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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Blindspots

BY Angela

Published 4 weeks ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Blindspots

Jack prepares a room in the bar for the twins and injures himself. He went to the clinic to have his leg checked, and Mel did a couple of stitches.

While having breakfast, Doc asks Hope what their dinner will be. They talk about how they lived together before, and Hope isn’t so pleased because she thinks Doc wants her to be the typical housewife while he works. He requests lasagna for dinner, and while Hope initially doesn’t want to do it, she agrees to cook after having her hair done at the salon.

Mel opened the exam room and was surprised to find that many patients were so early in the morning. Doc came and was surprised as well. Mel starts to examine patients while Doc and Jack head to the kitchen. Jack tells Doc that he might have to give up on Mel already and asks if Doc will still be able to go with him later that day on some errand. Doc tells him he can’t, seeing how many walk-ins there were, but he suggests that Jack take Hope because she knows the most about the area and is the best negotiator. Jack is hesitant because things between him and Hope have not gone back to normal.

Connie talks to Preacher at the bar about building an alibi. Preacher does not want to get her involved, so he refuses to cooperate, but Connie says it’s too late because it’s already done. She convinces him to meet her later that night.

At the clinic, patients continue coming with the same symptoms. Doc and Mel deduce that it might be food poisoning. Doc asks Mel to work on the food intake paperwork while treating the patients. Mel didn’t think it was right for her to get saddled with paperwork, but Doc told her that in an outbreak, it is best for the same person to take the intakes and for the same person to treat the patients.

Ricky sees Lizzie, who immediately takes a break from the bakery truck upon seeing him. They head to the river banks, where Ricky tells her that he wants to be a medic in the Marines. He also gives her a check for the bar’s orders. She invites him to come over to her house later that night because Connie won’t be there, and they can be alone.

At the bar, Muriel was telling the ladies how Hope and Doc were acting like newlyweds. The ladies speculate whether they’ll be renewing their vows anytime soon. Hope walks in and confirms that she and Doc are together again, but they are not planning on rushing anything. Connie tells her that Hope will become his secretary if they live together again. Jack walks in and asks Hope to come with him to Stanton, and she gladly agrees.

At the clinic, Mel tells Doc that the common denominator of all the patients is eating Jack’s, particularly the beet salad. Doc says that Jack and Preacher should close the bar until they find the culprit. When Mel volunteered to go there to talk to them, Doc told her to give them a call and continue with the intakes. Mel tells him that he’s treating her like an assistant once again by not allowing her to do anything and then do intakes.

After a while, Mel heads to the bar and talks to Preacher. He’s throwing out his beet salad’s ingredients and is devastated about what happened. Mel gets ambushed by Lizzie, who asks for the birth control samples on her way out of the bar.

In Stanton, Hope, and Jack check out a property that Jack plans to buy because of the twins. Hope proved to be handy when she could bring the price down by 10%. Hope asks Jack if he’s buying the house for himself or someone else. Jack tells her that he’s buying it for the twins and that he still doesn’t know if he’ll live with Charmaine in the house or not. Hope is surprised that Jack is even open to living with Charmaine. He tells her that Mel is not ready for a relationship, but she assures him that she’ll get there. He seems to disagree.

Patients keep pouring in at the clinic. Doc asks Mel for an update on the intake forms, and she tells him that some patients have reported shortness of breath, which is not a symptom of food-borne illnesses. Doc asks her to do some research about bacteria. She tells him she needs to finish the intake forms and the food logs first. Doc tells her to work faster, and Mel doesn’t like that because she’s working as fast as she can. Doc tells her that what’s happening is why he didn’t want her to work with him – there’s an outbreak, and Mel is more concerned about how Doc treats her. They argue, and the patients hear them from outside.

Jack goes to a remote place to see Spencer and asks him to testify against Calvin regarding Leo’s death, the drug trade, and Emerald Lumber. Spencer is reluctant about testifying for fear of Maxine and their baby’s lives.

Hope goes to the salon, where Charmaine offers to give her cut and color on the house. While prepping Hope, Charmaine tells her that she’s planning to move to Portland after giving birth, but Hope shouldn’t tell Jack about it. Upon hearing this, Hope walks out immediately.

Jack calls Mike and tells him he has a witness willing to testify against Calvin. Mike tells him they can go after Calvin if the DA gives the green signal, but they still have to wait for it.

Jack, Preacher, and Jaime are brainstorming about the food poisoning incident at the bar. Ricky tells them that he might be the cause for not double washing the lettuce. Mel comes in and tells them that people have been experiencing shortness of breath and that there’s a chance that the outbreak is not food-related. Jamie tells them to look for outliers, something new in their system, a supplier, or an employee because it’s possible that it was done deliberately, knowing how meticulous Preacher is in his kitchen.

Hope picks a fight with Doc about not being able to make the lasagna. She tells him about Charmaine’s secret, and Doc is disappointed to know that she’s getting involved in Jack’s life again. They continue to argue, and Doc walks out.

Ricky arrives at Connie’s house and watches a movie with Lizzie. After a while, Lizzie tells him that they should stop caring and just lay together in bed. Ricky tells her he hasn’t had sex yet, and Lizzie tells him she hasn’t.

Preacher heads to the police station and learns that an abandoned vehicle belonging to a missing person was found near Dinsmore.

George, the bar’s new hire, seeks medical help from Mel due to a burn on his hands. Mel asks him some questions while applying a topical cream to his hands. She excuses herself to call Jack and leaves George in the exam room. Jack tells him he’ll go.

Jack receives a call from the realtor, Carlos. Jack tells him he’s going to buy the house. However, Carlos tells him that another buyer has made an offer of 10% over asking. Jack tells him he cannot swing it, but Carlos tells him that he can rent out his room upstairs for extra income to cover the difference. He also tells him that he might know someone looking for a room, but he can’t give Jack the name just yet. He promises to keep Jack posted.

In the woods, Calvin calls out Bready for not being able to convince Lilly to sell. He leaves Brady with a gun to kill Spencer and tells him that he needs to kill him to prove that he can be trusted.

Back at the clinic, Mel tells Jack that she thinks George deliberately poisoned his customers. Jack does not believe her right away because he thinks George wouldn’t have a motive. They go to the exam room to talk to him, but George is gone. They go outside to check who came to get him and are not pleased to see that it is Jimmy from Calvin’s crew.

Our Thoughts

Well, we had the feeling it was George all along, but we didn’t think it would be deliberate. That’s just pure evil and out of line. Anyways, things look like Lizzie and Ricky might have a future, but we still cannot convince ourselves that Lizzie’s intentions are pure. One more thing, Charmaine considering moving to Portland without Jack knowing yet is something we know will hurt Jack, so we side with Hope here. Just imagine, Jack was so close to buying a house that the twins might not be living in at all. Oh, poor, poor Jack!

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