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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 9 Recap – Save Lucifer


Published 1 year ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 9 Recap - Save Lucifer

[00:00:30] A real estate agent is showing off a house to a possible buyer. They open the garage and see a lady lying in her own pool of blood, another lady holding a bloody hammer. Lucifer arrives at the precinct. Chloe wants to speak to him about their conversation last night. Lucifer tells Chloe he got a breakthrough in therapy and his problems should go away, or so he thought. Ella sees Lucifer and notices something wrong with his hand. Ella thought it was psoriasis, but Lucifer‘s true form is slowly revealing. Meanwhile, Eve cries her heart out to Maze about her breakup with Lucifer. Maze starts taking out her weapons and tells Eve she will punish Lucifer for breaking her heart. Eve doesn’t want Lucifer to be punished because she loves him.

[00:03:00] Eve wants Lucifer back, but she doesn’t know how. She asks Maze for help, but she has other plans. She wants Eve to show Lucifer that she doesn’t need him; it’s his loss for breaking up with her. Eve loves it and agrees to her plan. Lucifer arrives at the crime scene where he sees Ella’s kit. He takes a pair of gloves to hide his devil skin. Chloe is astounded seeing Lucifer put on gloves for the first time. He tells Chloe there is nothing to worry about, but Chloe knows something is up. The victim’s name is Megan Murphy. It seems her twin sister, Moira, killed her. Their youngest sister, Beth, found Moira standing over Megan’s body with a hammer in her hand.

[00:06:30] Ella notices Lucifer is wearing gloves, so she asks if her cream doesn’t work. Chloe wonders what they are talking about, but a motorbike arrives before she can butt in — Maze and Eve. It‘s phase one of their plan to make Lucifer realize he shouldn’t have broken up with Eve. She tells Lucifer she‘s fine with their breakup, and she‘s having fun with Maze. Eve and Maze leave after making a scene. They thought Lucifer would still look at them as they left, but Lucifer had already pulled Chloe inside the house to talk. Lucifer shows Chloe his hand which has now turned into a complete devil’s hand. Chloe assures Lucifer they will find a solution.

[00:09:00] Lucifer goes to Linda and blames her breakthrough for what happened. Linda tells Lucifer that being scared is part of the process. Lucifer finds it hard to believe as he shows her his hand. Linda tells Lucifer he needs to move forward instead of backward. She explains that Lucifer needs to find the reason why he hates himself. Lucifer goes to Dan for advice. Dan doesn’t want to participate but Lucifer insists. Dan tells Lucifer the usual things he hates him for: Lucifer not taking things seriously, always getting away with things, and how he always made things about himself. Lucifer tells Dan he knows those stuff already, so Dan goes straight for the kill — he blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death. Lucifer tells Dan he needs reasons that are actually his fault, not excuses. Dan does his best to control his anger at Lucifer.

[00:12:00] Moira calls her accountant at the murder scene. Chloe and Lucifer go over to speak to Moira’s accountant. Maze and Eve are already at the accountant’s office. They tie him up and wait for Lucifer to arrive. Eve desperately wants Lucifer back. She couldn’t think of anyone else. Maze suggests she dates someone else. She even hints she’s interested in Eve, but Eve doesn’t get the idea. Eve thinks Lucifer will be more jealous if he finds out that Eve is dating Maze. Chloe speaks to the accountant and finds out that Moira called him and accused him of killing Megan. Maze is sure Moira killed Megan, but Chloe thinks otherwise. The accountant tells Chloe that Megan took over her company a few months ago. Megan also went over a few days ago and left a thumb drive of her financial files.

[00:16:00] Chloe notices that Lucifer’s neck is also changing. She goes over and covers him up with her scarf. Chloe wants to see the files, but the accountant can’t find the thumb drive. Someone appears to have stolen the files. Lucifer returns to Lux to find a replacement for Chloe’s scarf. He returns to the precinct to find Chloe and return her scarf, but it‘s Eve sitting at Chloe’s desk. Eve mimics Chloe, hoping Lucifer will fall in love with her instead. Lucifer finds Chloe questioning Moira. Moira tells them she found Megan dead, but she ran after Beth and saw her holding a hammer. Chloe asks her why she didn’t just explain it to Beth but knew she needed to find the real killer to prove her innocence. She notices Lucifer’s eyes are also changing.

[00:20:00] Chloe and Lucifer leave the interrogation room to deal with their problem. Dan goes to his car where Maze is hiding. He apologizes for what happened the other night at Lux. Dan tells Maze she looked at Eve with love, and she doesn‘t do it with everyone else. Dan tells Maze she needs to tell Eve how she felt so she won’t end up like Dan. He hesitated to confess his feelings for Charlotte. If he didn‘t, they would’ve gotten together earlier and spent more time together. Maze realizes what she needs to do. Lucifer returns to the precinct wearing sunglasses to hide his eyes. Chloe speaks to Megan’s husband who denies all allegations and allows his legal team to defend him.

[00:23:00] Megan was killed 30 minutes before Moira discovered her body, so Chloe knew she didn’t kill Megan. The best suspect is still the husband, but she‘s still waiting to get her hands on the husband’s financial records. Chloe sees Eve sitting at her desk. She tells Eve she can dress like her, but she’s not allowed to go through her stuff. Eve thought of a plan to catch the killer: She thought the accountant could’ve made a backup copy of Megan’s thumb drive. If so, they could use it on a sting operation to catch their killer. Whoever stole the original thumb drive would also want to steal any copies to prevent anyone from discovering secrets. Chloe realizes Eve’s plan is a great idea. Lucifer complements Eve, so she thinks she‘s one step closer to her goal.

[00:25:30] Chloe goes to Lux where they set up the sting operation. Lucifer is still slowly turning into his devil form. Nothing they do stops it. Lucifer doesn’t want to attend the party, but Chloe has his back. She set up a masquerade party for Lucifer to hide his true self. Eve confronts Lucifer and asks when she can move back in with him. Lucifer pulls Eve aside to ask her why she doesn’t hate him. Eve tells Lucifer she loves him. Lucifer says she shouldn’t, not after what she did to her. Maze sings “Wonderwall” for Eve, but she still doesn’t understand. Eve thinks she needs to make a grand gesture for Lucifer to take him back. Maze can’t believe her plan doesn’t work.

[00:31:00] Dan looks for Ella. Ella knew Dan tipped off Jacob about Lucifer. Dan admits to what he did, but Ella didn’t turn him in. Ella helped Dan and cleared his car’s data, so no one could trace him to Jacob’s office. Dan doesn’t understand why Ella is helping him. Ella explains he‘s in pain, so she wants to help him. Dan tells Ella that Trixie almost died because of what he did. He feels so guilty that he can’t accept Ella’s helping hand.

[00:33:00] Lucifer has turned full demon. Chloe checks if Father Kinley is already at the precinct, but he escapes. Maze and Eve helped Father Kinley escape, hoping to get back together with him. Kinley doesn’t want to help Eve, knowing that she’s the original sinner and all that. Back at Lux, Lucifer turning full demon is affecting everyone. People storm him and tell him their deepest desires. One of them was Beth who told Lucifer she wanted the thumb drive. Chloe pulls Beth into the elevator along with Lucifer. She wants to know why Beth desired the thumb drive. She confesses she doesn’t want anyone to discover what she did.

[00:36:00] Dan goes to Linda for help. He tells Linda he has been blaming Lucifer for Charlotte’s death. Dan somehow blames himself, and he’s been punishing himself ever since. Linda tells Dan he can’t save Charlotte no matter what he does. Linda adds that recovering from losing Charlotte will be a tough road, but he is on the right track. Suddenly, Linda tells Dan he must bring her to the hospital because her water just broke. Maze receives a text from Linda that her baby is coming. Eve wants Maze to torture Father Kinley into admitting that the prophecy is bullshit. Maze knows nothing she does will change Kinley’s mind. Eve panics because she no longer knows what to do. Maze tells Eve that Lucifer doesn’t love her, so she needs to move on.

[00:39:00] Beth confesses to killing Megan. Beth is the family‘s black sheep, so Moira doesn’t trust her. Megan gave her a chance, but she blew it. Megan finally agrees with Moira that Beth is the family‘s black sheep. Beth lost it. She doesn’t even remember grabbing the hammer and killing Megan with it. She sets Moira up to get away with it. Lucifer can relate to Beth. He also turns everything into shit. Lucifer tells Beth she should stay away from everyone she cares for. Maze rushes to the hospital. Dan points to where Linda was. She enters the room and sees Linda in delivery with Amenadiel by her side. Maze goes to her side to offer her support.

[00:42:00] Chloe arrests Beth for killing Megan. As soon as the officer leaves with Beth, Chloe tells Lucifer they can now focus on finding Kinley. Lucifer says it‘s too late. He goes out of his room to show Chloe his true form. Even his devil wings won’t return to his body. Chloe gets shocked at the sight of Lucifer in his true form. Back at the hospital, Linda’s delivery is a success. Amenadiel names his baby Charlie after Charlotte. Linda agrees and hands Charlie to him. Amenadiel tells Charlie that everyone in heaven will love him as he plans to take him there. Father Kinley speaks with Eve. He tells her she can be together with Lucifer in hell. He adds that being with Lucifer in hell will stop the prophecy, so she will get what she wants — a win-win scenario.

[00:45:00] Eve tells Father Kinley that demons can take over the bodies of people who just died. She wants to use this to contact demons in hell, so they can come up and get Lucifer. Eve falls for the trap and sets Father Kinley free. He tries to strangle Eve, but she retaliates and stabs Kinley’s neck with a piece of wood. Eve tells Kinley he can deliver the message to hell because she‘s sure he will go to hell. Father Kinley dies from his wounds. Back at Lux, Lucifer finally figures out why he hates himself — because everything he touched turns to shit. From his rebellion against God to ruining Chloe’s life. Lucifer can’t take it anymore. Chloe tells Lucifer it isn’t about her. It‘s about him.

[00:47:00] Lucifer keeps blaming himself for humanity’s downfall. Chloe tells him he needs to forgive himself and stop blaming himself for things out of his control. Lucifer doesn’t know how to forgive himself, but deep down, he wants to forgive himself. Lucifer’s body changes back. Chloe bursts into tears — they did it. Lucifer celebrates because evil isn’t going to be released, or so he thought. Someone from hell goes back to Earth using Father Kinley’s body.

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