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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 17 Recap – Female Titan: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 17 Recap - Female Titan: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1

Outside the Gates

The Scout Regiment make their way outside the eastern gates of Wall Rose, letting support squads destroy the titans that meet them in their path. Eren and his team are positioned somewhere inside the long-range scouting formation that Erwin devised. He’s worried that his classmates might be unable to fight against the titans, but Oruo explains that they should fight as little as possible during outdoor expeditions.

As they leave the city, Erwin signals everyone to disperse and follow the planned formations. The positioning is designed to extend the range of sight while having a clear view of the adjacent squads as best as possible.

Armin consciously scans the surroundings. Red smoke signals shoot across the sky, signaling the presence of titans. Erwin then changes the trajectory of the whole regiment by shooting a green signal in the intended direction to evade the enemy. Still, there’s a risk of encountering titans while encountering obstacles in the terrain, which is exactly what Sasha experienced. An Abnormal titan tries to chase her but gets thrown off by her squad mates.

After a while, Armin realizes something strange as the signals grow quiet. He knows this strategy could only work with normal titans and not those with unpredictable patterns. Soon enough, he sees a black signal, signaling an Abnormal that the scouts have to deal with.

A New Enemy

Running in an open field puts ODM gear at an advantage, but Armin’s squadmates manage to defeat the abnormal. Suddenly, they notice something running in their direction, another abnormal but bigger. It moves too fast and fights intelligently, killing one of Armin’s squadmates. Armin figures this type is similar to Eren, with a human controlling it inside. The female titan catches up to him. It manages to dismount Armin, pulls his hood to see his face, but ultimately ignores him and keeps moving.

Meanwhile, the right-wing scouts have been completely wiped out as the female titan brought a horde along with her.

Reiner catches up to Armin and gives him a horse. The two catch up to the female titan as Jean signals the flare behind them. Armin confirms from her movement that this titan is just like Eren and not like the other mindless killers, driven only to feed on humans.

She may be among the titans who work like the Colossal and Armored ones, bringing other titans to attack humanity. He wonders who it could be. The three realize they’ve been given mixed data on where Eren is hiding, and Armin guesses he could be in the center rear, as it is the safest spot in the formation.

The Female Titan

Jean suggests they should distract the female titan from keeping the others safe. Reiner asks what happened to the previously self-serving Jean. Jean passionately answers that they should do their job.

Armin tells them to put up their hoods, as she seems cautious in killing anyone who might be Eren.

The female titan continues to run but is now a little slower. It’s time for them to act. Since she knows her weakness at the nape, they should do a different strategy like cutting off its hamstrings. Jean tries it, but she evades and dismounts Armin once again.

Jean attacks, but she defends herself and aims for a punch. Armin yells to distract her, sending a confusing signal about avenging their fallen friend. Reiner goes straight to her nape, but she smirks and grabs him before crushing him in his grip. Thankfully, Reiner manages to slice out of her grasp, and the three escape. After this, she continues running, but towards the center rear, Eren’s probable position.

Our Thoughts

It may be hard to catch up to this episode, but it puts us in the same situation as our characters. Rating: 4/5.

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