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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – Psalm 46:5


Published 8 months ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - Psalm 46:5

[00:00:30] Andalusia, Spain – Present day. A nun and a priest open up a body bag to reveal a young woman. Her name is Ava Silva. The priest asks the nun what caused Ava’s death, but she doesn’t want to tell him. The priest receives a message and asks the nun to leave. He reminds her that Ava can no longer ask for forgiveness since she’s already dead—it’s up to them to forgive her and leave judgment unto God. The nun responds she’ll take her chances and leaves the church. Outside, the nun sees a few people wearing black from a distance approaching the church. They are armed with high-caliber machine guns, but she doesn’t pay much attention to them and proceeds to her car.

[00:03:30] The group that approached the church weren’t priests; they were nuns—Warrior Nuns. They brought one of their wounded allies suffering severe injuries from Divinium shrapnel. The surgeon arrives, but she can’t remove the shrapnel; it has pierced the nun’s organs, and removing the shrapnel could kill her instantly. Beatrice asks the surgeon to give her ally something to ease her pain. Lilith and Beatrice try to convince Mary to follow protocol. She doesn’t want to; she doesn’t want to abandon Shannon. Shannon gives a medallion to Mary and tells her not to trust anyone. The surgeon removes a circular object from Shannon’s back. Shannon dies instantly. The surgeon then asks Mary if she is the next bearer.

[00:06:00] Mary declines and tells the surgeon that Lilith is the next bearer. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses on all of them. The surgeon survives and runs for her life carrying the circular object. She stumbles upon leaving, and the object falls to the floor. One of the men chasing them tries to pick up the object, but it melts the man’s fingers like butter. The surgeon picks the object up using a metal clamp and goes to the next room. She sees Ava’s dead body and places the circular object on her back, bringing Ava back to life. Ava sees the surgeon killed by one of their enemies, but she is too weak to save her.

[00:10:00] Ava manages to get up and sees a ghostly figure appear behind her enemy. She uses the clamp to knock the man out, incinerating him. Ava goes out of the room and hears gunfire from a distance. She realizes it isn’t a dream, but she can’t believe it. Ava is a cripple, so she thinks she’s dreaming because she can already walk. She grew up in an orphanage, and the nun who brought her to the church was one of the nuns who cared for her growing up. Ava assumes she’s in hell and then says she will do it right.

[00:13:00] Ava roams the streets of Andalusia. A group of men approaches her. They think she is drunk, but she responds she might be dead. All of a sudden, Ava gets hit by a car. The impact sends her flying inside a nearby store. She realizes she’s still alive while checking her wounds. The object on her back caused her to gain regenerative powers. The wounds she suffered from the accident are healed instantly. Ava continues roaming around the city, confused. She doesn’t believe in miracles, but somehow she’s living one at the moment. Meanwhile, Mary and her group survived the battle. A priest arrives to check on the team. Mary and Beatrice tell the priest what happened in their operation. They were going to retrieve something, but they met some resistance.

[00:16:00] Mary and Beatrice tell the priest about the Divinium shrapnels. The artifact they were going to retrieve was being guarded by a private army. Lilith goes inside the room along with the local priest. She tells Father Vincent the priest needs to show him something. They go to the other room where Ava’s body used to lie. The priest explains that the surgeon placed the angel’s halo inside Ava’s body. Father Vincent doesn’t know the angel’s halo could bring people back to life. Mary and her team think some random civilian carries the halo, but she isn’t random, as Father Vincent tells them.

[00:19:30] Ava goes back to the orphanage and enters her room. Diego wakes up and sees Ava standing at the foot of her bed. He tells Ava she died yesterday in her sleep. He asks her if he’s dreaming, to which she responds he’s not. Diego tells Ava no one can find out she’s still alive. Ava understands people are not ready to find out she got resurrected. At the same time, Father Vincent visits the orphanage to get all the information on Ava. The nun takes her to Ava’s room, but he misses her. Vincent speaks with Diego, who tells him Ava is a special girl. Meanwhile, Ava heads to the beach—the first time in her life.

[00:24:30] Ava runs as fast as she can until she falls. She cherishes the moment as she can finally walk and use her legs. Ava continues roaming around until she sees a red smoke appear. She follows it until she stumbles upon a bar. She enters the bar and starts dancing like crazy. A woman offers her a glass of beer; she spits it out when she tastes it, so the bouncer tells Ava spitting isn’t allowed inside the bar. She thinks the bouncer is telling her spinning isn’t allowed, so she starts spinning like a top. She accidentally hits the bouncer with her fist as she turns, sending him flying across the dance floor. Ava finishes her glass of beer and immediately leaves.

[00:28:00] Father Vincent continues his conversation with the head nun of the orphanage. She tells Vincent that Ava came to the orphanage when she was seven. She lost her mother in a car accident. They couldn’t find any living relatives, and since the mother is a Catholic, Ava was brought to them. The nun sees Ava as a nuisance. She tells Vincent that Ava is a problematic and ungrateful child growing up. Father Vincent doesn’t waste any time and asks the nun how Ava died. Meanwhile, it is already morning, but Ava refuses to sleep. She thinks sleeping will turn things into normal, and she doesn’t want to go back to her old self. Ava wanders the streets and finds some random house with a pool.

[00:30:00] Ava decides to go for a swim to wake herself, but she realizes she doesn’t know how to swim too late. She calls for help; JC comes to the rescue. “I’m JC,” he introduces himself. “I’m hungry,” Ava replies, then adds her real name. He makes breakfast for Ava and introduces her to his friends: Chanel, Zori, and Randall. They don’t like Ava from the get-go. They ask her where she lives, but Ava tells them people are looking for her, so she’s choosing to stay on a low profile. This makes it seem Ava is a criminal, but JC knows she is a good person.

[00:33:00] Mary reports back to Father Vincent. She brings him photos of Ava from the security cameras of the church. Vincent wants Mary to distribute the photos to all the churches in Andalusia to locate Ava quickly. Mary wants answers on their failed mission earlier. Vincent doesn’t know who they’re up against or how they know how to kill a warrior nun. He entrusts Mary to find Ava because both Lilith and Beatrice are flawed by personal gain for such a mission. She asks Vincent if removing the halo would kill Ava because it brought her back to life. Vincent also doesn’t know the answer to her question. All he knows is they need to retrieve the halo before their enemies could.

[00:35:00] Ava roams around JC’s mansion in awe. She goes back to the pool where JC and his friends are. He asks Ava why people are looking for her. She hesitates to tell JC the truth, so he asks her to take a walk by the beach so they can talk in private. Ava knows JC and his friends don’t own the mansion. He tells Ava they’re opportunists. They know the owner stays in Saudi Arabia, so they use the mansion and just get it clean before the owner gets back. Ava asks him if she could tag along with them since she can’t go back to the orphanage. JC agrees and tells her he could show her the ropes about the things she missed in life.

[00:38:30] Ava is reading a magazine when Chanel enters the room. She’s preparing her attire for a party they will attend later that evening. She apologizes to Ava for judging her appearance earlier. Ava tells her she understood. Chanel offers Ava one of her dresses to come with them to the party. That night, Ava attends her first rave party. She finds it spectacular and epic. Ava even indulges herself in JC’s party drugs. Meanwhile, Mary continues to mourn the loss of Shannon. She reminisces the time Shannon confessed her love for Mary. She didn’t realize it at the time, but she regrets not telling Shannon her true feelings as well.

[00:43:30] Everyone hears Camila playing the piano, so they gather around. Camila and the rest of the warrior nuns mourn the loss of their allies. She asks Father Vincent to join them, but he declines. Vincent tells them he’s needed elsewhere. Meanwhile, the party drugs are taking effect on Ava. She once again sees the mysterious red smoke and decides to follow it. She sees the smoke take the form of some kind of demon, feasting on the souls of the dead—two people, probably on drug overdose, dead inside the bathroom. Ava sees the demon and runs back to JC. They leave the party so Ava would feel safe. While this is happening, Father Vincent goes to a bar to take his mind off things. The bartender offers to listen to his problems.

[00:45:00] Father Vincent tells the bartender demons are real. As he tells the bartender about demons, a demon visits the priest where Ava’s dead body was taken. He is looking for the angel’s halo on Ava’s back. The demon kills the priest and slashes the back of the corpse, thinking it is Ava. Father Vincent continues speaking until the bartender no longer finds it amusing to listen to him. He thinks about indulging himself in one drink to forget about his woes.

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