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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Breaking Point

BY Angela

Published 3 weeks ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Breaking Point

Mel and Doc deliver Anne’s baby, Mel’s first delivery in Virgin River.

At the bar, Jack tells Preacher that he needs to go to the clinic for Charmaine’s birth plan. The sheriff tells them he’s been up at the morgue all night because of the body they found in Aldergrove. Preacher asks him if they know who it is yet, and he’s told that they will find out later that day.

Doc asks Mel if she wants to take the rest of the day off as they’ve been both up since 3 AM for Anne’s childbirth. Mel tells him that he doesn’t have to go easy on her just because it’s Mark’s death anniversary and that she still has to meet Jack and Charmaine for the birth plan.

Hope comes to the clinic, and Mel gives her the things that Connie sent for Chloe. Charmaine walks in with Tucker, who sits and lies down at Hope’s command. Mel and Charmaine go to Doc’s office to wait for Jack. Doc asks Hope to eat out later that night.

As Jack was leaving to go to the clinic, Ricky walked in and apologized for missing the previous day’s shift due to car trouble. When Jack asks about it, he tells him it was a fender bender in Eureka, and Lyddie wasn’t there, but Lizzie was. Jack asks him what’s going on because it’s not like him to steal liquor, miss shifts, and get into accidents out of town. He says that he thinks Lizzie is bad for him. This upsets Ricky, who snaps at Jack and tells him he’s no expert at relationships because he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant while in love with someone else.

Jack shows up at the clinic, and Mel asks him if there is any update about the found body. Charmaine asks them why they know about the body, and they tell her they were together the night before. Charmaine gets upset because he thinks Jack went to the bar. Mel tells them they can reschedule for another day, but Charmaine insists on getting the birth plan.

Hope visits Lilly to bring Connie’s gifts. Lilly tells her not to miss her chance with Doc so that she’ll be truly happy.

When Connie walked in, Preacher was busy training the new hire, George. She proceeds to the office and asks Preacher about the body. Preacher told Connie the whole story about Wes and Paige, including the part where she accidentally kills him, and he gets rid of the body. Connie tells Preacher that he shouldn’t take the fall for the crime and that if he gets asked, he should deny it.

As Jack and Charmaine disagree on the birth plan, things are heated in the clinic. Charmaine wants homebirth, and Jack insists on going to the hospital. Mel tells them there are pros to hospital birth, but Jack should hear her out if Charmaine isn’t comfortable with that. Mel leaves to walk Tucker to give the two some time alone to decide.

Ricky heads to the bakery truck to pick up the pies for the bar. Lizzie says she’ll make it up to Ricky for missing a shift and tells him to meet her later that day.

Mel gets a call from Joey while walking Tucker. She tells Mel that she shouldn’t be alone while it is Mark’s death anniversary. She tells her she’s not sad, and they reminisce about a trip they both had with Mark. Mel arrives at the clinic and sees Jack heading out. Jack asks Mel’s help to help Charmaine make an informed decision about the birth plan.

Hope goes into the bar and asks Preacher to have a booth towards the back reserved for her and Doc. She tells him they are giving their relationship another try, and he tells her it’s about time.

At the clinic, Charmaine says sorry to Mel after knowing about her stillbirth. Mel tells her that she doesn’t wish what happened to her to anyone and that they should find the safest option to make Charmaine feel secure.

Hope comes to the clinic to see Doc waiting outside with Tucker. He says that the birth plan meeting is still not over. Hope tells him that she made a reservation at Jack’s, but Doc means her that he made a reservation too and that she should cancel hers. Mel comes and asks Doc to join them inside. Mel tells Doc that Charmaine and Jack agreed to have the delivery at the clinic, with a doula present and an ambulance on standby. Doc agrees to this.

Doc and Hope arrive at a fancy restaurant in Arcada for their dinner. Hope asks Doc how he knows the place, and he tells her someone recommended it to him. Suddenly, a voice calls out to them. It was Muriel’s.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Ricky have some fun while preparing cookie dough and kissing.

The sheriff gives Jack and Preacher an update about the dead man’s identity. He says it’s Leo Kavanaugh and Jack tells him that it’s the same guy who attacked Mel. The sheriff tells them that it’s only a matter of time before they’ll know who killed Leo because dogs are searching for evidence as they speak.

Doc, Hope, and Muriel eat together, and Muriel tells them that her dermatologist is just close by, and she decided to treat herself that day, so she ended up in the restaurant. Hope tells her that she thinks dermatology is a waste of money, but Muriel tells her that dermatology is why no one would think that they are close at age. Hope excuses herself. Muriel tells Doc it would be a good idea for Hope and him to join her on a wine tasting cruise. As Doc was checking the bill, he had some difficulty reading some lines, so Muriel moved closer to help him read. Hope sees this and kisses Doc on the lips right away.

After a run, Mel arrives home and dances to some music. She checks her mail and sees an envelope that upsets her.

At the bar, Brady asks Jack to convince Lilly to sell her farm. Jack tells him that she’ll not sell to Calvin. Brady tells him that he might just be getting in the way of the sale because Brady being successful on his own is killing him. Jack tells him that he isn’t considered successful if he works for a drug dealer and that what he’s doing isn’t work but a felony. He shows him a photo of Leo and tells him that it’s how Calvin treats the people who work for him.

Preacher goes to Connie’s to tell her that the body found was not Wes,’ but there are dogs combing the woods, and he’s worried that they’ll find something. Connie tells him that it was a long shot because the town has limited resources. Preacher insists on being prepared for the worst-case scenario, and she tells him that they should move to Plan B, where they build an alibi.

Jack goes to the clinic to give Mel a latte to thank her for working out a birth plan with Charmaine and him. Doc tells him that she’s not in until later that afternoon. Jack tells him he’ll head to the cabin to give her the coffee while it’s hot.

Upon arriving at the cabin, Jack sees Mel crying in bed, clutching the envelope in her hand. She hands it to Jack, and he sees that it’s from Mark’s life insurance providers. Jack tells her it’s okay, but she tells him that it’s not as she cries and hugs Jack.

Our Thoughts

Our hearts go out to Mel; she thought she would get through the day just okay, but then that letter came, and it’s like it came crashing. Good thing Jack was able to find her and at least give her some comfort. Whew, what she’s going through couldn’t be easy. Connie seems hellbent on helping Preacher, something we didn’t expect because we thought Connie was just good at gossiping. Well, it’s good that Preacher has someone to talk to. Hope is sometimes so funny; that unexpected kiss was hilarious!

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