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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – Children

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - Children


Members of the Scout Regiment arrive at the village of Ragako to find that the town is just as reported. They find it odd that the Titans destroyed the town while the villagers supposedly escaped. Furthermore, the horses are still there, which doesn’t add up. They find the Titan at Connie’s house and compare it with a picture of his parents. What they discover unnerves them.

Reiner and Bertholdt realize that the Scouts are now advancing in their position. Bertholdt asks his friend where his allegiance lies. Reiner assures him he’s a warrior. They ponder on Ymir’s motives, seeing as she’s the one who ate their friend Marcel. Reiner suggests that Ymir must have lived as a vagabond until she found Christa. They have reason to also want Christa due to her essential heritage. If she turns out to be “The Coordinate” instead of Eren, their job isn’t over yet.

They see another set of flares and find that the Scouts are moving in fast. Bertholdt suggests they end things already and take back Annie and Christa when they return. Reiner tells him he should confess to Annie once they manage it.


Reiner goes to Eren and tells him not to resist. Eren feigns submission with his stumped arms but punches Reiner once his guard lowers. Reiner kicks him back and wrangles him. Bertholdt asks Ymir if he remembers devouring their friend after she turned human. She has no recollection of it but remembers the story of a friend they lost five years ago. Bertholdt refuses her apology, saying they’ve all been through the same. Eren passes out while watching them talk.

Commander Erwin guides his troops towards the field but finds that they’re surrounded from all corners. Reiner and Bertholdt escape with their ODM gear carrying one passenger each. Ymir figures out that Christa must be among them, knowing the kind of person she is. Reiner refuses to take her now, saying it’s too risky, but Ymir wants to see her badly. Ymir dreads that she’ll have to live a dishonest life once more.

A group of holy men took her in as an orphan, promising to change her life. The men said she was Lady Ymir — the one who would grant their followers immortality. She was given all her needs and praised by everyone until a day came when the authorities raided their church.

As punishment, they were thrown down from a wall and turned into Titans. She wandered for years until she found Reiner and his group making camp. That was when she devoured Marcel. She woke up as a human once again on a night of stars. She lived life inside the walls as a vagrant from then on until she found Christa, who shared the same qualities as her — someone who lived a life of lies.


Ymir threatens Bertholdt and Reiner that if they don’t take Christa with them, she’ll sabotage their plan. She has the advantage of terrain on her side.

Mikasa and the other soldiers witness a transformation in the distance. They disperse through the trees in search of Eren. Connie finds Ymir and asks her about the situation. Her other classmates arrive while she scans around. Christa arrives last, but Ymir swallows her and runs away.

Armin realizes she’s cooperating with Reiner at the moment. Reiner transforms as soon as Ymir reaches the end of the tree line, and they all ride on his back to escape.

Everyone mounts their horses back as Hannes swears to take Eren back.

Our Thoughts

So much chasing and escalations packed in one season. And to think that it all started back at the castle. Rating: 4.2/5.

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