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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


Published 3 years ago

Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

[00:00:30] The fire continued to burn outside as they started to question each other on who murdered Momoka. Niragi wanted to lead the militants in search of the witch. Chisiya and Kuina left the crowd before things got tense. Everyone pointed the blame at Asahi, Momoka’s best friend. They were always together, but somehow they weren’t when she suddenly died. Asahi denied the allegations, but Niragi ordered the militants to lift her up and throw her into the fire. Yuzuha stopped the militants and asked everyone for their alibi. Niragi told her that they were together in the same room. Ann told everyone to take turns reporting their location within the last hour. Someone noticed blood on Ann’s handkerchief. She told them that it was Hatter’s blood. Ann told everyone that Hatter was murdered by someone from the beach.

[00:03:00] Ann explained that the bullet matched the bullets that they used for the weapons inside the beach. Someone speculated that the witch may have killed Hatter and that the witch was a militant. Last Boss killed that person for blaming the militants and told them that they should just burn everyone alive. Aguni told them that everyone was a suspect. If no one confessed to being the witch, he would burn everyone. Niragi took it as a command and started firing his rifle. Everyone ran for their lives as things spiraled out of control. One of the militants asked Aguni if they should be killing each other. Aguni ordered Niragi to kill the man for insubordination. Niragi was excited to start killing people. Meanwhile, Arisu continued to struggle inside the room as the militants started picking people off.

[00:06:00] Everyone ran for their lives around the beach. Niragi and the militants were able to corner a group of people and shot them down like animals. Yuzuha asked Asahi to hide in one of the rooms, but she refused. She wanted to go with Yuzuha in search of Arisu. The newbie found them and wanted to help search for Arisu as well to return the favor. They heard gunshots from the end of the corridor and quickly ran for their lives. Aguni stared at the bonfire outside as his men started throwing corpses in it. Kuina and Chisiya were inside the security room, watching the horror unfold as the security cameras captured every moment. Kuina was disappointed in the militants. She pointed out that they wouldn’t find the witch by killing everyone. Chisiya told her that she could be the witch, but Kuina just responded with the same statement.

[00:09:00] Kuina saw someone rummaging inside one of the offices. Niragi used a sniper rifle to shoot people from the roof. He radioed the militants to force people to go outside so that they no longer had to exert effort in moving the bodies. Last Boss went to the basement to start a fire. He poured gasoline on the floor and allowed it to flow. He lit the gasoline in order to lure people out of the hotel. The search for Arisu continued as they checked every room inside the hotel. They found one of the militants hiding inside the bathroom. He told Yuzuha that he could no longer continue killing people. He added that Arisu was inside the main building. Just outside the room, the newbie player got information on Arisu’s whereabouts. A woman told her that he was somewhere on the fourth floor.

[00:13:00] Kuina found Ann rummaging inside the office. She was looking for super glue. Ann told Kuina that she knew a way to get the fingerprints off the knife used to kill Momoka. She used to work at the forensics lab of the Tokyo police department. It seems that they would be able to find the witch, but Last Boss stood in their way. Kuina told Ann that she would take care of him. The smoke started to spread across the hotel. For some reason, the smoke detectors weren’t working. Arisu could smell the smoke; he rocked his chair in order to tilt himself sideways. People did their best to escape the fire, but they weren’t able to escape the militants.

[00:16:30] One way or another, everyone would eventually die. It was the fire or the militants; they just had to choose. Niragi continued to pick people off from the roof. Chisiya found him and decided to interfere. Niragi got up and challenged Chisiya to a fight. Meanwhile, Kuina had her own battle against Last Boss. Ann got to the lobby safely and pulled the knife out of Momoka’s chest. She got out before anyone could see her. Kuina and Last Boss made it to the bar as they continued their fight. He commended her for evading each of his attacks flawlessly. Last Boss asked Kuina what she did before coming to the borderlands. She told him that she worked at a clothing shop. We got a flashback of Kuina’s past, and it was revealed that she’s transgender.

[00:20:00] Kuina’s father was a dojo master. He had expected Kuina to become his successor, but he couldn’t because he always hesitated to deal the final blow. Kuina knew that he was a woman at a very young age, and his mother was very considerate of him. His father, on the other hand, didn’t approve and was very disappointed upon finding out. Kuina decided to leave home and change his gender permanently. While Kuina and Last Boss talked about their past life, Chisiya and Niragi were starting their battle. Chisiya knew that someone from the executive members had changed the power supply route of the hotel. He knew that the witch could be one of the executive members, so he wanted to kill all of them. Chisiya planned to kill Niragi first.

[00:23:00] Niragi planned on killing Chisiya using his sniper rifle at close range. Chisiya sprinted towards Niragi; he stopped in front of him and threw the playing cards in the air. Niragi was distracted by the cards, which gave Chisiya the opportunity he needed. He altered his direction and used a water gun loaded with gasoline to light Niragi. He had made an improvised flame thrower out of the water gun. Niragi fell from the rooftop as he struggled with being set on fire. Last Boss was a NEET(Not in Education, Employment or Training). He was struggling to find a purpose in life until he got to the borderlands. He found his purpose when he completed his first game. Last Boss loved death and despair; he asked a tattoo artist to give him a unique tattoo that would no longer allow him to return to the real world.

[00:27:00] Last Boss got his wish as he no longer looked human after his transformation. Kuina laughed for a moment after Last Boss told her his past. She thought they were the same, but Last Boss just kept turning his back on his past. Kuina decided that she would face her past in order to survive. They continued their battle as Kuina almost landed the final blow. Arisu started hallucinating. He saw Karube and Chota telling him to live his life to the fullest for them. Arisu used the carpet to remove the tape from his mouth. Once he had succeeded, he immediately called for help. Yuzuha heard Arisu’s faint cry for help and checked each room for his voice. She finally found him, but before they could open the door, members of the militants arrived.

[00:33:00] Yuzuha went out the window from the next room over, but she almost fell to her death. The newbie and Asahi helped her escape by disabling the militant members chasing her. Yuzuha broke into the room where Arisu was and helped him up. Last Boss got up from his fall and used the bottles in the bar to deter Kuina. He threw the bottles on the floor in order to shatter them. The shards scattered across the bar. Kuina was barefoot, and fighting Last Boss would surely get her injured. Kuina meditated and remembered her mother. She endured the pain and finally ended her battle with Last Boss. She dealt the final blow and offered it to her father. Back in the main building, they gave Arisu a phone and told him about the game. They only had 30 minutes left.

[00:38:00] Arisu discussed the game with Yuzuha, Asahi, and the newbie. He knew that none of the militants was the witch because it was a hearts game. The militants would just end up killing each other, which wouldn’t result in any conflict, unlike his previous hearts game. He explained that heart games were cruel and wicked, designed to toy with people and their feelings. Arisu placed himself inside the witch’s shoe in order to determine who the witch was. Aguni kept staring at the bonfire while his men continued throwing bodies in it. He remembered the time Hatter inherited his father’s hat shop, which coined his nickname “Hatter.” Arisu realized that he shouldn’t be the witch; he should be the game master. Ann finally figured out who had killed Momoka, but before she could deliver the news, members of the militant group disabled her.

[00:45:00] Chisiya returned to the lobby. Arisu finally had an idea who the witch was.

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