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TV REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD “The Frenemy of My Enemy”

By on April 22, 2015

Brett Dalton as Ward. Photo by: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

By Felicia Kudronowicz

This week was the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Not only did Ward return, but we almost had a full team reunion in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“The Frenemy of My Enemy” picked up where last week left off. Coulson and Hunter are rescuing Fitz, who still has Fury’s toolbox. After they pick him up, they track down Ward and his girlfriend, Agent 33. Ward reluctantly agrees to help them find Skye in exchange for a memory wipe, giving him a fresh start. Coulson believes that Ward is good deep down, but has  had some bad influences (aka his brothers, and Hydra training). Fitz isn’t as quick to trust Ward, but they set off anyway. They use Mike Peterson and Bakshi (a HYDRA agent from an earlier episode) and infiltrate a HYDRA base in order to find the location of the Inhumans. HYDRA however isn’t ready to trust this pair, since Bakshi was taken by SHIELD before. He decides to take them on his own little trip.

In the meantime, we catch up with Skye and her newly reunited family. Skye finds out that Jiaying (her mother) is planning to drop Cal off at home and abandon him. Skye knows this is a bad idea, because Cal will inevitably lash out at innocent people in retaliation. Jiaying says that he isn’t her responsibility. They compromise by having Skye go with Cal to his home where she will let him down gently by promising to visit him. And so, Cal and Skye find themselves in Milwaukee, where Cal had his practice. They take a walk around as Cal takes his own look down memory lane regaling Skye with tales of the live she was supposed to have. nevertheless, Skye manages to pickpocket a phone and call May to send a team out to take her father off the streets.

Back at the SHIELD base (if it can even be called that anymore), everyone is starting to wonder why Simmons still hasn’t opened Fury’s toolbox. Simmons confesses to May that Fitz took the real one and ran. May in turn reveals this snippet of intel to Bobbi. I really feel for Simmons here. She thought May was the only ally she had left, and now she doesn’t even have her. (It’s so hard to know who to trust on this show these days!) May comes up with a plan to find Coulson and bring him back. She tells Simmons to find a way to hack into Mike Peterson’s eye camera so they can find him.

Meanwhile, HYDRA’s secret mission leads Coulson right to Skye and Cal in Milwaukee and fighting ensues. Just as Coulson reaches Skye, Gordon comes in to take her away and Cal jumps on them so he is taken along. Coulson swears while Ward kicks a random HYDRA agent that was on the floor. It is heartbreaking to see Coulson, Ward and Skye so close to a reunion and then have it ripped away!

Simmons also succeeds in hacking Mike Peterson’s camera, just in time to see Ward and Coulson standing together. As if things couldn’t get any more confusing for Simmons and May. They really have no idea what’s going on at this point.

While I was thrilled to see Ward getting back in on the action this episode, I was disappointed that we didn’t more of a reunion! I guess there’s always next week. If the previews are any indication, Coulson and Ward will soon join May and Simmons back at SHIELD base. Hopefully a Skyeward (Skye and Ward) reunion isn’t far off. Also, what the heck is in Fury’s toolbox, because having it opened doesn’t seem to be helping. I guess we have four episodes left to find out!

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