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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:00:30] Arisu felt guilty that he had killed the other player earlier. He sat outside the safe room, processing his guilt. Yuzuka exited the safe room and saw Arisu on the floor. He told Yuzuka about his guilt. She responded that everyone was made to participate in the game. Yuzuka added that she was amazed at her willingness to do anything in order to survive. She told Arisu that if they’re not willing to survive, then they might as well just die. Yuzuka left the apartment building after their conversation. The hooded player stayed inside the safe room. He checked the dead player’s pocket and found a piece of paper. Lines were scribbled on the paper, and it looked like a map.

[00:04:00] Shibuki looked at herself in the mirror. She wanted to return to her normal life. She had slept with her boss in order to get promoted. Shibuki wasn’t going to let the games ruin her dreams. Chota welcomed Arisu and Karube as they arrived that morning. They informed Shibuki and Chota about the walkie-talkie and the beach. Shibuki told them that Chota would not endure the journey to the beach with his injury. She added that their visas were ending tonight. Karube assured them that they would survive the game and look for the beach the next day. He vowed to make it to the beach no matter what happened. Arisu kept on thinking about the player that he had killed and what Yuzuka told him. It got to the point that he was being haunted by the player.

[00:07:30] Arisu told Shibuki about what happened during the game. He recalled killing another player; he wasn’t glad or relieved about what happened, but he really wanted to survive. Shibuki told him that was the same thing that had happened in her first game. Everyone expected her to die, but her will to survive pushed her through. Karube went back to the bar and found the engagement ring that he had bought for Emi. He wished for her safety as he took the ring with him. Chota and Shibuki waited for Karube along with Arisu. Karube arrived and apologized for the delay, but Chota got mad. He couldn’t accept the apology knowing that his life was on the line. Karube assisted Chota to the next game. They passed through the laser barrier and joined the game.

[00:13:00] Each one of them took a phone and wore the game goggles. The category was Hearts, with a difficulty of 7. The game was hide and seek. A player would be tagged as the wolf, while the remaining players would be tagged as lambs. The game stated that the player tagged as the wolf by the end of the game will win and all the other players will die. Chota and Shibuki couldn’t believe that only one of them would survive. Chota was chosen to be the wolf by default. The timer began, and they had 15 minutes to play the game. Chota tried to take the goggles off, but Arisu wouldn’t let him. They discovered that eye contact transfers the wolf tagging to the next player. Shibuki drew their attention and ran as the game declared her as the wolf.

[00:18:00] Shibuki ran inside the botanical garden as Karube chased her. Karube shouted for her, but she hid inside one of the bushes. Chota tried to follow them, but he couldn’t keep up with his injury. He called out to Shibuki and told her not to run. She apologized, but Karube eventually caught up with her. He tried to kill her, but she evaded his attack. Shibuki accidentally looked at Karube and transferred the wolf tagging. Karube intentionally gave the tagging to Arisu. He tried to talk to them, but Shibuki knew that there was nothing they could do to save one another. Chota felt helpless as he began to pray. Karube and Shibuki cornered Arisu inside the garden. They were both convinced that Arisu just wanted to survive instead of helping them. Chota tackled Shibuki in order to help Arisu.

[00:24:00] Chota pinned Shibuki to the ground as Arisu ran for his life. Shibuki tried to escape. She reminded Chota that she had slept with him, so he should return the favor. Karube chased him in order to get the wolf tag back. Arisu tried his best in order to remove the goggles safely. He tried a bunch of different tools, but nothing worked out. He was running out of options, and he thought of cutting the wire. Arisu remembered how the other player’s collar exploded, instantly killing her. Arisu couldn’t cut the wire for fear of killing himself. Karube wanted to be the wolf in order to survive and marry Emi. Sadly, he was bleeding out because of his injury from the previous game.

[00:30:00] Chota told them that he didn’t want things to end like this as he kept Shibuki at bay. They all remembered the friendship that they had shared throughout the years. Karube remembered the times that he felt down, and his friends were there to cheer him up. Chota remembered how Arisu and Karube had always had his back. Arisu knew that his friends were the only thing that mattered. Arisu wanted to drop out of the game and let one of his friends survive. He went back inside the garden to search for them.

[00:34:00] With 3 minutes remaining, Chota and Karube decided to hide from Arisu. They didn’t respond to his shouts as he called out to them while he roamed the garden. Chota did his best to keep Shibuki from revealing their location. With time running out, Karube and Chota reminisced one last time about the day they had noodles. Chota laughed so hard that noodles came out of his nose. Chota and Karube decided that Arisu should live on for them. They thanked him for his friendship. Shibuki apologized to Chota for what she did. Karube revealed his location to Arisu but before he could get to him the collar exploded.

[00:38:00] Blood splattered everywhere as Arisu mourned the loss of his friends. He couldn’t do anything but shout at the top of his lungs and cry. He wanted to remove the collar and goggles from his head, but he couldn’t. Chota and Shibuki died together. Karube died holding on to the engagement ring for Emi.

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