that morning, Doc comes. Hope asked him to come over so she could ask how his date with Muriel went. Doc tells her it is fine, and Hope urges him to go on another date with her.

Doc and Mel check on Charmaine, who tells them that she has vomited only once in the last few hours, but she still can’t keep anything down. Mel tells Doc she’s still dehydrated, and Doc brings out an IV bag to help her hydrate. However, Charmaine has trypanophobia – extreme fear of needles, and Doc tells her that it’s an IV or the hospital. Since Charmaine does not want to go to the hospital either, Mel tells Doc to give her a day so she can perform aromatherapy meditation and reflexology on her.

Mel leaves to get her kit from the cabin and sees Jack on her way out. Jack calls her friend sarcastically, and the two have a nice conversation before Mel leaves. Charmaine was watching by the window.

Jack checks on Charmaine, who tells him that she’ll feel better if he stays for the night. Jack doesn’t think this is a good idea and tells her he’d think about it.

Hope visits Connie and sees that she’s exhausted because her niece, Lizzie, has come and will be under her care for a while. Hope offers to help Connie by taking Lizzie on a town tour for the day.

Brady and Calvin arrive at what looks like an abandoned piece of land that contains logging equipment. Calvin asks Brady to run the place, and when Brady tells him he doesn’t know anything about logging, Calvin tells him that he has to be the liaison between the Virgin River and the loggers. He has to answer questions about their operations because they will seem unusual. Brady asks him how much he’ll be paid, and Calvin tells him that it’s a lot more than he makes bussing tables.

Mel is giving Charmaine an aromatherapy session at Hope’s, but Charmaine seems to be more interested in Mel, and Jack is on talking terms again. Charmaine tells Mel that she needs to know if she and Jack see each other. She even brags that Jack has decided to stay there every night and takes advantage of the situation to send Mel to the bar so she can get her some lemonade.

Jack goes to Calvin’s to ask about the man who threatened Mel. Jack tells him that he believes the man was from Calvin’s crew, but Calvin says otherwise and asks him to leave. Before leaving, Jack warns Brady to watch his back. After Jack leaves, Calvin asks Jimmy why he hasn’t gotten rid of Leo. This is the man who pulled a knife on Mel.

After getting Charmaine’s lemonade fix, Mel was about to leave at Jack’s bar when Jack offered to help her. Jack also thanks her for taking care of Charmaine. Mel bumps into Hope and Lizzie on her way out, who were there as part of the town tour. Doc also comes in and sees Mel holding lemonades. Doc tells her that she should not be letting her patient walk over her and that she needs to learn how to categorize.

Ricky sees Lizzie and tries to get her order, but he stutters so hard that Lizzie thinks he’s having a seizure. Lizzie settles for beer, but when Ricky asks for beer from Preacher, he gives him water instead. Hope asks Preacher about Paige and asks him to tell her that she’s thinking of her. This seems to bother Preacher that when Jack asks him about an invoice, Preacher doesn’t hear. Seeing this, Jack asks him if he is okay. He tells him that he’s worried about keeping the bakery truck up. Jack suggests that he try Connie because her family used to own a bakery in Eureka.

Mel is back at Hope’s, and as she was getting down her car, her hand slipped, and she spilled the lemonades all over the driveway. Mel tries to talk Charmaine into reflexology, but she says that she doesn’t want anybody touching her foot and would like to take a nap. Mel calls Doc to be on standby to bring Charmaine to the hospital.

Hope gives Lizzie some advice about wanting different things in life when you get older. Hope excuses herself and leaves her credit card on the table so Lizzie can provide it to Preacher when he comes with the bill.

Muriel comes by Doc’s clinic, brings him a strawberry shortcake, and asks him to go to a concert.

Mel finally gives up and tells Charmaine that their only option is to go to the hospital. Charmaine refuses to go because she watched her mother die in the hospital, and that was traumatic for her. Mel tells her she understands, and Charmaine tells her that nobody understands. Mel then reveals that she suffered through the same when she lost her mother at 11. Charmaine apologizes, and Mel tells her she’s genuinely trying to help her. Charmaine agrees to give reflexology a try.

Hope asks for Doc’s help to try and find Lizzie, who disappeared from the bar. Connie tells her that Lizzie’s home and that Hope’s credit card was in her purse.

After Mel finished reflexology with Charmaine, she could finally put an IV on her. Charmaine tells her that if the situation were reversed, she wouldn’t be helping Mel, and they hug.

Jack gets a call from Mike, his buddy in law enforcement. He tells Jack that Calvin is on their radar and that it looks like he may be branching out. Mel sees Jack and tells him that she’s going to Clear River to do something for Charmaine, and Jack offers to drive her, but she refuses.

Preacher bumps into Brady on his way to Connie’s store. Brady mentioned the upcoming reunion with the guys who served with them but told Preacher he’s too busy with more important stuff to go with them. He insults Preacher by saying he has a new car and that Preacher can use a new ride.

Preacher talks to Connie regarding taking over the bakery truck. Connie tells him she’ll think of it and asks why Wes was there. Preacher asks her not to talk about Wes ever again.

Back at Hope’s, Doc asks Hope if she’s okay with him going to a concert with Muriel. Hope tells him it’s the perfect second date.+

Mel comes back with a portable ultrasound machine and checks on the baby. She gasps and tells Jack and Charmaine that they’re having twins.

Our Thoughts

Wow. As if a baby wasn’t enough! Charmaine has to have twins! We don’t know yet how this will affect all their lives, but we’re pretty sure it will. We’re happy, though, that it looks like Charmaine is not taking things against Mel anymore. Oh, everything would be much simpler if she would give up, right? Who would want to be with someone who doesn’t love them? That’s just sad. Brady keeps on being a pain. Jack was right to let him go, but we can’t help but think he’ll find himself in trouble sooner or later. Lastly, hands down, Mel was great at being a professional. With a patient like Charmaine, oh, we wouldn’t be as professional as she was.

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