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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – Response: The Struggle for Trost, Part 6

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - Response: The Struggle for Trost, Part 6


Jean and the others who know about Eren feel the burden of secrecy sink in when they hear the sound of cannon fire followed by thick smoke at the other end of the wall.

Reiner rushes first to check on the situation, and the others follow. Everyone stares in shock as Eren manages to defend Armin and Mikasa from the cannon blast, but the titan’s body doesn’t last long from his weakness. Captain Kitz orders them to reload as they assess the situation.

Eren quivers inside the titan’s body and pulls himself outside in the ensuing panic. He drops down and checks on his friends, trying to find a way out while still obscured by the titan’s steam. Eren now remembers his father’s basement, which could lead them to answers about what he is and the other titans. He curses him for keeping secrets, citing that it could have helped the scout regiment in their fight.

Mikasa tells him now is not the time. Eren resolves to escape, but with no idea how. That time, he transformed on instinct after the cannon’s sound. He wants to change again to defeat the other titans, but Mikasa sees his health deteriorating. He calls for them to retreat while he transforms alone, but Mikasa won’t leave his side.

Last Resorts

Captain Kitz remains indecisive on what to do after the cannons have been reloaded, so Armin formulates a plan. He knows the tendency of his friends to act recklessly and accounts for it. Eren then tells Armin to try and convince the garrison that they can use Eren’s powers, as only he can persuade them to do so.

Escaping would be their last resort if he can’t do it. He gives Armin fifteen seconds to decide and swears that he trusts in him, as he relies on his judgment during the most challenging situations. Armin then realizes that his helplessness was only something in his mind, not something his friends see.

Armin stands up and asks them to act with less aggression as he steps out of the smokescreen to talk to Kitz and his soldiers. He tells them that Eren is not the enemy, and they’re ready to share their findings. Kitz wants further proof that he isn’t a threat, but Armin insists there’s no need.

As many of them undoubtedly saw, Eren was there to fight the titans with the same fervor as the titans have in hunting humans. An undeniable fact that then shifts the men’s perspective. Still, Kitz orders to attack as titans have never been logical.


Armin realizes that the captain isn’t being rational and looks back, but both of his friends continue to trust him. So he looks back at the garrison and salutes, swearing to die for the cause of destroying the titans. He suggests fighting alongside Eren’s Titan ability to retake the city for humanity’s glory, and he’s willing to stake his life in this cause.

Kitz advisors now see the reasoning behind his statement, but the captain still isn’t convinced. Everyone prepares to strike, with Eren ready to escape, but Kitz’s arm gets stopped by Commander Pyxis.

Pyxis compliments Armin’s salute and moves Kitz to reinforcements. He’s willing to hear the statements of the three. The eccentric Pyxis is in charge of the most crucial district–the south.

Pyxis hears Eren’s statement about the basement and how crucial it could be to unravel the titans’ secrets. Armin tells him of the idea of having Eren pick up the boulder in Shinganshina to seal off the broken wall. Pyxis asks Eren if he can indeed do this. Eren admits he isn’t sure if he can, but seeing the lives at stake, he promises to do it.

Our Thoughts

This episode has the perfect combination of tension and release. Rating: 4.3/5

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