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Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 1 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Two years after his near-death experience, Tommy stood with Arthur at the altar waiting for his bride. The Peaky Blinders were on the right side of the church, while the family of the bride was on the left. A carriage pulled in, and the bride entered the church with her father. She walked down the aisle and faced Tommy at the altar. He lifted the veil and presented Grace to Jeremiah. He addressed everyone at the church for the wedding of Tommy and Grace. After the wedding, the family took their photo outside the church. Tommy noticed a shady character outside the church. Tommy and Grace took the carriage back to their house. He instructed Arthur to have their guests meet them back at the house.

[00:07:30] Arthur took a breather at this office before joining everyone for the festivities. He told all the Peaky Blinders to meet him in the kitchen. Grace gathered her family and wondered where Tommy was. When everyone gathered at the kitchen, he reminded everyone that they could not ruin the day for Grace’s sake. Tommy added that no one was allowed to fight, do cocaine, tell fortunes, or suck the petrol out of the cavalry’s cars. Everyone agreed to do as Tommy told them. Tommy went upstairs to look for Grace. She told Tommy that she was putting their son, Charles, to sleep. Grace was concerned about Tommy’s attitude, and she didn’t want to go down for dinner without fixing things.

[00:11:00] Grace knew Tommy was angry because her family decided to wear their cavalry uniforms to the wedding. She apologized for it, but there was more to Tommy’s anger than just petty uniforms. Grace also knew that he was worried about business, but she wanted to hear it from Tommy. Grace thought that Tommy regretted marrying her. Tommy responded that he was just worried about business; however, it was bad business. He was scared for Grace and their baby. Grace told Tommy that they had just shared their vows which meant they would share everything for their entire lives. Tommy told Grace that he was also scared of Arthur’s speech at dinner. While their families waited downstairs, Tommy decided to bed Grace before going down.

[00:15:00] Arthur worried about his speech. He went upstairs to find Tommy and Grace. He opened the door to their room and saw them getting dressed. Arthur apologized to Tommy, but everything was good. Tommy gave Arthur a sip of whisky to calm his nerves. He also ordered Arthur to tell the maids to open the champagne. Arthur went downstairs and did as told. Meanwhile, one of Tommy’s business associates spoke to Polly. They were discussing Russian business, which got Polly wondering why. Lizzie was also on the fritz about her foreign man and his restaurant. It seemed the Peaky Blinders burned down the restaurant to prevent him from attending the wedding. Michael reminded Lizzie about Tommy’s orders, which she couldn’t do anything about it.

[00:19:00] Tommy and Grace finally showed up at the dining table. He offered a toast to Grace before they honored tradition and allowed Arthur his speech. Arthur struggled with his speech. He told everyone that the circumstances of Tommy and Grace’s union were tragic. Tommy decided to interfere before Arthur could say something regrettable. Arthur left the dining table, so Linda followed him. Tommy knew he had hurt Arthur’s feelings, so he followed him as well. Linda consoled Arthur before Tommy arrived. He wanted to speak with Arthur alone. Linda left them so that they could talk. Tommy told Arthur that they had written his speech down because most of Grace’s family didn’t know that her previous husband had committed suicide. Arthur felt offended that Tommy thought he was stupid. He wasn’t planning on telling anyone. Arthur tripped on some rocks and hurt his ankle while arguing with Tommy.

[00:24:00] Tommy set aside their feud and told Arthur about the Russians making contact. He didn’t want to involve his family, but the Russians saw family as a weakness, so they would target them. Tommy wanted Arthur to get Johnny and Johnny Dogs so that they could go after the Russians tonight. Arthur agreed, and they went back inside. Back at the party, Polly asked the Russian for the code before agreeing to meet with Tommy. The Russian responded that the code was Constantine. Tommy had set up a race for the family to enjoy while he met with the Russian. Tommy wanted the cash as agreed upon, but the Russian had changed plans. They sent an emissary to bring the cash instead because they didn’t trust non-family members with cash. He told Tommy to meet up with the Duke’s niece at Birmingham.

[00:28:00] Tommy responded that he’d have the police pick up the Duke’s niece from Birmingham. He didn’t trust Birmingham, which was why he was having the police do his dirty work. Tommy ended their meeting and went back to enjoy the festivities. After the race, Tommy told them to light up a fire in the woods for a little family celebration. He also wanted Finn to guard the gates as Sergeant Moss would bring the Duke’s niece to them. Michael went upstairs to attend to one of Grace’s family members. She wanted to see what a real gangster looked like. Michael wasn’t dressed like one of the Peaky Blinders because he was part of the legal side of things. He didn’t do drugs, booze, or whores for that specific reason.

[00:31:00] The woman he was with also had things mapped out for her; she was supposed to get engaged to a cavalryman after he finished training; however, she wanted to try things out before tying the knot. Back at the festivities, Grace talked with Polly while she was handing out punch. She thought she knew everything, but Polly surprised Grace when she told her that business with the Russians was being conducted on their wedding night. Polly hadn’t forgotten about Grace and her betrayal; she pointed out that only Tommy had forgotten about it. One of the men in uniform called Grace to dance with Tommy. She approached him on the dance floor and whispered in his ear about the business. Tommy promised that there wouldn’t be any guns in the house, nor would he cause any commotions during their wedding night.

[00:36:00] After the dance, Tommy went out to meet with the Grand Duchess, Tatiana Petrovna. Sergeant Moss had brought her over from Birmingham. She wanted to meet up with Mr. Kaeldin at his house, but Tommy refused. Tommy explained that the man in his house gave the wrong code name, so he must have been a Soviet infiltrator. Tatiana wanted to confirm Mr. Kaeldin’s identity, but Tommy just wanted the money, so Tatiana gave it to him. He ordered Sergeant Moss to take Tatiana back to Birmingham. They went back to the house, and Tommy ordered Arthur to dispose of the soviet infiltrator. Arthur didn’t want any involvement with the Russians. Tommy explained that they didn’t have a choice. It was accept the job or be hanged for the sins they committed. The infiltrator was speaking to Ada when Arthur told him about Tatiana.

[00:42:00] Arthur invited him to the stables as bait. Arthur tried to knock him out and drag him outside through the kitchen, but the man put up a fight. While Arthur was fighting his own battle, Tommy met with Grace’s uncle outside near the fire they had set up. A boxing match had just started, and the men gathered to cheer on. Grace’s uncle agreed to the wedding only because Tommy was a war hero; he was concerned about the violence and corruption that surrounded the Peaky Blinders. Tommy responded that he should just drink his wine and smile. Back in the kitchen, the infiltrator begged for his life, but Arthur had cornered him to end their fight. He took out his pistol and shot the man.

[00:48:00] After the festivities, Tommy and Grace went back to their room to end the day in peace. Grace closed her eyes as Tommy hugged her by their fireplace. She closed her eyes just in time as a carriage passed by their window carrying the infiltrator’s body. Arthur went to the church to find Linda. He looked dreary, and Linda thought it was because of his speech. Linda assured Arthur that God heard all the speeches that hadn’t been said. Arthur closed his eyes, hoping to reach out to God. Tommy and Grace made love with each other through the night while Johnny Dogs burned the infiltrator’s body and buried the remains in the forest.

[00:53:00] The next day, the Peaky Blinders drove back to the betting shop. Polly and Tommy went to the vault to deposit some wads of cash. Tommy told Polly that they had more money than anyone in Birmingham. Polly asked Tommy why he wanted to gamble it all for one robbery. Tommy responded that he was a gambling man.





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