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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Recap – BlueBallz


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Recap - BlueBallz

[00:00:50] A couple is having sex at the beach. The girl hears a sound, but the guy tells her it’s just the sea. Someone approaches them and points a pistol at them. It looks like they are about to get killed, but it’s just one of their friends. He goes over to get them back to the show. The DJ rocks the stage and is about to crowd surf when he gets electrocuted from his headphones. He drops dead on the crowd who do not realize what happened. Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the scene together. They deny arriving together when Ella asks how they got to the scene so fast. Chloe pulls Ella aside to tell her they did come together.

[00:03:30] Ella tells Chloe she isn’t sure they have enough evidence to conclude that someone killed Matt Pexxa. Chloe inspects Matt’s setup and finds evidence that someone tampered with it. Lucifer wants to question the witnesses, so they can return to the penthouse. Chloe tells him everyone who attended the show is a witness. Lucifer gets disappointed because they can’t finish the case within the night. Meanwhile, Charlie keeps crying all night, causing Linda to miss her coffee date with Maze. She brings Linda some coffee to continue where they left off the last time they saw each other. Maze isn’t dealing with any emotional stuff related to Lilith. She just doesn’t want to end up alone like her. Linda can’t focus on Maze because of Charlie, but she tells her she just needs to connect with someone emotionally.

[00:06:30] Ella is leaving the crime scene when she stumbles and drops her stuff. Some random dude comes to her aid. The dude is a reporter and wants an inside scoop about the crime scene. Ella tells him to approach their media relations and just use her name. He introduces himself as Pete. He wants to treat Ella as a way to thank her, but she declines the invitation. Ella sees DJ Karnal and she gets starstruck. Lucifer acknowledges DJ Karnal has talent, but his admiration goes away when DJ Karnal approaches Chloe. He rushes over to break up their hugging and laughter. Chloe introduces Lucifer to Jed. He is surprised when she mentions they used to date. Jed asks about Dan, so Chloe tells him about their divorce. He wants to know if Chloe is in a relationship, but she tells Jed she isn’t.

[00:10:00] Lucifer has expected Chloe to tell Jed they are in a relationship. Chloe apologizes for what she said earlier. She just wasn’t sure about their relationship yet. Jed cuts their conversation as he returns to Chloe to continue their conversation. Chloe asks Jed if anyone wanted to kill Matt. Jed is surprised that Matt’s death wasn’t accidental. He tells Chloe that Matt borrowed his headphones for his set. All of the DJ’s used the same setup, so Jed can’t give them any leads. Lucifer points out that Jed could be their killer since he owns the headphones, but he was with his producer all night. Chloe asks Jed to come with them to guarantee his safety. At the precinct, Dan fills Lucifer in about Jed. Chloe had a relationship with Jed before Dan. He warns Lucifer to keep an eye out for Jed.

[00:13:00] Jed had been receiving threatening emails from Raul Blanco. Lucifer doesn’t trust Jed, but Chloe assures Lucifer that she knows him. They leave Jed at the precinct to question Raul Blanco. Meanwhile, Maze approaches Ella to learn more about being emotional and friendly. Ella tells Maze she’s just a friendly person. Chloe and Lucifer go to the marina to find Raul. He is protesting in front of Jed’s housing project. Chloe tells Lucifer that she’s over Jed, and he’s over her. But it isn’t true as Jed named his foundation after Chloe. Jed used to call her Cherry Jane after some road trip they went to. Raul wants Jed to leave the marina because it’s a disgrace to his yacht club. Raul tells Chloe that some homeless woman broke into Jed’s place last week. Chloe knows they need to find the homeless woman to get more clues.

[00:16:00] Chloe tells Lucifer that the homeless woman might not be homeless at all. She may have been their killer who tampered with Jed’s headphones. Before Lucifer and Chloe could decide on their next step, Jed’s housing project blew up to smithereens. Lucifer suggests Jed is behind everything as he’s trying to rekindle his relationship with Chloe. She tells Lucifer no one would go that far for her. Lucifer points out he went to hell and back for her twice, but he didn’t mind. Chloe thinks Lucifer is being jealous. He tells Chloe he’s not jealous; he’s just pointing out what a convenience it is for Jed that all the evidences are suddenly destroyed. Raul mentions the homeless woman escaped through one of the gates. The gate is intact despite the explosion, so Chloe wants to process it for prints.

[00:18:00] Amenadiel talks to Dan about his experiences caring for Charlie. Dan praises him for doing a good job. Amenadiel does the same, but Dan can’t accept his praises. He tells Amenadiel he did some bad things and knows he couldn’t make up for his mistakes. Amenadiel says everyone has their demons, including him. He assures Dan he isn’t an evil person. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucifer look for Belinda Roberts. She records wildlife sounds for a living. Lucifer uses her powers on Belinda to speed things up. Belinda tells them she broke into Jed’s studio to plant recording devices to get proof that Jed stole her otter samples. Jed used Belinda’s otter sound samples on one of his songs: “Otter Vox.” Belinda tells them she wasn’t compensated.

[00:22:00] Lucifer and Chloe return to the precinct to tell Jed the good news. Chloe tells Jed about Belinda’s secret recording devices. They will look into it to see if any useful leads were recorded. Jed sits at Chloe’s desk full of gift baskets. Jed tells them the gifts are from his fans. Chloe realizes that a crazy fan could also be a possibility. She worries about Jed’s safety and wants to move him from the precinct to a private location. Jed hopes to stay with Chloe, but Lucifer realizes where he’s going, so he volunteers Lux immediately. Lucifer confronts Jed as soon as they arrive at his penthouse. Jed admits he never got over Chloe, so he named it after her. Jed tells Lucifer he won’t kill Matt or blow up his studio just to get Chloe back.

[00:25:00] Lucifer wants to ensure Jed is telling the truth, so he uses his powers. He tells Lucifer he wished Chloe didn’t dump him. Jed tells Lucifer that Chloe just called it off and left without any closure. Lucifer wants to know where Jed went wrong, so he wouldn’t end up like him. Back at the precinct, Chloe got a new lead in an online forum. Jed has an obsessed fan, and the message she left on the forum aligns with the attempts on Jed’s life. They hear a sound from Belinda’s recording of someone entering Jed’s studio. Ella recognizes the sound and runs out to show Chloe. Jed tells Lucifer how he met Chloe and what he thinks the reason for their breakup is.

[00:28:00] Jed tells Lucifer everything was going great between him and Chloe. He mentions even the sex was great, but there wasn’t enough mystery. Jed thinks Chloe has already solved him, so she broke up with him. Chloe calls to check up on them, but Lucifer rejects her call. She leaves a voicemail as Ella arrives. Chloe thinks it’s Ella because she’s looking from under her table, but it’s Maze. She arrives at the precinct wearing Ella’s clothes. Maze hugs Ella and tells her she understands how she feels. Maze went to great lengths to copy Ella. She even bothered to say Ella’s name right. Ella identifies the sound from Belinda’s recorder. It’s the beeping sound of a hearing aid. Chloe tells them they must set up a sting to catch their culprit.

[00:31:00] Amenadiel calls Dan for an emergency. Charlie is fine, but Linda just gets up and leaves. Dan wants to know what happened, so Amenadiel tells him. He tells Linda everything is fine, and it’s okay that she knows nothing about raising a baby. Amenadiel realizes his conversation with Dan is supposed to only be between them. Dan wants to know where Linda went. Linda goes over to Lux with Ella, Maze, and Chloe. All four are at the sting looking for a girl with a hearing aid. Chloe reminds them they are working and not partying. At Linda’s house, Dan and Amenadiel do everything they can to stop Charlie from crying, but they fail. Lucifer arrives with Jed. Dan wants to avoid Jed, but he can’t since Lucifer brought him along.

[00:35:00] The ladies have difficulty finding the killer. The men start winning the fight as Dan puts Charlie to sleep. Lucifer gets out to get milk but gets the wrong kind of milk. Dan tells Jed about the sting operation. He thought he should be at Lux, but Dan tells him it’s too dangerous for him. Since Dan got distracted by Jed, Charlie resumes crying. Maze sees Ella kissing some random dude by the bar, so she goes over to stop her. Ella tells Maze she finished her section of Lux and didn’t find anyone wearing a hearing aid. Ella tells Maze she should stop pretending to be her because she isn’t the role model type. Maze says she will stop since she thinks so low of herself. Chloe calls Lucifer to tell him the sting is unsuccessful.

[00:39:00] Lucifer throws his phone away, so Chloe can’t call him. Chloe calls Dan instead. He tells Chloe he doesn’t know where Lucifer is. Lucifer explains he’s being mysterious to Chloe, but Dan thinks it’s foolish. Lucifer calls Jed to explain things to him. He calls out for Jed, but he doesn’t respond. Dan tells Lucifer that Jed is trying to get between him and Chloe. Dan goes out to try and catch up to Jed. Lucifer gets furious that Jed played him. He lets his demon self out in rage, surprisingly stopping Charlie from crying. Amenadiel tells Lucifer to show his demon face again, but this time, he makes funny faces for Charlie. They have to end the fun as Dan goes back inside the house.

[00:42:00] Jed appears at Lux despite the threat to his life. Everyone wonders why he showed up. Maze and Ella see Karen approach the stage. They thought she’s the killer, so Maze took her down. Karen just wanted a selfie with Jed, but she saw her ex-husband Ron approach the stage. Ron pulls out a gun. Everyone scatters. Chloe must act to save Jed. Chloe approaches Ron and begs him not to shoot Jed. Ron wants Jed to confess what he did. Jed doesn’t know Ron, but he knows Karen. Jed says he thought Karen was single. Chloe talks Ron out of killing Jed. Once Ron lowers his weapon, Chloe signals Jed to make a run for it. Chloe takes Jed down to end the commotion.

[00:46:00] Chloe arrests Ron for killing Matt and blowing up Jed’s studio. Jed thanks Chloe for saving his life. He knows Chloe wasn’t talking about him when she talked Ron down. Chloe tells Jed she is in a relationship with Lucifer. Jed points out that things didn’t seem that complicated when Chloe mentioned it earlier. Meanwhile, Pete approaches Ella again. He didn’t know she was going to be at the party. Ella makes the first move. She asks Pete if he wants to go out with her. Pete confirms, so Ella gives him her number. Ella tells Maze that Pete seems nice. Ella tells Maze she will eventually find her soulmate, but Maze takes offense. She knows she can’t find her soulmate because she doesn’t have a soul.

[00:48:20] Lucifer and Amenadiel finally put Charlie to sleep. Dan arrives to bring them the good news. He tells them that Jed is finally out of their hair as Chloe catches the real killer. Lucifer should have been there. Amenadiel and Dan are curious as to what happened. Lucifer tells them it’s about the relationship thing. He doesn’t want to mess up, so he tries to avoid what Jed did, which ended up in a disaster. Lucifer wants advice from Dan. He tells Lucifer not to ask for advice and just talk to Chloe. Charlie wakes up again and starts crying. Dan wants to take care of Charlie, but Lucifer and Amenadiel know what to do. Dan takes the opportunity to leave.

[00:50:00] As Dan leaves, he gets a call from Lucifer saying he forgot something. He returns to the house and sees Lucifer’s demon face while Lucifer puts Charlie to sleep as Amenadiel commends him for doing a great job. Dan freezes in terror, runs to his car, and drives off. Michael comes out from hiding. He found Lucifer’s phone and used it to call Dan. Lucifer returns to his penthouse. He gets a drink and thinks of going somewhere when Chloe arrives. Lucifer wanted to call her, but he lost his phone. They apologize and tell each other what went wrong. Chloe is about to leave when she comes running back to kiss Lucifer. It’s the night both of them have been waiting for.

[00:53:00] Someone is calling Chloe, but she ignores the call. They take their flare to Lucifer’s room; the rest is history.

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