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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Alberto talked about Raquel as Salva hitched a ride with him. Alberto thought she was doing quite well even after their breakup. Salva told him that Raquel was an extraordinary woman, and Alberto agreed. Alberto wanted what was best for Raquel and his daughter; as long as they were doing okay, he felt good. Alberto offered to turn on the air conditioning as Salva looked a bit hot, but he told him he felt a bit rough. He told Salva that he shouldn’t drink the coffee being offered by caterers.

[00:02:05] Salva agreed and told Alberto that he had made the mistake of drinking three cups. Salva shared that it was embarrassing to take a dump at the villa, so he held it in, but he didn’t know how much longer he could hold it. Alberto offered to pull over at the next gas station, but he told him that he could just pull over to the side of the road.

[00:03:00] Salva sprinted over to the other side of the vacant lot where Alberto couldn’t see him. It seemed that he was faking having an upset stomach; he rummaged through the nearby trash bin for newspaper and burnt a small piece. Salva took his time, causing Alberto to go check on him. He managed to fool Alberto that he took a dump and went back to his car in time.

[00:05:30] Raquel called on Suarez and Pilar; she asked them to examine Angel’s car. Pilar told her that they already had as part of forensic procedures; however, they didn’t find anything except clogged brake hoses, which didn’t mean anything. Raquel told Pilar that the car could’ve been tampered with, but she disagreed. Pilar told Raquel that parts break apart when a car rolls over at 170 kilometers per hour.

[00:06:15] Raquel asked Pilar if Angel told her where he got the teaspoon, but Angel didn’t mention anything to her. Raquel suggested that Angel got the teaspoon from the villa and that someone had tried to kill him. Suarez told her to calm down as they didn’t have any evidence to support her claims. Raquel planned to set a trap thinking, that the killer might try to finish Angel once and for all.

[00:07:20] Alberto and Salva continued their journey back to Madrid. Salva initiated a conversation about what Alberto said earlier. He told Alberto that he didn’t believe him when he said he wanted what was best for Raquel and Paula. Salva stated that if he really wanted the best for his family, he wouldn’t have had an affair with Raquel’s sister. Alberto told him that it was none of his business, but Salva disagreed. Salva couldn’t believe that Alberto could have an affair with Raquel’s sister, but when he heard that he also tried to hit on Paula’s teacher, he knew that Alberto had mental problems.

[00:08:00] Salva suggested that Alberto should be the one seeking help from a psychiatrist instead of Raquel. Alberto had had enough; he cursed Salva and pulled over. He asked Salva to get out of the car, but he told him that once he got out of the car, he would beat Salva up so badly, he wouldn’t remember what day it was. Alberto removed his pistol and left it inside the car. Salva got out of the car and removed his jacket.

[00:09:30] Tokyo, Rio, and Denver brought Berlin to one of the bathrooms and tied him to a chair. They secured the door with wooden planks as Tokyo showed him a glass vial; she asked Berlin if he knew what the vial was. Berlin knew that it was his medicine; Tokyo referred to it as days to live. She was amazed that something so valuable was kept in something as fragile as a vial. Then she threw it to the floor. Berlin winced as the glass shattered and laughed, telling Tokyo that she seemed mad for losing the election earlier. Tokyo sat in front of him, saying that she wouldn’t sit around and wait to be killed just because they voted on it. Berlin didn’t get to decide for the three of them.

[00:10:30] Berlin told Tokyo that they could leave; he told her he would keep them in his prayers and thanked them for the wonderful time that he shared with them. Tokyo wasn’t amused; she took out another vial and asked Berlin to tell them what Plan Chernobyl was about, or else she would break his whole stash of medicine. Berlin laughed as he declined Tokyo’s offer. She threw the vial to the floor, and Berlin winced once more. Berlin ridiculed Tokyo for choosing to torture him using glass vials; he even called her immature, which resulted in her breaking another vial. Berlin suggested a different approach, something more convincing such as cutting one of his limbs.

[00:11:20] Tokyo asked Denver to give her the revolver. She took out all the bullets and placed one bullet back inside the cylinder. She opted for Russian roulette, but it would only be Berlin playing. Tokyo pointed the gun at his throat and asked him once again what Plan Chernobyl was. Berlin wasn’t convinced that Tokyo had the guts to pull the trigger, but she did. Luckily, Berlin was still alive.

[00:12:20] Salva and Alberto were in the middle of nowhere, preparing to have a fistfight. Alberto approached him and threw the first punch; Salva bobbed and weaved to dodge his attacks as he stepped back to remove his glasses. Salva asked Alberto if his decision was final as there would be no turning back, and he would get hurt. Back at the bathroom, Tokyo fired the revolver again; somehow, Berlin was still alive. Alberto threw another punch; this time, Salva countered and placed him in a sleeper hold. Alberto slowly drifted away as Salva carefully laid him on the ground. Tokyo took two more shots, and somehow, Berlin was still alive. Before Tokyo could fire off the fifth shot, they heard Nairobi knocking on the door, asking what they were doing.

[00:13:20] Berlin told Nairobi that they were playing Russian roulette and asked her to come back later. Nairobi called Tokyo; she asked her if she had gone crazy and planned to ruin everything for everyone. Tokyo approached the door and told Nairobi that her plan to find her son was shit and that he would no longer remember her as he had already been adopted by a new family. Tokyo egged on Nairobi even further by telling her that she chose to sell pills instead of taking care of her son, which resulted in her losing her son. Nairobi couldn’t hold it any longer; she took out her pistol and asked Tokyo to move closer to the door. Before she could pull the trigger, Moscow arrived to stop her. Rio also tried to calm Tokyo down, saying that their plan was getting out of hand.

[00:15:15] Salva went to Alberto’s car and opened the trunk and his briefcase. He took out the sample that they found from the villa’s chimney and blew it away. He then took out his wallet to replace the burnt sample with a burnt piece of newspaper. Moscow knocked on the door and asked Denver to come out before he got into deep trouble. He told him to forget about the Stockholm syndrome as they rushed to conclusions. None of them were doctors, so they didn’t know what they were talking about. He begged him not to ruin their plans. Rio asked Denver if they should come out, and he nodded in agreement, but Tokyo declined.

[00:16:50] Berlin wanted Tokyo to pull the trigger and end him. He no longer cared since he was terminally ill, and dying by Tokyo’s hands wouldn’t end any of his hopes and dreams. Berlin told Tokyo that if he died, no one would be able to save them because only he knew the details of Plan Chernobyl. Before Tokyo could pull the trigger, Moscow and Nairobi broke the door down. She approached Tokyo and pointed the revolver at her heart. Tokyo lowered her gun and left the room.

[00:18:00] Alberto woke up, and Salva tried to help him up, but he refused. Salva apologized for what happened and told Alberto that he had gotten carried away. Alberto returned to his car and took out his pistol; he arrested Salva for assaulting a police officer and took him to the police station. Alberto turned him over to one of the officers and told them to take his prints and lock him up. Helsinki lit candles around Oslo’s dead body. Berlin asked him if he was ready, and he nodded. Tokyo checked on the hostages counting the money and went to the loading area where Helsinki was waiting for her. He held Tokyo by her throat and dragged her behind the crates.

[00:21:00] Helsinki tied Tokyo to a metal cart. Berlin approached her and told her that she looked like a birthday present. He removed the duct tape on her mouth, and she asked Berlin what he was going to do to her. She wanted to know if Berlin was going to kill her; he responded that they weren’t going to kill or torture her. Berlin signaled Helsinki to open the front door. He told Tokyo that it would be the start of a beautiful friendship as he pushed the cart out of the mint.

[00:23:20] The police approached Tokyo and removed her from the cart. Colonel Prieto issued an order for the police to step away from her as she might be carrying explosives on her. Everyone stepped back and stood guard as they ordered her to remove her jumpsuit. Tokyo did as ordered and slowly stripped her clothes. With the assurance that she didn’t have any explosives on her, the police approached Tokyo and tried to restrain her. She dodged the police as she sprinted across the yard. She remembered what the Professor told them once anyone got caught, they needed to do everything to buy more time. As they restrained Tokyo, she faked an injury caused by getting tackled. The police radioed the command center, and Prieto approved to get her to a doctor.

[00:28:00] With another flashback, Tokyo sat inside the Professor’s room and told him that he had lied to all of them. Tokyo saw the Professor and Berlin hugging and calling each other by their real names. He tried to convince Tokyo to discuss the issue the next day, but she refused. She told the Professor that he would become their guardian angel, and guardian angels didn’t lie. The Professor told her that his real name was Sergio Marquina. He shared with Tokyo the story of his father, who had the idea of their heist. He assured Tokyo that everything would go according to plan and that he wouldn’t fail them no matter what happened.

[00:30:00] The police took Sergio’s mugshot, fingerprints, and belongings. While waiting for the police to take his statement, he heard that Tokyo was arrested and was being treated inside the security perimeter of the Royal mint. Berlin explained to the team that Tokyo had lost her mind and that she couldn’t take it anymore. He told them that he had made a difficult decision to turn her in. He asked everyone to hold hands, comparing them to platelets of the human body. Rio didn’t want to join them. He tried to look for allies within the group, but everyone sided with Berlin; they all believed that Tokyo had lost it.

[00:35:30] Rio couldn’t accept their decision, so he decided to just leave. He slid his pistol over to Berlin and headed for the door. Rio told everyone that they had made the wrong decision by siding with Berlin. Helsinki secretly handed Berlin a syringe and a white handkerchief. Berlin gave Rio the handkerchief and reminded him to wave it as he stepped outside so that the snipers wouldn’t shoot him. Berlin gave him a hug and stuck the syringe in his nape. Rio slowly drifted away as Berlin told him that he should only trust him.

[00:36:40] Tokyo lay inside the ambulance as the police guarded her while the medical personnel checked on her. She kept thinking of killing Berlin, but she couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t affect Rio. She wanted to tell the police how they planned on escaping or provide them with the location of their hangar; however, Rio would also end up in prison. After the check-up, the police covered Tokyo’s face and escorted her to the command center. Prieto asked Tokyo why they had turned her in. She told him that she had tortured Berlin and that he didn’t take it lightly.

[00:38:30] The Professor had explained what the team needed to do once someone was caught and interrogated. He told them that they only needed to continue with their plan and keep their mouth shut. If anyone was interrogated, they only needed to give the police a little bit of truth to get them to believe that they would get vital information from them. Once they convinced the police, they only needed to stall them so that the rest of the crew could continue to do their job.

[00:40:35] Raquel entered the command center and saw Tokyo strapped to a chair wearing only her underwear. She covered her up and apologized for the way they were treating her. Raquel went straight to the point and asked Tokyo who the Professor was.

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