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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:00:30] Hatter and Aguni entered the seaside paradise in Tokyo for the first time. He told Aguni that he would establish the second beach there. Hatter was reminiscing about that time as he checked the playing cards he had accumulated during his time at borderlands. Yuzuha entered Arisu’s room to open the blinds and wake him up. He asked Yuzuha if she was able to gather some information. Yuzuha responded that she wasn’t able to get anything. Arisu got up to gather information. She warned him that Hatter had taken a liking toward him, so the militants would have their eye on him. Arisu confirmed and began to talk to people at the beach. All he got was hearsay and gossip. He told Yuzuha that their only hope would be to collect all the cards. Yuzuha left Arisu for a while to do some recon work.

[00:06:00] Arisu went to the back of the resort and found the two ladies talking. He tried to approach them and ask for information, but they ran away as soon as he started talking. Arisu heard a gunshot and saw some members of the militants walking away from a dumpster. He slowly approached the dumpster. Arisu covered his nose as soon as he reached the dumpster. He removed the covering and saw bodies of different people wearing swimsuits. The hooded player appeared with Kuina and told Arisu that this was the true nature of the beach’s third rule, “Death to all traitors.” They went to the rooftop to talk. The hooded player asked Arisu why he was gathering information and what he planned to do with it. Arisu responded that he didn’t have any plans at the moment. The hooded player asked him how he planned to live in the borderlands.

[00:08:00] Arisu told the hooded player that he just wanted answers to his questions. He wanted to know who created the game and its purpose. He also wanted to know who killed Chota and Karube. Arisu thought that he would be able to return to the real world with everyone, but since it was no longer possible, he at least wanted Yuzuha to return. Arisu confirmed that Yuzuha was the reason he was still alive. The hooded player told Arisu that his dream was cool but impractical. Kuina told Arisu that he needed to win all the remaining games and become the next #1 at the beach in order to return to the real world. Arisu told them that his plan didn’t concern them, but the hooded player thought otherwise. He told Arisu that he had the potential to change the status quo in one single move.

[00:10:00] The people at the beach cheered for Hatter as he embarked to join a game. He needed to join a game in order to extend his visa. Yuzuha told Arisu what she saw during her recon work. The militants were keeping weaponry in the deepest part of the basement. There were patrols on lookout as well. She told Arisu that Hatter was in an advantageous position due to his control of the militants and their weaponry. The hooded player told Arisu about his plan to steal all the playing cards and leave the beach. He added that the militants and Hatter were no longer getting along, and it was only a matter of time before the militants took over. If they took over, there was no point in staying at the beach anymore. Arisu discussed the hooded player’s plan with Yuzuha.

[00:12:00] Later that evening, Hatter and his group arrived at the game arena. Someone was following them. The next day, the newbie went to Ann’s lab to inform her that something bad had happened. Niragi stopped Arisu and Yuzuha from entering the lobby, but the hooded player invited him. Niragi couldn’t do anything, so Arisu told Yuzuha that he’d see her later. They entered the hall and saw Hatter lying on the table. Ann arrived with the newbie while one of the other executive members updated everyone on what had happened. The maintenance team found Hatter’s body while they were refilling their gasoline supply. It looked like Hatter had failed to complete his game. Ann saw that Hatter had been shot. The newbie told her that his game may have involved guns as a lot of people heard gunshots from the game arena that night.

[00:15:00] One of the executive members ordered them to keep Hatter’s death a secret because they didn’t want to devastate the people living at the beach. #2 of the executive members wanted to assume leadership of the beach, but Niragi objected. He wanted Aguni to assume leadership. He called for a democratic vote for Aguni to be declared a winner. When no one voted for Aguni, he called on Last Boss to get the votes rolling. A man with tattoos all over his body drew his katana and pointed it at Ann’s throat. Niragi called for another vote, and Ann didn’t have a choice but to raise her hand. One of the executive members told Niragi that what he was doing wasn’t democratic, but he pointed a gun at her face. She didn’t have any choice but to vote for Aguni as well.

[00:17:30] Niragi approached the hooded player named Chisiya. He pointed his gun at Chisiya’s face, forcing him to vote for Aguni as well. Soon enough, everyone who voted was forced to vote Aguni as the new leader of the beach. One of the executive members told Niragi that Hatter wouldn’t approve of their takeover if he was still alive. Niragi pointed out that Hatter was already dead, and the dead wouldn’t know anything. He went over to Hatter’s body and pounded him with his gun until Aguni told him to stop. Aguni declared himself as King of the beach. Niragi applauded and told Aguni that it was time to open the black envelope. While they were discussing the plan, Chisiya told Arisu about the black envelope. It contained the passcode for the vault where Hatter kept the playing cards.

[00:21:00] The next #1 would be able to open the black envelop and know the code as well as the location of the vault. The plan was that Arisu would sneak into Hatter’s suite and locate the vault. Chisiya would inform Arisu of the passcode when he had located the vault. Yuzuha and Kuina would be their lookout while Chisiya would inform them about Aguni and the militants’ movement. Yuzuha didn’t approve of their plan, but Arisu told her that it was the only way to topple the militants. Niragi told everyone that there had been a change in leadership. He informed the people of the beach that Hatter was dead and Aguni was now in charge. Chisiya radioed Arisu that Aguni was making his speech with the militants. Arisu entered Hatter’s suite to look for the safe. He rummaged around and found a vault inside the cabinet.

[00:25:00] Chisiya told him that the code was 8022, which is an ambigram of the word “BOSS.” Arisu tried the code, but it didn’t work. He tried calling out to Chisiya, but he was no longer responding. Arisu turned around and saw Niragi with Aguni along with Chisiya. They had caught him red-handed. It seemed Chisiya had used Arisu to enter Hatter’s suite. Aguni thanked Chisiya for his service while he looked at the deer painting inside the suite. Chisiya knew that the real safe was behind the painting. Niragi beat Arisu until he fell unconscious. Aguni told them to bring Arisu to one of the rooms and keep him there. They tied him to a chair using rope and duct tape. His visa would expire the next day, and he wouldn’t be able to participate in a game because of what had happened.

[00:27:00] Niragi told Arisu that he would have the best time with Yuzuha as he sat there waiting for the laser to kill Arisu. Arisu struggled to remove his restraints, but he couldn’t. Meanwhile, Ann dug the bullet out of Hatter’s chest as Kuina kept watch outside Aguni’s room. Chisiya went inside Hatter’s suite to look for the real safe. He removed the deer painting and found the real safe. He opened it and took all the cards inside. While Chisiya was stealing the cards, Last Boss was making his rounds and saw Kuina outside Aguni’s room. Last Boss was suspicious of Kuina, but he let her go. A group of people carried Yuzuha into one of the rooms. They threw her in bed and held her in place. Niragi entered the room and got on top of Yuzuha. He opened her jacket and began licking her all over.

[00:33:00] Niragi started kissing Yuzuha, but he stopped because she had bitten his tongue. Before he could start to rape Yuzuha, the power went out. When the power was restored, the TV inside the room lit up and distracted Niragi. Kuina felt bad for Arisu; Chisiya told her that he should help him if she wanted to. Chisiya and Kuina were on their way out of the beach when he noticed the laser borderline. He realized that the beach had been turned into a gaming arena. Arisu could hear the game starting, but he couldn’t do anything. Back in the room, everyone was distracted when the beach was turned into a gaming arena. Yuzuha took the opportunity to escape. The game was a 10 of hearts. Everyone assembled in the lobby to take a phone. Yuzuha ran for her life and joined everyone in the lobby as well.

[00:37:00] There was a commotion in the lobby because someone had died. It was Momoka, one of the girls that had been spying on Arisu and Yuzuha. The game was named witch-hunt. They needed to look for the witch and throw her into the fire outside. They were given 2 hours to play and look for the witch. The game started with everyone looking at Momoka’s body.

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