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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Proverbs 31:25


Published 2 years ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Proverbs 31:25

[00:00:30] Ava wakes up the next day thinking everything will be back to normal. The moment her eyes can focus, she sees the beach. Ava knew yesterday was not a dream. She jumps up and down on the bed and takes a shower. She suddenly screams, rushing JC into her room. She tells JC the shower tried to kill her, blasting her with freezing water. JC tells her she needs to let the shower heat up. He sets the shower for Ava, who is overthinking things—she thinks JC is into her, but she realizes he’s just being nice. JC sees her scar through the mirror and asks where she got it. Ava thinks JC was referring to a normal scar, so she tells him she must’ve gotten it in the car accident when she was young.

[00:03:00] JC tells her it’s a perfect circle, so he asks if it’s a body mod. Ava looks at her back against the mirror and sees the perfect circle: the halo placed inside her body. She realizes it is a different scar. Mary goes to the Port of Malaga in Spain, looking for clues why mercenaries were waiting for their arrival during the operation. Mary returns to their base, where the others are still looking for Ava. Mary wants to focus on the mercenaries who killed Shannon. Still, Lilith focuses on the halo, causing heavy arguments between them. Beatrice and Camila try to calm them down, but the trash-talking continues. Father Vincent intervenes to stop the argument.

[00:05:30] Vincent tells Mary everyone is mourning the loss of Shannon. He assures her that they will start focusing on what happened during their operation once they have the halo. Mary tells Vincent they were ambushed—she saw armor-piercing bullets at the port. Vincent cuts the conversation, saying to them, “We need to go. Now.” Upon their arrival, they see the body desecrated by the demon. Vincent tells everyone they have a new enemy: a Tarask. Unlike wraith demons, Tarask’s can inflict physical damage. Vincent knows it is searching for the halo, so they need to find Ava before it does. He knows Mary will still try to argue, so he allows her to do everything she can to track down the mercenaries who killed Shannon.

[00:09:00] Beatrice goes back to their base with Father Vincent. She starts researching the Tarask. Based on the ancient texts she found, Tarask’s can only appear in the real world for a short period. Father Vincent thinks it is good news, but Beatrice tells him the Tarask always finds the halo-bearer despite being handicapped. Vincent asks Beatrice if she has seen any information to kill the Tarask. She answers only the halo-bearer armed with a Divinium Sword can kill the Tarask. She asks him what would happen if the Tarask gets his hand on the halo and brings it to hell. Cardinal Duretti answers the question for Beatrice: heaven will fall while hell rises. Beatrice leaves the room so Duretti and Vincent can talk. Duretti asks how their greatest weapon falls into the hands of a non-believer.

[00:11:00] Vincent tells Duretti their surgeon made the best of the situation. Duretti gives Vincent an ultimatum. He has until the next day to get the halo to Lilith, or he may lose his job. The Tarask continues hunting down Ava. He goes to the sporting goods store, where Ava accidentally stumbled upon the day she got the halo, but only the store attendant is there. The Tarask kills her. Ava decides to go to the beach for a quiet moment by herself. She has problems coping with the modern world since she never had the chance. Meanwhile, Mary continues on her path, finding the people who killed Shannon. She goes to a man specializing in custom weaponry. She knows the bullet is man-made, so he gave him the details of his client.

[00:14:30] Mary hunts down the local who ordered the special Divinium bullets. He tells Mary he’s just a gun for hire. Mary tells the man Shannon is dead, and she needs answers. JC and his friends go to the beach for some sunbathing. They give a bottle of sunscreen to Ava, so she won’t get sunburn. Ava and JC talk things out between them. He tells Ava he lost his mother last spring, and things haven’t been great ever since. Randall calls everyone using a dinner bell. They are about to crash a prestigious party, and Randall doesn’t want to be late. The group head over to Arq-Tech. Ava loses her mind as they enter the company. She read an article about Dr. Jillian Salvius, saying Dr. Salvius helps people move stuff using their minds.

[00:20:00] As JC and Ava enter the company premises, she immediately sees Cardinal Duretti. Duretti also sees her, but he doesn’t seem to be aware she’s the current holder of the halo. Duretti’s ring glows a bright blue hue—it appears to be reacting when near the halo-bearer. Dr. Salvius wants to bridge science and religion. She tells Kristian, Dr. Salvius’ assistant, who used to be a Vatican archivist, that both organizations are two sides of the same coin. Kristian chose to follow Dr. Salvius after spending 30 years with the Catholic Church. He tells Duretti he will be humbled after Salvius completes her presentation that night. Duretti welcomes the challenge. Meanwhile, JC and Ava continue their party-crashing as they head over to the buffet table.

[00:23:00] JC takes their date to the next level; he steals an access card from one of the security guards. They make their way into the labs of Arq-Tech. While they’re inside the labs, Dr. Salvius does her presentation. Just as JC and Ava let the rest of their group inside the labs, Mary arrives at Arq-Tech. She tells the guards she needs to deliver a crucial message to Cardinal Duretti. Meanwhile, Dr. Salvius addresses the crowd and reveals she can stabilize the Higgs field for a full minute. At the sight of the machine, Cardinal Duretti knows it’s made up of Divinium. He asks Kristian if he gave Dr. Salvius access to it. Dr. Salvius unearthed the Divinium artifacts on her own, Kristian tells Duretti.

[00:25:30] Dr. Salvius powers up her device and unveils the world’s first quantum portal. Cardinal Duretti does the sign of the cross at the sight of it. The crowd is in awe as they give Dr. Salvius a standing ovation. Meanwhile, JC and Ava come across a wheelchair with a neural net. The neural net allows the user to control the wheelchair with their mind. They test the machine out as the rest of the group joins the party. Back at the party, Dr. Salvius confronts Cardinal Duretti on where he stands on quantum portals. Duretti tells Salvius she should return the Divinium artifact she found to the church. He tells her the Divinium relics are consecrated properties of the church. He adds they must be safeguarded from people who want to use them for personal gain, referring to Dr. Salvius.

[00:28:00] Dr. Salvius points out she wants to share the Divinium with the world, unlike the Catholic Church who hides it for its gain. Cardinal Duretti knows their conversation won’t lead anywhere, so he leaves. Meanwhile, JC and Ava see the Divinium Shield inside the Arq-Tech lab. The shield glows as it makes contact with Ava and her halo. But Ava is unaware she carries an angel’s halo, so she doesn’t know why the shield is glowing. Meanwhile, Camila and Beatrice track Ava down using the National Police facial recognition system. They got a hit on a CCTV camera, so they traced her location and followed her. Father Vincent doesn’t want to give the halo to Lilith. He thinks Ava has been chosen to become the new halo-bearer.

[00:30:00] Beatrice tells Father Vincent the politics won’t back up his decision. Vincent is aware Lilith has been waiting to become the next halo-bearer for a very long time. He tells Beatrice that Lilith could wait a little longer. Beatrice asks Vincent what Cardinal Duretti would think of his decision. He knows Cardinal Duretti wouldn’t care as long as they get the halo back. Father Vincent plans to allow Ava to decide for herself if she wants to continue being the halo-bearer. Back at Arq-Tech, a man confronts Kristian while Mary eavesdrops on their conversation. The man tells Kristian he lost men during their failed mission the other night. Kristian responds all of his missions come with risks, but the man couldn’t accept they lost to a bunch of tactically-trained nuns. Kristian calls for security to escort the man out before he confronts Salvius.

[00:33:00] Dr. Salvius indulges her investors with a tour of her lab. As the police escort the man out, Mary decides to follow him. Randall informs JC that Dr. Salvius has entered the lab. JC sees the message and quickly leaves with Ava. While they are leaving, Ava sees a kid being held inside one of the lab rooms. She gets a hunch the kid is connected to her past, so Ava decides to stay. She goes back to the room, but the kid is already gone. Ava decides to try and get inside the room, but the alarms go off the moment she tries to open the door. The guards chase after Ava. She gets cornered, but the ghostly figure appears behind her. The figure scares the guard away.

[00:36:00] Ava turns around to look at the ghostly figure—things escalate as the figure transforms into the Tarask. Ava screams as she runs for her life. Father Vincent arrives just as the Tarask shows itself. Mary and the team try to kill the Tarask, but their bullets don’t damage it. Ava grabs the Divinium Shield and hits the Tarask, pushing it back to hell. The team wonders why the Tarask stopped attacking. Father Vincent tries to talk to Ava, but she just wants to leave. Beatrice tranquilizes Ava; she had a feeling Ava would not cooperate. They take Ava with them back at their base.

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