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AHS 8.3 – Apocalypse Episode 3 Recap

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

AHS 8.3 - Apocalypse Episode 3 Recap

Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of us!

We finally see some of our beloved Coven characters in episode 3 of American Horror Story Apocalypse. Join us for the recap and discussion.

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Mallory, American Horror Story

American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 3 Recap

This episode is chock-full of surprises. First, we discover that Michael Langdon and Dinah know each other. Hmm…

Next, we learn – and Mallory herself learns – that Mallory has some hidden magical powers. Who is she? Even she doesn’t know.

This episode confirms that Ms. Mead is indeed a robot. And she is pretty distraught about it. But she is still loyal to Venable and she comes up with a plan to save them both.

Some red, juicy apples arrive mysteriously at the outpost, with a special stow-away! Brock has hidden himself under the carriage that brought the apples and he infiltrates the compound in search of Coco.

But first, Venable and Mead concoct a plan to inject the apples with snake venom and then have a Halloween party! So festive! Garden of Eden anyone?

Their plan goes off without a hitch and everyone dies after bobbing for apples. Well, everyone except Coco, who was confronted by Brock. Oh, wait. He knifes her in the head. But Brock is still alive!

Venable and Mead make their move to kill Langdon. Mead has the gun pointed at him, but she slowly turns and shoots Venable. Turns out, Langdon’s been controlling Mead all along. Apparently he built her. And he says she was the only person who ever really loved him.

So, yeah, we’re confused too.

Finally, the end of the episode sees Cordelia Goode, Madison Montgomery, and Myrtle Snow entering the outpost. Yaassss!  We’re super excited to see these Coven characters back. The find Dinah, Coco, and Mallory and bring them back to life.

This episode was everything we expect from American Horror Story and we’re looking forward to episode 4.

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