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WAYWARD PINES :The Female of the Species is More Deadly Than the Male in “City Upon a Hill”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

Wayward Pines Series 2 episode 6 – City upon a hill

By William Mitchell

A siege mentality sets in at Wayward Pines

This rocket ship of a season just hit the hyper-drive button. Episode six’s opening scene was of a serene Abby gathering in the woods. The soft focus scene showing communal living, social engagement and loving child care, all shattered by Pilcher in a helicopter decimating the commune by gun fire. All this to erect the fence around Wayward Pines.

Meanwhile, the Abbies co-ordinated attack of the vital crops using fire as a weapon also saw CJ, Theresa, Hessler and the harvest team based outside the crop field violently attacked. The townsfolk rally to sirens and phone calls to help those in peril.

In reaction, Dr Yedlin rises to the challenge, setting up triage for those returning from battle, his strong leadership steadying an uncertain medical team. The battlefield injuries, deaths and defeat at the hands of a supposedly dumb enemy shatter’s Jason’s confidence. Kerry sees this and confronts Jason’s signs of weakness with an aggressive pep talk.

In the cold light of day a realization of just how perilous their position is, with low food stocks and no means to replace them, sinks in. Medicine is in dangerously low supply, again, with no means to replenish them. With the exception of Jason, most believe an increasingly intelligent enemy surrounds the town. All this prompts Jason to ask his corporate team “How can we survive?”

Jason’s reluctance to accept the Abbies as higher functioning entities is a further sign of his crumbling resolve. Dr Yedlin proves beyond doubt that Margaret is indeed special with capacities beyond the human level. The end scene was as chilling as it was prophetic with an increased population of Abbies surrounding Wayward Pines and howling so loudly that the residents spill out onto the street.

“We’re safe, right Dr Yedlin?”

An Army Marches on its Stomach

Previously, the residents of Wayward Pines had been oblivious to the battle going on around them and their increased knowledge of the conflict now brings fear and alarm to their once idyllic life. It’s clear from this week’s opener that while Pilcher may have been the creator of Wayward Pines, his early efforts clearly brought about the conflict and now the encirclement of the town and its residents.

The slaughter of the protecting force and their retreat to the triage room saw imagery reminiscent of any war film. Casualties in various states of destruction gave a sense of the defeat they had endured. However, Dr Yedlin’s team rose to the challenge after his calm, controlled, and concise instructions.

Jason’s assertion that the Abbies are dumb animals with aggressive and violent feeding as their only attribute is an increasing sign of his fear. His new-generation confidence often bolstered by Kerry’s hostile pep talks, is failing and the immature young man is beginning to shine through.

Jason’s attempt to rally the townsfolk during the memorial for those who lost their lives in the course of  the attack sounded biblical. However, as Xander mentioned, the uniform offers a visual difference. Standing at the lectern in the black uniform surrounded by soldiers and a gun salute for the dead looked militia in an attempt to show force and control.

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