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WAYWARD PINES Took Us Back to the Beginning in “Sound the Alarm”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By William Mitchell

Last night’s “Sound the Alarm”came like a set of brakes on the Wayward Pines rocket ship, finally allowing the world to catch up.

In the last episode we saw an emerging Abby from the creepy merry-go-round approaching Lucy’s brother Frank who was rooted to the spot in fear. The ever watchful Jason dispatched the guard to save the night and to protect the town from fear, alarm and knowledge.

An astute Kerry identifies the Abby as different, a female of the species and as such requires a little more restraint when dealing with the threat. The female Abby goes quietly with the guards. No snarling, no biting, no struggle. What could be wrong?

Meanwhile, Pilcher’s seduction of Rebecca Yedlin for the role of grand architect of Wayward Pines was explored in a series of flash backs. Money and contracts, sumptuous food and wine and promises of building a better world were all heaped upon Rebecca. Her thoughts of a utopian world then smashed as she realized Pilcher was serious.

Frank’s trip to the clinical procreation program suite was also awkward to watch. The stern ‘Madam’ taking role call and the 50’s love song blended with clean sheets, school badge bath robes made it all seem so sterile. Frank’s hitherto unknown sexuality is awakened.

Kerry’s visit to the hospital however brought her into contact with the ‘Receptionist Protectionist’ in Arlene, sketching her white knight in Dr Yedlin. Yedlin exerts his position of strength once again. This time to secure control of all thing medical and science.

The bombshell of Xander and Rebecca’s marriage for the past year explodes in Dr Yedlin’s face. Another unrequited love interest in Hessler as he begged forgiveness from Theresa for his part in the loss of her husband and son. He did it all for love.

And, a sidelined Megan reveals her thoughts to the restrained female Abby ‘Margaret’ and continues in her contemptuous pursuit of her goals and experiments on the Abby Margaret in spite of Dr Yedlin’s instructions.

The rocket ship of a story that is Wayward Pines looks set to take off once again, Abby’s are telepathic 

Dreams or Nightmares, what will we build?

The flashbacks to post Wayward Pines and the seduction of Rebecca was sweetly orchestrated. Sumptuous settings, fine art, fine wine, history and culture discussion by Pilcher and Rebecca gave a fine setting for the world to come. It came to a crashing halt as Pilcher explained how they would get there, in the overnight sleeper train, no wait, the cryogenic sleeper. It hit the buffers for Rebecca!

Theresa Burke’s pain and suffering over the loss of her family deepens with thoughts of their previous life. Theresa’s decision to remain by her son’s side outside the protection of the fence disturbs CJ and Adam.

Adams attempts to find forgiveness in confession to Theresa, which only compounds her misery. He explains his plan, trying to keep her with him when Ethan Burke left, which failed miserably and as a result Adam had to follow Theresa to 4032.

A disturbing insight into Megan’s clinical procreation program was revealed in this episode. Clearly her ‘mind controlling’ techniques are working as Frank’s understanding of the word ‘gay’ in reference to his failed procreation program visit was clear. “I’m far from happy.” Dr Yedlin’s horror was obvious.

In the previous episode it was clear there was a history with Xander and Rebecca. The opening sequence clearly shows Dr Yedlin and Rebecca being at odds in their previous life as well as this one. The announcement, forced by Jason, that Xander and Rebecca were married exploded in Dr Yedlin face. His anger causing him to leave the fake martial home.

We finally hear about Megan’s survival of the Abby’s on ‘Invasion Day’. Trampled? Megan’s chat with the Abby now known as Margaret appeared one-sided. However, Margaret looks to be more capable than appearances would have us believe.

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