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13 Reasons Why Nears Its Renewal For Season 2

BY David Riley

Published 5 years ago

13 Reasons Why Nears Its Renewal For Season 2

After the huge success of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” the studio is now leaning towards a second season for the teen drama. The series revolved around the events that led up to the suicide of protagonist Hannah Baker through thirteen tapes involving different people in her school. It’s adapted from Jay Asher’s best-selling novel of the same name, and confronts issues like bullying, rape and suicide in extensive, gory detail.

“13 Reasons Why” debuted last March and quickly drew in mixed reviews and critical acclaim, making fans and the stars themselves demand for a second season. Everything in the book has been covered in the show, even adding a few more plot details and new characters. Asher has been very vocal about being on board for season 2, and the “13 Reasons Why” cast is confident that there are more stories to tell after the events of the first season.

But in the past few weeks after the show’s release, “13 Reasons Why” has been facing a lot of backlash from mental health organizations. The show has been slammed for it’s graphic (triggering to some) depiction of Hannah’s suicide, and for glamorizing the act of doing self-harm. But despite these, fans still wanted to see more of what the story has to offer and it looks like Netflix is giving in to popular demand.

13 Reasons Why Inches Closer To Season 2

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is getting ready for a deal for season 2. Sources say that the writers have been at work for quite some time now, though the studio refuses to give a comment. Earlier this week, news broke out that Ross Butler’s “Riverdale” character, Reggie, was going to be recast due to Butler’s scheduling conflicts. This only implies that Netflix is indeed working on Season 2 for “13 Reasons Why.” No official statement has been given out, but based on everything that’s happened in the past weeks, it strongly suggests that it has been green lit.

Renewing the series would indeed spark controversy; but social media response for “13 Reasons Why” has been blowing up, which just proves that the show is a hit. And despite the relatively negative reaction from organizations and a number of critics, the positive reviews remains the same, if not continues to pour in.

As much as the series served as an emotional and powerful rally to be kind to everyone and treat people with equal respect, the show also blamed the circumstances in Hannah’s circle for her death, instead of addressing her own mental health as well. Should “13 Reasons Why” get a second season, it will have to proceed carefully this time, as well as correct it’s mistakes. For sure, given the impact that it’s having everywhere, the show can be a meaningful beacon of hope on television.

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