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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 18 Recap – Forest of Giant Trees: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 18 Recap - Forest of Giant Trees: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2


Armin, Jean, and Reiner retreat to check their gear, apply first aid, and whistle signals to their lost horses. They’re in serious trouble with only one horse and three of them, and Jean dreads the possibility of having to leave someone in this titan-infested field.

Armin vividly remembers the look on the female titan’s face. Reiner puts him out of his trance and asks for a plan. He signals before deciding, as there’s still a squad by their rear. Thankfully, Christa appears behind them with two horses, and she manages to find Jean’s lost horse after the previous encounter.

Reiner thanks her, and she cries with relief after finding them safe. The three think of her as a goddess and return to the formation.

After some time, they see a green signal for a change of direction. Everyone is surprised that the call for retreat hasn’t been ordered yet and wonders if there was a mistake, and Armin asks them to follow anyway.

Eren rides alongside Levi, wondering what the situation could be for the others. Another scout arrives and tells them about the decimated right wing, and that’s Armin’s position. Black signals arise, and Levi grumbles about the enemy knowing too much.

In The Dark

The female titan continues to defend herself against the surrounding scouts, moving with intense grace and agility that no one is accustomed to. She manages to kill a squad in her path and pull on their ODM gear like a string. Any stragglers who attempt to report are subsequently chased and kicked away.

News of the right wing’s demise and the female titan reaches the cart squad at the center, with them also wondering why retreat hasn’t been called yet. The left squad ranks are now worried that the formation is heading towards a densely packed forest.

Erwin orders the supply cart to enter the forest while the rest of the squads move around it. Jean and his group wonder why they’re far from their intended destination. Another squad leader finds them and orders them to position above the trees and stop any titan that gets in their way. Now Jean is truly anxious about what the plan is.

The same goes for Connie and Mikasa, who realize that the formation is now broken. With the center cart moving into the woods and the two wings circling, the mission now looks different from what was briefed.

Jean complains about what he calls their “sightseeing tour.” Their nearby leader wouldn’t explain anything to them either. He jokingly contemplates betraying him at this point. He presses Armin, who looks like he figured out something, but then a titan appears. It dawns on Armin that Erwin could be aware that the female titan is chasing Eren, and they’re leading it here.

Her Intentions

Eren asks Levi the same question about their positioning, who tells him they’re in a forest of gigantic trees for a good reason. He asks him to use his brain if he doesn’t want to die.

Eren figures he’s kept in the dark as a way to learn from his peers, but even Oruo, Petra, and Eld share the same anxiety about his plan. They don’t know what’s happening either, perhaps not even Captain Levi.

Armin now guesses that the change of plans was intended to lure the female titan. As more titans arrive and stalk them from below the trees, Jean realizes that they’re bait to keep titans away from the center.

Black smoke emerges from behind Levi’s squad, and the captain tells them to prepare themselves. The female titan appears with blazing speed, easily defending herself from the pursuing scouts behind. Levi keeps silent as she tries to keep up, and the squad is in panic. He tells everyone to cover their ears as he shoots a signal.

Our Thoughts

This episode glued me to my seat with a great mystery. Hopefully, the payoff is even better. Rating: 4.2/5.

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