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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Ecclesiasticus 26:9-10


Published 7 months ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Ecclesiasticus 26:9-10

[00:00:30] Ava decides to go into town to have a night of fun. She chooses to live instead of a life of servitude. As Ava goes to the nearest bar she could find, she sees a woman leaving the bar. A man decides to follow the woman as Ava sees a wraith demon following them—something evil is about to happen. Ava tries to stop herself from playing the hero, but she can’t. Ava follows the man to help the woman, but tables turn quickly. A bunch of women jumps the man along with Ava. They steal the man’s wallet and try to kill him. Ava stops the woman and ends up getting stabbed.

[00:02:00] Ava moans in pain as she lies on the pavement grasping her wound. She remembers the first time she woke up after the accident. She called out to her mother, but a nun responded. The nun told her to keep quiet. She said there’d been a car accident and her mother was dead. Ava was lucky to be alive, but she’s left in the care of a wicked nun. The next morning, Ava walks around the beach looking for the house she stayed in with JC. A hooded figure runs after her, so she runs. The hooded figure calls out to Ava—it is JC. Ava is surprised to see him; she was just looking for them. He tells Ava they need to change houses because the house owners have arrived. Ava asks about the others. “I’ll take you,” JC tells her.

[00:04:30] JC takes Ava to the new house. Chanel sees Ava’s bloody clothes and tells JC she will find her some new clothes. Ava has poor taste in clothes, but it’s not because she has poor taste; it’s just that she hasn’t been given a chance to decide for herself. Chanel tells her fashion can be an illusion, so it’s important to find out who she is. Ava trusts Chanel to help her out with her fashion choices.

[00:07:00] Things take a turn for the worst as Zori and Randall arrive after shopping for supplies. Zori reveals Jillian Salvius went to their house to find Ava. The revelation shocks Ava because she doesn’t know what Jillian wants with her. Zori tells JC he ruined their thing by bringing Ava into their group. Zori doesn’t want to get caught and go to prison, so they need to leave before the police are notified of what they’re doing. Ava wants to come along with them, but Zori refuses. Zori and JC start arguing about Ava, causing her to shout, and the halo rattles the house causing cracks in the walls. Ava leaves them full of questions about what happened.

[00:09:00] Meanwhile, Kristian goes to Dr. Salvius to tell her Blair Macready’s dead. Jillian thinks Cardinal Duretti is behind it. Meanwhile, Cardinal Duretti goes to the monastery to take control of the operation. The Vatican thinks Father Vincent is losing control of OCS. He fails to control Ava, so the OCS loses the halo for the second time. Mother Superion takes the side of Cardinal Duretti. Duretti tells Mother Superion to convince Father Vincent they need to take swift action on the halo matter before the OCS is discontinued.

[00:12:00] Ava sits by the sea, thinking of skipping town to start a new life. She remembers how Sister Frances mistreated her over the years of her stay in the orphanage. JC manages to find Ava and asks to tag along. “What about your gang?” Ava asks him. “They’re not real friends,” he replies. He knows they will part ways, and that time is now. She accepts his offer, but it’s not just JC who manages to find Ava. A car is following them as they walk over to the port. Meanwhile, Cardinal Duretti takes over the OCS for the time being. Beatrice and Camila ask Lilith why Cardinal Duretti is taking over; they also ask where Father Vincent is, but Lilith doesn’t care. All she wants is to become the next halo-bearer.

[00:16:30] Mary goes to Shannon’s room to look for clues. She is still in the process of accepting her death, and going back to Shannon’s room brings tears to her eyes. Mary sees a piece of cloth sticking on the walls of Shannon’s room. She knows something isn’t right. Meanwhile, Duretti tells Lilith to find Ava and bring back the halo. Lilith knows Ava won’t come back with her willingly, so Duretti orders Lilith to get the halo back at all cost, even if she needs to kill Ava. Mary goes to Father Vincent to confess. She tells him about the piece of cloth she found on Shannon’s wall. Mary knows there is a room behind that wall Shannon phased through. Father Vincent doesn’t want to attract attention to their plan, so they need to find Ava to phase through the wall.

[00:24:30] Ava is still with JC as they plan to leave Spain. JC went to Spain on just a whim. He first went to Geneva, where he met with Chanel and Zori. Then they went to Amsterdam, where they met Randall. JC asks her to tell her story, but Ava says she’s still figuring it out. Meanwhile, Cardinal Duretti orders the warrior nuns to break into Arq-Tech to steal the Divinium Shield. Lilith leads the team inside the lab.

[00:28:30] When Ava and JC arrive at the port, Ava realizes she can’t leave. She knows Sister Frances killed her because she was a cripple, and she would do the same to Diego. She needs to return to the orphanage to save Diego. Ava tells JC to buy the tickets while she goes back to help a friend. Meanwhile, Beatrice hears that the guards at Arq-Tech have spotted Ava. “On it,” Lilith suddenly rushes to Ava’s location. Beatrice leads the team to procure the shield. The alarms go off, so she needs to retrieve the shield independently. She orders Camila to take the rest of the team and leave.

[00:33:00] Beatrice single-handedly breaks into the secured lab to take the shield. She meets resistance from the guards, but she takes them all down with ease. Upon entering the lab, Beatrice sees the machine Salvius is constructing. She does the sign of the cross then sees the shield. She takes it and escapes. Meanwhile, Ava gets to the orphanage just in time. Sister Frances is about to kill Diego the same way she killed her. Ava confronts Sister Frances and asks how many children she has killed over the years. Frances replies she has already lost count. Frances tells Ava she saves the children from pain and misery as they are not fit to live outside the orphanage walls. Ava tries to take the syringe away from Frances, but she thrusts it to Ava instead.

[00:37:00] Frances thinks she killed Ava for the second time, but the halo saved her from being poisoned. Ava defends herself and accidentally kills her. Diego sees the whole thing. He tells Ava to leave before she gets into trouble. Diego goes to the other orphanage sisters to tell them what happened. Ava leaves the orphanage feeling guilty about what she did. She knows she had just committed murder, but she justifies it—she was able to save Diego and countless other kids. Meanwhile, Salvius arrives at her lab only to find the shield is gone. Kristian shows her the security footage of Beatrice dismantling her guards and taking the shield. Salvius knows Duretti is behind the attack on her lab. Without the Divinium Shield, she wouldn’t be able to finish her projects.

[00:40:00] Salvius tells Kristian to buy Macready’s private security team, so they would have their private army. Kristian is against going to war against the church, but they are already at war. Salvius knows she doesn’t stand a chance against warrior nuns, so she needs to fight back. Meanwhile, Beatrice brings the shield back to the monastery. She tells Mother Superion and Cardinal Duretti about the device Dr. Salvius is building in her lab. Mother Superion wonders what Salvius is making, but Cardinal Duretti jumps the gun and tells her the device is a portal to open the gates of hell.

[00:41:00] Lilith greets Ava as she makes her way out of the orphanage. Ava tells her she doesn’t plan on returning to the monastery. Lilith doesn’t need Ava to return with her; all she wants is the halo. Lilith draws the Divinium Sword while telling Ava she only needs a part of her to return.

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