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Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 2 Recap


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Tommy walked to the Lanchester Motor Company. He went and spoke to the manager and demanded the keys to their warehouse. Tommy wanted bays 4, 5, and 6. The company used bays 4 and 5, so Tommy asked for the keys to bay 6. He paid the manager, but the manager didn’t want to accept it. Tommy tucked the money into his apron and left with the keys. The manager told Tommy that he was doing it for the safety of his family. Tommy went to the warehouse and found the armored vehicles he was looking for. He inspected them and left the warehouse.

[00:05:00] The next day, Tommy went to their scrapyard to meet with a priest. He was supposed to meet some men from the Section D division, but they didn’t come. The priest decided to leave when the men didn’t arrive at the agreed-upon time. Tommy told the priest to deliver a message for him. Tommy saw the armored vehicles and told the priest to report their condition. The priest gave Tommy a note of who he needed to meet in London. Tommy refused, but he didn’t have any choice. The man Tommy needed to meet was someone of high stature. He also had had some of his appointments canceled which left Tommy as his sole arrangement for the day.

[00:12:00] Meanwhile, Arthur and John were meeting Vincent Changretta on behalf of Tommy. He wanted an explanation as to why an Italian restaurant was burned down by the Peaky Blinders. John responded that it wasn’t them because they were at a wedding. Vincent knew that they had burned the restaurant down so that his son would miss Tommy’s wedding. Arthur responded that his son wasn’t missed at the wedding. He told them that his son would walk with any woman he chose, even if the woman worked for Tommy and his Peaky Blinders. John responded that his son would have a hard time walking around with two bullets in his knees. That was the final straw for him; Vincent spat on the ground and left while his bodyguard smashed a chair as a sign of war.

[00:15:00] Arthur told Isaiah to double their men in one of their pubs. John told Arthur that they weren’t afraid of the Italians anymore, but he didn’t want war. Arthur told John to clean up and left. Tommy went to visit Ada at the Library in London. He wanted to borrow a book about the Russian revolution. Ada wanted to know more about the Russian at Tommy’s wedding. She wanted to speak with him again, but Tommy responded that it wouldn’t be possible. Tommy knew that Ada was becoming bored with her life which was why she wanted to know what had happened to the Russian. Tommy told Ada that he might have a job for her to keep her busy. Back at the betting shop, Polly went to talk with John.

[00:18:30] Arthur wanted John to apologize to Vincent for threatening his son. Polly, on the other hand, wants him to compromise. She didn’t want a rebellion to start and be led by Vincent Changretta. John didn’t care about a rebellion; he knew that Sabini was done, and so were the rest of his allies. Polly responded that everyone was done, but she wasn’t able to control John. Polly told Lizzie to break up with Vincent’s son on behalf of the Peaky Blinders. John marched out of the betting shop to find Vincent’s son and teach him a lesson. Tommy, on the other hand, met with Mr. Romanov in London. Mr. Romanov ate like a hungry man and talked like a commoner. After his story, Mr. Romanov asked Tommy how the spy had died. Tommy responded that the spy had begged for his life.

[00:23:00] Mr. Romanov asked Tommy if he trusted his family like he did because he had heard that Arthur killed the spy on Tommy’s orders. Tommy talked to Mr. Romanov about trust. He called him out for not being directly related to the Romanovs. The mansion he was living in was a donation from the crown, and he was in debt all around London. Tommy wanted all of his money; he was promised 40 grand to do a job, and he had already killed a spy but only gotten 10 grand. Mr. Romanov sat closer to Tommy and gave him sapphire for his troubles. Tommy accepted the sapphire and told Mr. Romanov that he would have it checked for its veracity. Mr. Romanov told Tommy that they would no longer be treated as soft and weak, unlike the olden days. Tommy didn’t respond and left.

[00:26:00] Angel Changretta went to the tailor to pick up his suit. John surprised him and his bodyguard and beat them to a pulp on his own. He cut up his face and told him to stay away from Lizzie. Tommy went back to his office, where Michael and Charlotte were doing personal things. Tommy knew there was a woman in his office and asked Michael to introduce him. Michael did as told and told Tommy that Polly wanted to see him. He didn’t have any details except that there was trouble. John arrived at the betting shop where Tommy, Arthur, and Polly were waiting for him. Tommy sided with John. He didn’t want to apologize or compromise. He explained that they could only uphold peace if the option of war was hopeless. Tommy knew that if they apologized once, they would have to do it over and over again.

[00:30:00] Tommy wanted to go on the offensive. He planned to take down two pubs owned by the Changretta’s. Polly wanted to know why they would take a pub instead of talking peace. Tommy responded that they would take the pubs because they could. They would not hesitate to take anything, or else their enemies would see their weakness and exploit it. Tommy called Arthur out for getting soft and weak because of his wife, Linda. He told Arthur to save the bibles for Sundays. Tommy ordered them to get the pubs and pay off the coppers to stay away. Mr. Romanov received orders from a woman to kill Tommy after their deal. He agreed and confirmed that he could do the job. Tommy went home, where Grace was waiting for him. She showed him a letter from the Birmingham city council regarding his planned charity dinner.

[00:35:00] Tommy, on the other hand, showed Grace a giant sapphire necklace. He wanted Grace to wear it to their charity dinner. Arthur told Linda that he was going out to finish some paperwork. Linda didn’t want Arthur to leave, but he still did. Arthur met with Sergeant Moss and paid him off to keep his men away from the Changretta pubs. With the coppers out of the way, John and Arthur led the Peaky Blinders and took over the pubs. Arthur washed the blood off his hands and went home despite John inviting him to have a few drinks at the Garrison pub. Angel laid in bed at the hospital as he continued to struggle with his injury. Vincent called in a favor so that someone would arrive by Sunday. Back at his estate, Grace and Tommy took Charlie for a walk to see the horses.

[00:41:00] Tommy went to the betting shop and found John busy with Esme. They couldn’t do it at their own house because of the kids and their maid. Tommy took out some guns and asked Esme to leave. He had seen a truck full of coppers on his way to the betting shop. They were preparing for the worst when a band of Scotland Yard officers entered the shop. They took Tommy away as he told John that everything was just Russian business. Tommy wasn’t afraid of the Russians, but they targeted Tommy’s son, Charles. They told him not to meet up with Ada because she was considered a security breach to his mission. Tommy rushed home to look under Charlie’s pillow. He found a business card to a crematorium with the words Charles Shelby R.I.P on the back.

[00:46:00] Tommy was relieved that nothing bad had happened to Charlie. Grace found Tommy inside Charlie’s room and asked him if everything was okay. She reminded Tommy about his promise, which he intended to keep. The next day, Ruben Oliver went to Ada’s to meet up with Polly. She wanted a painting of her to be put up in her office. Ruben’s eyes lit up the moment he saw Polly in an elegant dress. He wanted to do the painting free of charge, but Polly insisted on paying his usual charge. Ada suggested that Polly invite Ruben to the charity dinner of the Shelby foundation, but she didn’t want to. Polly accepted a meeting with  Ruben at his studio on Sunday.

[00:49:00] Tommy and Grace went to the charity dinner along with Polly, John, and Arthur. Grace introduced Tommy to the leader of the Birmingham City Council. Tommy already knew Danny because he had helped him with his business. Father John Hughes and Patrick Jarvis MP arrived at the party. Tommy knew them because they were his current employers. He spoke with them about the armored vehicles. The Russians wanted him to take Tatiana to the warehouse to personally inspect the armored vehicles. Tommy didn’t want to take her to the factory, but once again, he didn’t have any choice. Tommy went back to the party and saw Grace speaking with Tatiana.

[00:53:30] Grace introduced Tommy to Tatiana, but he already knew her. Grace left Tommy with Tatiana to attend to their other guests with Ada. Tommy told Tatiana that it was a mistake to go to the factory, but she insisted. Tatiana’s Uncle also suggested that she sleep with Tommy for the cause. She told Tommy that she would sleep with him for the cause, and he would take her to the factory the next day. Tatiana added that the sapphire Grace was wearing had been cursed by a gypsy. Everyone made a toast for the king before they went inside for the festivities. Tommy wanted to explain to Grace how he knew Tatiana and why she had told her that the sapphire was Russian. He also wanted Grace to remove the sapphire, but it was too late. A gunman approached them and tried to kill Tommy. The gunman hit Grace instead.

[00:57:00] Arthur, John, and the rest of the Peaky Blinders beat up the gunman while Polly went to call for help. Tommy sat on the floor, holding Grace in his arms, as everyone ran for their lives.





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