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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 11 Recap – Idol: The Struggle for Trost, Part 7

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 11 Recap - Idol: The Struggle for Trost, Part 7

The Plan

Eren promises Pyxis that he’ll plug the wall, so the commander immediately calls in his troops to execute the plan. Armin gets surprised that his half-baked plan has entirely convinced him, but Eren suggests this rush might be to evade other forces that could disrupt them.

The cadets in Wall Maria catch wind of the plan to plug up the hole in Wall Rose, but they all think it’s a futile plan that will lead to more death. Daz makes a scene about wanting to die instead of going back, which rouses the concerns of the others. Jean overhears some in the garrison regiment concoct plans to escape.

On top of the wall, Pyxis recounts a time when humanity wouldn’t stop fighting. Some of them thought that if an unstoppable weapon were created to prevent it, then peace would come, which is not the case now.

Mr. Hannes sees them both pass by his post and suddenly wonders what Eren is doing with the commander.

Back on the ground, Pyxis calls his rousing troops to attention. There, he explains the plan to seal the hole in Trost. He introduces Eren and presents him as a titan-human experiment who will carry the giant rock to seal off the damage. Others will be tasked to defend him while he works.

Risks and Unknowns

Armin explains his plan to lure the titans to one other corner of the wall so that Eren can be free to move while he does his work on the other end. This way, they won’t have to fight the titans head-on, and a small elite squad can defend Eren. However, this all hinges on if Eren can control his titan form. Titans are also coming inside Wall Rose, and the soldiers’ morale is declining.

True enough, some of the soldiers start deserting after hearing this plan. Afraid they’ll lose order, Captain Kitz starts threatening the traitors, but Pyxis stops him by absolving those who cannot move forward and appealing to those who still want to defend their family against the horrors they’ve faced.

Pyxis explains how crucial taking back the wall is, as it will help the population support themselves instead of cramping inside the remaining walls. If they don’t fight, then the titans won’t be their end. It will be humanity, struggling with resources amongst themselves, that will be their end.

He asks everyone to die here instead of facing the other horrors, which motivates Eren to move forward.


Pyxis readies his elite squad to assist Eren, but the three of them express doubt in the uncertainty of his powers. Pyxis tells them he’s tired of losing and wants every advantage he can take, even if it’s a gamble.

Before he leaves, Armin apologizes to Eren for putting the burden on his shoulders, but Eren puts all his trust in his plan. Mikasa wants to join him, but he forbids it. But then Ian from the elite squad tells her to join them due to her skills.

The two leave Armin, and they tell each other not to die. As Eren’s party makes its way south, Ian pledges that his squad will protect him at all costs. Rico reminds Eren that people will die in this operation, but none of them are useless pawns; they are humans with hopes and dreams.

They notice that there are not many titans by the south gate, which means the decoy tactic is working. Eren promises that he’ll succeed. Eren moves in and transforms near the rock, but he turns on Mikasa and punches the roof she’s perching on.

Our Thoughts

The plan is risky; the stakes are high, and the commander wants to take the gamble. The thrills are from all directions, and it’s amazing. Rating: 4.2/5

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