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AHS 8.5 – Apocalypse Episode 5 Recap

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

AHS 8.5 - Apocalypse Episode 5 Recap

In this episode of American Horror Story Apocalypse, titled “Boy Wonder,” we see Michael take on the test of the Seven Wonders. Join us for the recap and discussion.

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Misty Day

American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 5 Recap

Do you know who Elizabeth (Black Dahlia) is? How about Trevor? Then you’re probably a serious AHS fan and can follow along everything Cassie is talking about in this podcast.

But even if you’re a casual fan, we break down all the cool callouts to past seasons on American Horror Story in Apocalypse episode 5.

For example, the black and white, “silent film” segment used in this episode to showcase Michael passing the tests of the Seven Wonders was also used in a similar way in season 3, “Coven.”

Will Michael be the next Supreme? We find out that both Michael and Cordelia have had their own secret plans in place for some time. Cordelia uses Michael to get “her girls” back and now that she has Misty and knows how powerful Michael is, she can start to plan for the apocalyptic future she saw in her vision.

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