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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:00:30] Yuzuha stood on top of a building in Tokyo. She reminisced about rock climbing with her father. She swore that she would survive for him. Arisu tried to start a few cars, but nothing worked. They went to a shopping center to see if they could gather supplies and equipment. None of the advanced electronics worked. The only things that worked were old radios that didn’t run on an electric circuit board. Chota remembered the fireworks that they had seen on the day that everyone went missing. He told Arisu that it could’ve been an Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack. These EMP attacks were capable of destroying electronics within an entire city. Arisu wondered why the phones provided for the game were still working. Chota didn’t have a clue. As soon as the phone’s battery died, they were completely useless as well.

[00:06:00] The first woman that joined them was Shibuki. The three of them told her what they were doing before everyone disappeared. Karube asked Shibuki what she was doing at the time; she didn’t tell them the truth. Shibuki told them that she was at work when she was sleeping with her boss. She was in the shower when everyone disappeared. After a few days, she arrived in Tokyo and participated in one of the games. No one survived from her group except her. Karube accused Shibuki of using the other players as bait, but she did what she needed to do in order to survive. Everyone wondered what happened to the rest of the world and how everyone disappeared at different times. Arisu assured them that there was a game master who was behind everything that had happened.

[00:10:00] Chota wondered whether they time traveled inside the cubicle. Karube told him that his suggestion was impossible. Without any other logical explanation, Chota concluded that God was responsible for everything. Chota squirmed in pain as his burns got worse. He assured everyone that he was alright. Later that evening, Karube spoke with Arisu. He suggested that they join the next game in order to gain some information. Karube told Arisu that they needed to gain the upper hand in order to survive the games with Chota’s injury. He really wanted to protect Chota and didn’t see any other way. Arisu eventually agreed to join a game with Karube, all for the sake of information. Karube and Arisu went over to join a game. There were 13 participants. There was a newbie within the participants. Arisu wanted to help him, but Karube thought otherwise.

[00:16:00] One of the participants introduced himself as Nitobe. He informed Karube and Arisu regarding the meaning behind the cards. Club refers to team battles, Diamond for a battle of wits, Spade for a battle of strength, and Hearts for a battle of hearts/feelings. The numbers were the degree of difficulty. The current game was a five of spades. They were to play a game of tag. No one knew the tagger, but as long as they could identify a safe zone within the building and stay there within the time limit, they would survive. The game would last for 20 minutes before a time bomb detonated. Back at the shopping center, Chota prayed for their safety. Shibuki was trying to get inside Chota’s head. Chota is the weak link within their group. He told Shibuki that Karube and Arisu had rescued him from bullies when they were little.

[00:19:00] Chota admitted that he once again needed to rely on his friends. Shibuki suggested that Chota died for his friends instead. Back at the game, Arisu and Karube searched the building for the safe zone. The game started, and everyone heard the tagger approaching. After a few minutes, they heard a weird sound. The group went over to check it out and found one of the players dead. They came face to face with the tagger, who was wearing a horse mask. He used his Uzi to shoot them. Arisu and Karube hid on the third floor while Nitobe ran for his life. Meanwhile, Shibuki told Chota the truth about sleeping with her boss. She seduced Chota because she knew he was weak. Nitobe was gunned down by the tagger while another player tried to leave the premises and died from the red laser.

[00:30:00] Shibuki continued to seduce Chota while Arisu and Karube were playing a game. Arisu realized that the tagger’s vision was limited due to his mask. He shouted the tagger’s location in hopes of helping the other players. Yuzuha decided to respond and help, but she almost got killed. They had 8 minutes remaining before the bomb went off. Arisu saved the newbie as the tagger spotted him from a higher level. The other players decided to help one another. Two men asked for Karube’s help in taking down the tagger while Arisu searched for the safe zone. Arisu noticed that the two men were wearing weird bracelets. Yuzuha decided to help Arisu by using her climbing skills to scale the floors with ease. Karube bid Arisu farewell as he went with the two men. They lured the tagger to the ground floor.

[00:38:00] One of the two men used the other one as bait so that they could kill the tagger. The tagger killed the other guy. Karube and the other guy tried to take him down, but they couldn’t. Karube ended up getting slashed by a machete in the thick of the battle. Meanwhile, Arisu and the hooded player figured out where the safe room was. With 3 minutes remaining Arisu opened the safe room. They entered the room and found another tagger inside waiting for them. Arisu and the hooded player were able to evade the gunshots. The hooded player left the safe room while Arisu continued further inside. He discovered that two players needed to push two buttons simultaneously in order to stop the game. He called out from a window in order to have someone assist him. Yuzuha heard him and started climbing.

[00:44:00] Arisu came face to face with the second tagger. He did his best to disarm him as he cried out for help. Yuzuha did her best and climbed to the fourth floor while Karube and the other player were still fighting the first tagger on the ground floor. Yuzuha arrived, and with the help of the hooded player,d they were able to disable the second tagger. With just one second to spare, Yuzuha and Arisu were able to press the buzzers and stop the bomb from going off. The second tagger removed her mask. Before she could say a word, the collar on her neck exploded and killed her. The same thing happened with the first tagger.

[00:47:00] Karube discovered that the taggers were also playing their own game. He heard a weird noise coming from the body of the other player. He went over to investigate and saw a walkie-talkie in his pocket. Someone was telling them to go back to the beach. He tried to find the player’s ally, but he was gone.


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